Falken Tires Review & Rating

Falken Tires Review & Rating: Are They Any Good?

Falken Tires Review: The Falken Tire brand was created in 1983 by the Japanese company Ohtsu Tire & Rubber Co. Falken approached marketing differently than other new tire brands. They focused on the mantra “win races today, sell tires tomorrow.”

True to this motto, Falken first focused on winning various races in Japan with its high-performance tires in the 1980s. This racing success let Falken test and prove its tires while also gaining a cult following among driving enthusiasts.

Falken later brought this same formula for success to America. Falken USA was launched in California in 1985, distributing tires nationwide by the late 80s. Notable milestones included the launch of the popular, affordable Sincera touring tire line in 1988. Around the same time, Team Falken began winning major global races like the Paris Dakar Rally.

This unique brand-building strategy through racing has continued in recent decades. Memorably, Falken sponsored the first-ever legal drift racing event in the USA in 2003. Now in 2022, Falken remains focused on developing innovative, track-tested tires for drivers seeking performance, quality, and durability. Key lines like the Wildpeak A/T trail tire underscore the brand’s hard-won reputation built through a passion for racing.

History of Falken Tires

Falken Tires started in 1983 to make high-performance tires. They combined advanced technology and innovative design. In 1985, Falken entered the U.S. market and set up their North American headquarters in California. They became well-known in the tire industry because they took part in motorsports such as endurance racing and drifting.

Falken introduced new technologies like the Advanced 4D Nano Design. They expanded their product line to include vehicles like sports cars, trucks, and SUVs. Falken Tires is known for quality, reliability, and high performance. Customers like them, and they have a global presence.They are a key player in the global tire market. The brand keeps evolving, using new technology and meeting the needs of drivers around the world.

Where Are Falken Tires Made?

Falken tires are manufactured in production facilities globally that are owned by the parent company Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI). Key locations where Falken tires are made include:

  • Japan – SRI’s headquarters and original tire manufacturing site is located in the city of Izumisano
  • China – Major Falken production factories are located in the Chinese cities of Suzhou and Shenzen
  • United States – SRI operates multiple U.S. plants in Tonawanda, NY, Buffalo, NY and Rancho Cucamongo, CA
  • Thailand – Featured Falken manufacturing site in Rayong province

In addition to the above primary locations, Falken tires are also produced in Brazil, Turkey, Europe and South Africa. Each region serves as a hub to distribute and customise tires to local markets. By operating this global network of factories, Sumitomo can manufacture Falken tires closer to key target consumer bases internationally.

So while founded in Japan, a benefit of Falken tires is production capacities scaled globally to meet demand – translating to high quality yet reasonable pricing for drivers thanks to localized manufacturing and supply chains.

Falken Tires Review

1. Falken Azenis RT615K+

Falken Azenis RT615K+

The Falken Azenis RT615K+ is a street legal tire that offers extreme grip and responsiveness, similar to a race tire. It is very popular among performance vehicle owners who want to maximize their ability to take corners.

The RT615K+ tire offers great traction whether you’re accelerating in a straight line or driving on winding back roads. It responds quickly to changes in steering, allowing you to confidently change direction or lanes. Even at high speeds, the RT615K+ tire stays stable and powerful when taking turns.

Drivers love the Falken RT615K+ tire. It combines the dry grip, quick reflexes, and high-G cornering of a track day tire with the convenience of a street tire. Enthusiasts can fully enjoy their vehicle’s capabilities on public roads without changing tires. The tire is highly regarded by BMW, Acura, Honda, and other performance car communities because it enhances their vehicles’ strengths.

Excellent dry performanceNot the best choice for wet or winter weather
High grip levelsCan be noisy on some road surfaces
Responsive handlingNot as comfortable as some other tires
Good treadwearCan be expensive

2. Falken Wildpeak AT3W

Falken Wildpeak AT3W

The Falken Wildpeak AT3W is an all-terrain tire made for SUVs and trucks that want to go on adventures. It has good traction on rough roads and also handles well on regular roads. Falken says the AT3W has the deepest grooves among all-terrain tires, which help it grip in mud and gravel.

The tread pattern is also good for driving on snow and ice. The AT3W lasts a long time – Falken guarantees it for 55,000 miles. And even though it’s a tough off-road tire, it’s still comfortable and quiet on regular roads.

Because it performs well on different kinds of roads and is reasonably priced, it’s no surprise that the AT3W is popular. SUV and truck owners who like to go off-road trust Falken’s Wildpeak model to give them good traction.

Excellent off-road tractionMediocre performance on pavement
Aggressive tread designCan be noisy on the highway
Durable constructionNot as comfortable as some other all-terrain tires
Long tread lifeCan be expensive

3. Falken Sincera SN250

Falken Sincera SN250

The Falken Sincera SN250 tire performs well in harsh weather, even though it is inexpensive. This tire gives good grip on dry and wet roads. It reduces the chance of slipping in the rain because of its 3D sipes and water channels that move water away from the tread.

Additionally, the abundance of sipes across the SN250’s tread means it can competently handle snowy surfaces too. Now, you can certainly find all-season tires with even higher snow traction, but most will cost you big time. One of the things that makes the Sincera SN250 so impressive is it doesn’t skimp on snow and wet performance like many other value-priced tires.

If you want a tire that is affordable and performs well on dry and wet roads, even in less than ideal conditions, the Falken Sincera SN250 is a great choice. It doesn’t sacrifice quality despite its low price. This tire overdelivers for what it costs.

Affordable: The Falken Sincera SN250 is a budget-friendly tire option, making it a good choice for drivers on a tight budget.Wet traction: While the tire performs decently in dry conditions, its wet traction performance is not as impressive, particularly during heavy rain or on slick roads.
Long tread life: The Sincera SN250 boasts a long tread life, meaning it will last for many miles before needing to be replaced. This can save you money in the long run.Noise: Some users report that the Sincera SN250 can be a noisy tire, especially at higher speeds.
Comfortable ride: The tire offers a comfortable ride quality, thanks to its smooth and even tread design.Handling: The handling of the Sincera SN250 is not the sharpest, and it may not be the best choice for drivers who prioritize sporty performance.
All-season capability: The Sincera SN250 is rated for all-season use, meaning it can handle light snow and cold temperatures. However, it is not a true winter tire and should not be used in extreme winter conditions.Limited warranty: The warranty offered on the Sincera SN250 is relatively short compared to some other tire brands.

4. Falken Wildpeak MT

Falken Wildpeak MT

Impressed by premium mud-terrain tires like the BF Goodrich KM3 or Goodyear Wrangler MT/R but flinch at their steep prices? Then you should seriously consider the Falken Wildpeak M/T. This tire delivers similar brute off-road traction and performance at nearly half the cost.

The Falken gets down and dirty in thick mud thanks to its wide self-cleaning grooves that keep the aggressive tread pattern from clogging. The tread design itself, with all its biting edges, also plays a key role in helping the Wildpeak M/T just dig into and churn through gloppy mud without issue.

And unlike other budget mud terrains, durability isn’t sacrificed either. The cut- and chip-resistant tread compound stands up to rocks and debris on the trails. Plus sidewall protectors add an extra layer of defense against damage.

So why pay a premium when this Falken gives you that extreme mud-terrain performance you want without hitting your wallet too badly? If you want worry-free traction in muddy conditions without buying the most expensive tires, the Wildpeak M/T perfectly bridges that gap.

Excellent off-road tractionNoisy on the road
Durable constructionNot as comfortable as some all-terrain tires
Good value for the priceNot ideal for winter driving



One look at the Falken WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 tells you this winter tire means business, starting with the prominent Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol stamped right on the tread. Dig deeper and you’ll find this tire packs even more bite than many competitors thanks to the extra biting edges built into its tread design. And the specially formulated rubber stays flexible even in frigid conditions for reliable grip.

With credentials like that, it’s no wonder the F-ICE 1 is regarded as one of the top budget winter tires around. Now sure, the traction and braking distances can’t quite match extreme performance winter models like the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 or Michelin X-Ice Xi3. But for drivers wanting dependable winter performance without shelling out a premium, there are few better choices out there that offer the F-ICE 1’s blend of value and capability.

So while it might not beat the top tier winter tires, this Falken stands up well above other affordable options. And it proudly wears that three-peak mountain snowflake symbol showing it can hold its own when Old Man Winter starts acting out. For the money, it’s hard to demand better cold-weather traction than the WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 provides.

Excellent ice and snow traction: The unique tread pattern and siping technology provide outstanding grip on icy and snowy roads, thanks to its high silica content and aggressive sipes.Average dry and wet performance: While the tire performs well in winter conditions, it doesn’t offer the same level of grip on dry and wet roads as some summer or all-season tires.
Reduced noise: The optimized tread design helps to minimize road noise, making for a quieter and more comfortable driving experience.Higher rolling resistance: The aggressive tread pattern and winterized compound can lead to slightly higher rolling resistance, which may impact fuel efficiency.
Durable construction: The Falken WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 is built to last, with a strong sidewall and a long tread life, making it a good value for the money.Not suitable for extreme winter conditions: While the tire performs well in most winter conditions, it may not be the best choice for areas with extremely low temperatures or heavy snowfall.

6. Falken Azenis FK510

Falken Azenis FK510

Ultra-high-performance summer tires usually come with an ultra-high price tag. And many sacrifice comfort chasing max dry grip. Not the Falken Azenis FK510.

This model matches premium rivals in the dry traction department thanks to its shallow tread pattern with lots of rubber on the road, yet doesn’t command their steep pricing. Unlike many summer tires, it also adds water channels to aid wet weather grip rather than fully compromising there. The result is a tire you can push hard so long as there’s no snow covering the pavement.

Visually, the low-profile sidewalls signal responsive, sporty handling that ambitious drivers will appreciate. Yet the specially blended tread compound means the tire doesn’t beat you up over small road imperfections.

In the Azenis FK510, Falken has really created the full package combining dry weather grip, wet weather mobility, sharp handling, and comfortable ride dynamics. And the best part is it provides all this without forcing you to break the bank like many ultra-high-end summer tires. The performance and quality come at a reasonable price here.

Performance– Excellent dry grip– Can be noisy on rough roads
– Responsive handling– Not the best in wet weather
– Good high-speed stability– Can be harsh over bumps
Comfort– Smooth ride on smooth roads– Not the most comfortable tire
– Decent noise levels for a performance tire– Can be unforgiving on rough surfaces
Treadwear– Long tread life– Not the most fuel-efficient tire
Value– Relatively affordable for a performance tire– Not the cheapest option on the market

7. Falken Azenis RT660

Falken Azenis RT660

The Falken Azenis RT660 checks almost all the boxes you expect from a top-tier autocross tire.

It starts with a pliable, sticky tread compound that delivers strong dry traction and super grippy levels of stickiness for your runs around the cones. The low-profile sidewalls are reinforced. They feel ultra-responsive when you crank the wheel around tight turns.

Of course that responsive, performance-oriented design means sacrificing some ride comfort in exchange for all that handling agility and track-ready traction. So the RT660 does ride firmer than a street tire.

But if tearing up an autocross with the grip and quick reflexes is what you want without dropping big money, the tradeoff is worthwhile. This Falken has the track-biased credentials to run competitive times against more costly autocross rubber. So if you can live with the stiffer ride for sake of high grip levels and quick turn-in, the Azenis RT660 deserves a hard look for your next set of shoes.

Dry gripExcellentCan be noisy
Wet gripVery goodNot the best for cold weather
HandlingResponsive and predictableCan be a bit harsh on rough roads
TreadwearLong-lastingNot the cheapest option
OverallA great all-round tire for performance driving, but not the best for comfort or cold weather.

8. Falken Ziex STZ05

Falken Ziex STZ05

The Falken Ziex STZ05 is a tire made for SUVs and light trucks that can be used all year round.

This tire has a tread design with 5 ribs that are symmetrical and not directional. This design makes it roll smoothly and efficiently. It also helps with durability and makes it easier to turn corners, especially when you’re slowing down.

To prevent hydroplaning on wet roads, Falken has designed the tread pattern to have a double taper. This design helps water flow away from the tire, so you’re less likely to slip.

PerformanceExcellent dry and wet handling, precise steering response, good grip in cornersCan be noisy on rough roads, not ideal for off-roading
DurabilityLong tread life, puncture resistance, good for highway drivingNot the most comfortable ride, may not be suitable for all-weather conditions
ValueCompetitive price point for a high-performance tireNot the best option for fuel economy
NoiseRelatively quiet on smooth roadsCan be noisy on rough surfaces, especially at higher speeds
ComfortFirm ride, provides good feedback but might not be ideal for long tripsNot the most comfortable tire, especially for bumpy roads
Fuel EconomyNot the most fuel-efficient tire due to its performance focusCan impact fuel economy compared to fuel-specific tires

9. Falken FK-090

Falken FK-090

If you need more space in your trunk, consider downsizing to the Falken Ziex FK-090 spare tire.

It’s smaller than your current full-size wheel, so it frees up valuable cargo room. The FK-090 is designed for all seasons, so you can rely on it in any weather – rain, snow, or shine. You can use it all year round and stay mobile. Just keep in mind that the smaller size does affect the maximum speed. Falken recommends not going over 50mph when using this spare tire to avoid damage from underinflation.

But it’s a fair tradeoff for a strong and versatile backup that saves space when you need it. If you like the idea of having a smaller spare tire, the Falken Ziex FK-090 is a great choice. It provides plenty of trunk space and works well in any season.

PerformanceExcellent dry grip, responsive handling, good wet tractionLimited snow performance, not ideal for extreme weather conditions
ComfortSmooth ride, low noise levelsMay not be as sporty as some competitors
TreadwearLong-lasting tread life, good value for moneyMay not offer the same level of grip as softer performance tires
Fuel efficiencyLow rolling resistance can improve fuel economyNot optimized for fuel efficiency compared to dedicated eco tires
PriceCompetitive price point compared to other high-performance tiresNot the most affordable option on the market

Why Should You Choose Falken Tires?

One major perk of Falken tires is their reasonable pricing. Compared to big premium brands, Falkens offer drivers better performance without overspending. Of course you can find cheaper no-name tires, but Falkens give you quality and durability from a proven brand with racing pedigree.

A big reason Falkens offer such value is their unique brand-building approach. Rather than conventional advertising, Falken raced prototypes to directly test and improve tire designs. This on-track experience lets Falken engineer durable, grippy street tires drivers love.

Another asset is Falken’s diverse tire lineup for all vehicles from sedans to trucks. So drivers can easily find Falkens tailored for their car and driving needs. Our Falken tire review examines top all-season, performance, and off-road Falken models to showcase their well-rounded strengths.

Overall, if you want tires with responsive handling without the premium price tag, Falken makes for an excellent choice. Tested on tracks across the globe, Falkens offer proven reliability and performance balanced with accessibility – a unique value not all brands provide.

Falken Tires Buying Guide

Falken tires have strengths and weaknesses. Understanding both helps buyers choose wisely. Falkens have grippy performance compounds. These compounds give responsive handling in all conditions. People praise Falkens for this.

The purpose-built tread designs ensure good grip on dry and wet roads. The tires are durable and often exceed mileage warranties. Some drivers may find that the tread life does not meet expectations, especially for high-performance models.

Some enthusiasts prioritize luxury over sportiness and complain about ride noise and comfort. Overall, Falkens give confident performance at a lower price compared to premium brands. The Azenis series is especially praised for its traction. Falken satisfies drivers who want capable tires that match their vehicles’ strengths.

Why Should You Buy Falken Tires?

Falken tires should be at the top of your list when considering which brand to buy for your next tire purchase.

1) Excellent Grip, Traction, and Handling

Falken’s performance tires are excellent at providing exceptional handling, responsive steering, and exceptional road grip. These tires have the best cornering grip in their class. With these tires, you can confidently take on bends without having to lift your foot off the accelerator.

2) Superior Off-road Performance

Falken’s all-terrain tires prove highly dependable for light off-roading and highway driving. The brand’s mud-terrain tires are specifically designed to efficiently shed mud, dirt, and debris, showcasing excellent off-road capabilities. Both tire types are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability against sharp objects and rough terrains.

3) Budget-Friendly Prices

Take any Falken tire and compare its price with that of Michelin, Bridgestone, or Continental tires. A quick comparison will affirm our assertion throughout this review – Falken tires deliver equally reliable performance at a more budget-friendly cost than premium brands.

Why Should You NOT Buy Falken Tires?

Limited winter performance – Falken lacks winter/snow-specific tires outside all-weather options with modest snow traction. For frequent wintry driving, other brands offer better cold-weather alternatives.

Spotty treadlife warranty claims – While Falkens advertise good projected tread mileage, some driver complaints crop up regarding warranty claim difficulties on premature wear issues.

Focus on performance tires – The Falken brand has built its reputation primarily around high-performance summer tires rather than mainstream all-seasons. So comfort and refinement take a backseat to grip.

Not widely available – Due to distribution agreements, Falken tires may not be carried by all mechanics and tire shops regionally. Finding reliable installers could require effort.

Value perception vs competitors – Subjectively some drivers feel Falkens are priced at a premium versus performance delivered versus second-tier brands like General Tire, Kumho, etc.

Overall Falkens provide very capable performance across categories for the money. But shortcomings in winter options, spotty claims experiences, and availability challenges may dissuade buyers with those higher priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures Falken tires?

Falken tires are made by the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) in their factories globally.

Where are Falken tires produced?

SRI produces Falken tires in manufacturing plants located in Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and the United States.

What is the average lifespan of Falken tires?

With proper maintenance and highway use, Falken all-season tires typically last around 6 years before needing replacement. High performance models generally last a shorter period.

Are Falken highly-rated tires?

Yes, Falken is widely praised by driving enthusiasts for an optimal balance of comfort, reliability and traction. Their tires are known for responsive handling.

Do Falken tires tend to be noisy?

Noise levels vary by tire line – some provide quiet comfortable rides, while others with performance focus may be louder. Driving style impacts noise as well.

How suitable are Falken tires for winter conditions?

The Falken WINTERPEAK line is specially engineered for snow/ice performance, with flexible cold weather rubber compounds and aggressive tread patterns.


Falken has a diverse lineup with options for every type of driver. They have specialized tire families designed for different uses. Some are made for responsive handling, others for durability, and some for all-weather reliability.

For example, Falken has performance and ultra-high-performance tires for drivers who want maximum grip and control. These tires is like the Ziex and Azenis, are made for performance cars.

On the other hand, Falken has a special Rocky Mountain tread design for off-roading. These tires are built to handle muddy and rocky terrain without a problem. They are perfect for trucks, jeeps, and SUVs.

Falken also has all-season tires like the WildPeak that are a good balance of on-road performance and light trail duties.

No matter if you want street performance, off-roading adventures, or everyday use, Falken has a tire family for you. Drivers appreciate having options that fit their needs and interests.

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