Yokohama YK-CTX Review & Ratings For 2024

Yokohama is well-known in tire manufacturing for innovation and durability. The Yokohama YK-CTX is a prime example. It’s a new, all-season tire that’s quickly gaining popularity for its performance. If you’re curious how it fares in the real world, read my review below!

Tire CompoundProprietary Micro Silica Compound
Speed RatingV (up to 149 mph) or H (up to 130 mph)
Tread DesignAsymmetrical
Tread DepthVariable (based on tire size)
Load IndexVariable (based on tire size)
Warranty60,000 miles
Available Sizes16″ – 20″ (rim diameter)
UTQG Rating700 A A
Noise Reduction5-Sided Block Design
Additional Features2D/3D Sipes, Four Wide Perimeter Grooves

Specifications & Features

Like every other tire from Yokohama, the YK-CTX comes with many exciting features. After testing, I have judged the efficiency and technology of this tire model.


I’ve always admired Yokohama’s tire quality efforts. The YK-CTX tire is another example. Its special compound, with micro silica, polymers, and additives, stays flexible in all temperatures.

Having driven on Yokohama tires for a while, I’m impressed. This compound offers excellent durability and traction in all weather.

I also like the 2D/3D sipe design. The central blocks give strong grip on slippery roads, like those with deep puddles and light snow. Paired with four wide grooves, they reduce hydroplaning and ensure a smooth ride in heavy rain.

The patch block and wide flat border design add comfort and lower noise during travel.


As a driver who loves speed, the YK-CTX meets my needs with its V and H speed rating options. The V-rated option, with a top speed of up to 149 mph, is my favorite, though the H-rated models, with a top speed of 130 mph, also perform excellently.

Test Drive

Dry Traction

I expected the YK-CTX to have good dry traction, and it delivered. Its dry handling surpasses most in its class. This is due to the large shoulder ball and the asymmetrical tread pattern. They enhance power and grip on dry land. Even though it’s not a high-performance tire, it impressed me with quick acceleration and short stopping distances. This was true at high speeds and in sharp turns.

Wet Traction

The YK-CTX tire excels on wet roads. Its unique treads swiftly remove water and keep the tire straight, reducing hydroplaning. Plus, its rubber provides solid grip on slippery surfaces, ensuring safe driving in heavy rain or winter. Yet, it’s not ideal for deep snow or ice.


The YK-CTX tire excels in handling, durability, and safety all year. It sticks well to the road, even in tough conditions like deep puddles and light snow. Also, its flexible design ensures safety in different weather, reducing the need for frequent tire changes.

Noise and Comfort

The YK-CTX features a 5-sided block design. This reduces noise, making rides quiet on regular streets. However, it’s not the quietest at high speeds. It also offers good comfort, but competitors in its price range provide smoother rides with less vibration.

Treadwear Warranty

Yokohama tires are known for their durability. The YK-CTX model is crafted with high-quality materials. It boasts a special design that ensures even wear and a longer lifespan. Its 60,000-mile tread warranty is standard for all-season tires. Additionally, there’s a 60-month warranty for highway use.

Overall, the YK-CTX is a solid all-season tire. It offers good performance, safety, and durability. However, it might be a bit noisy and less comfortable. Still, it’s a reliable option for different driving conditions.

Quick Rundown Of Yokohama YK-CTX

The YK-CTX tire isn’t Yokohama’s best or most popular all-season model. Yet, it’s a good choice for daily driving.

Year-round tractionNot the smoothest, quietest choice
High-speed rating
Safe, reliable ride
Affordable price
Standard tread warranty

Should You Buy The Yokohama YK-CTX?

Compared to the competition’s outstanding all-season tires, the Yokohama YK-CTX is relatively new. Initially, I was skeptical about its on-road handling and ride quality. However, after rigorous testing, my view changed. The YK-CTX may not have the best performance, but it provides everything I need in an all-season tire: year-round grip, durability, and solid ride quality. For everyday driving, the Yokohama YK-CTX is a reliable choice.

The accessible price is another reason to consider the YK-CTX. Investing in a product from a reputable brand like Yokohama is a decision you won’t regret.

However, the YK-CTX might not be ideal in every scenario. If you prioritize ride quality, you might find the smoothness and quietness of this tire lacking.

Additionally, as a tire designed for daily travel, the YK-CTX is not suited for off-road driving. Using it on rough terrain will lead to faster-than-expected wear and tear.

vehicle Yokohama YK-CTX Will Fit

BMWX3, X5, X6
ChevroletEquinox, Traverse
FordEscape, Edge, Explorer
HondaCR-V, Pilot
HyundaiSanta Fe, Tucson
JeepGrand Cherokee, Cherokee
KiaSorento, Sportage
LexusRX, NX
MazdaCX-5, CX-9
Mercedes-BenzGLC, GLE
NissanRogue, Murano
SubaruForester, Outback
ToyotaRAV4, Highlander
VolkswagenTiguan, Atlas


The Yokohama YK-CTX isn’t my top all-season tire, but it’s affordable and offers good year-round grip, safety, and reliability on different terrains.

If you’re thinking about this tire, the review above should help you decide. I’m confident you’ll be happy with it, given the information provided.

Thank you for reading!

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