Primewell Tires Review

Primewell Tires Review & Rating: Are They Any Good?

Are you in search of tires that meet your vehicle’s requirements without breaking the bank? Look no further than Primewell.

Primewell is a Chinese brand under Firestone, not well-known in North America. Still, it’s worth a closer look.

I found Primewell through a friend, looking for cheap tires for my 2005 Wrangler. Trying them, I was impressed by their quality.

If you’re unsure about the best Primewell tires for your vehicle, don’t worry. I’ve written a detailed review to answer all your questions and ease your concerns. Let’s get started.

Primewell Tires

Primewell Tires About

Primewell tires from Giti Tire, Singapore, are affordable. They’re not as cheap as Chinese tires, though. The company has eight plants in China and Indonesia. They make around 289,900 tires daily. They’ve recently opened a plant in South Carolina, USA, with the same quality.

Primewell’s prices are between top brands like Bridgestone and Michelin and cheaper options. This makes them ideal for those looking for quality on a budget.

Primewell offers tires for all kinds of vehicles. They provide seven models for passenger cars alone. These range from all-season to winter tires. Let’s delve into each model’s unique features.

Why Should You Choose Primewell Tires?

When considering tire options, such as Westlake, Goodyear, Continental, and Pirelli, it’s natural to wonder why Primewell stands out. Here’s why choosing Primewell tires could be advantageous:

  1. Affordability: Primewell offers competitively priced products, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Performance: Despite their affordability, Primewell tires deliver commendable performance, providing good value for the price.
  3. Comfortable rides: Primewell is known for manufacturing tires that prioritize driving comfort. Even their ultra-high performance tires offer a level of comfort comparable to other high-performance options.

Additionally, Primewell distinguishes itself through several other factors:

Regional expertise: Primewell has research centers in Germany, the UK, China, Indonesia, and the US. It tailors tire designs for global conditions. This ensures top performance in different weather and road conditions. Not all lesser-known brands offer this level of customization.

Quality assurance: Every Primewell tire undergoes a detailed final check by experts. This step is crucial in removing defects. Moreover, our commitment to quality also ensures we can trace the materials used in production.

We do this by adding barcodes to the tire sidewalls. This allows for precise tracking. In short, Primewell tires offer a great mix of affordability, performance, driving comfort, and quality assurance. This makes them a good choice for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Primewell Tires Review

This guide examines Primewell tires based on the mentioned factors. To summarize, we’ve created a table. It outlines the tires’ performance.

Primewell Valera A/T

Primewell Valera AT

The Primewell Valera A/T tires are made for 4×4 vehicles and SUVs. They excel in all terrains.

These tires are perfect for off-road fans. They ensure steady performance on any landscape. They also maximize your vehicle’s power.

Dry Road Performance:

The Valera A/T tires excel on dry roads. They perform well at all speeds, making driving smooth. I drove a Wrangler with these tires and wished I had changed them earlier. They not only improve the vehicle’s look but also its strength and handling. Additionally, their grip and traction boost confidence on all roads.

Wet Road Performance:

On wet roads, the Valera A/T tires maintain their stellar performance. Even under aggressive acceleration on slippery surfaces, I remained confident in the tires’ capabilities. It felt as if I were gliding effortlessly, aided by the longitudinal grooves that enhance resistance to aquaplaning. Simply put, no complaints whatsoever.

Snow Road Performance:

When faced with light snow or even deeper accumulations (up to 3 inches), the Valera A/T tires deliver outstanding traction and grip. They effortlessly navigate icy roads, proving their mettle even in challenging winter conditions.


  • Exceptional traction and grip, even at high speeds.
  • Reliable cornering grip.
  • Impressive wet and dry performance.


  • Noticeable noise levels at higher speeds.


The Valera A/T tires might be a bit noisy. Yet, their top-notch performance and low cost make this issue minor. Finding tires that are both affordable and high-performing is rare. However, the Valera A/T shows it’s possible.

2. Primewell PS830/850

Primewell PS830850

The Primewell PS830/850 tires are designed for passenger vehicles, cars, and crossovers, offering excellent all-season performance.

Now, let’s look closer at the difference between the PS830 and PS850. Both have the same specs and treads. However, the PS850 is a bit more aggressive. Still, both tires provide similar driving abilities.

Dry Road Performance:

I tested the PS830/850 tires on a Hyundai Accent for dry road performance. Their standout feature? Extra shoulder grooves. These grooves boost sideways and forward grip, reducing slippage at high speeds.

Yet, I heard some tire squealing in fast turns. Grip also became an issue at high speeds, especially in aggressive moves or burnouts. Plus, speeding up too quickly can cause understeer. So, the PS830/850 tires aren’t the best for dry roads. But, they can handle well.

Wet Road Performance:

In terms of wet road performance, the PS830/850 fare reasonably well, provided they’re not pushed to their limits. Grip and traction are decent, with the PS850 exhibiting slightly superior performance. Surprisingly, both tires demonstrate respectable aquaplaning resistance, contributing to safer braking distances. However, it’s advisable to refrain from extreme maneuvers to maintain control.

Snow Road Performance:

As expected from all-season tires, the PS830/850 exhibit limited performance in snowy conditions. While they can handle light snow, I wouldn’t recommend relying on them in regions like Vermont or Alaska where snowfall is substantial.


  • Comfortable performance.
  • Effective aquaplaning resistance.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Low noise levels for a quieter ride.


  • Limited traction and grip at higher speeds.


The PS830/850 are Primewell’s bestsellers, offering a comfy ride at a great price. They’re also good for off-road and different weather. Although they’re not perfect, these tires nicely balance performance and cost.

3. Primewell Valera H/T

Primewell Valera HT

The Valera H/T is the third tire in the Primewell series. It’s for larger vehicles like trucks, vans, crossovers, and SUVs. This tire doesn’t add a sporty look. Instead, it focuses on comfort and reducing noise. It aims to make highway driving peaceful.

Dry Road Performance:

In dry conditions, the Valera H/T tire performs well. It provides good grip and traction. This is due to its strong rubber, which sticks firmly to the road. However, steering might be a bit slow at high speeds. Yet, it’s important to note that highway tires like this one aren’t meant for aggressive driving.

Wet Road Performance:

A wet road affects a tire’s grip, just like a dry road. It performs well at moderate speeds. Going faster, though, can reduce control. So, it’s crucial to drive at a safe speed in bad weather.

Snow Road Performance:

Valera H/T tires manage icy roads well. However, they struggle on snow, especially over 2 inches. Primewell improved this by adding an open-slotted shoulder design. Still, using dedicated snow tires is safer.


  • Outstanding grip at normal speeds.
  • Comfortable ride for extended journeys.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Elevated noise levels, particularly at higher speeds.


While the Valera H/T may not claim the title of the ultimate highway tire, it offers qualities that are often absent in similarly priced budget tires. Its focus on comfort and smooth riding makes it a viable option for long-distance travel. Considering its competitive pricing, there’s little reason to overlook these highway tires for your vehicle.

4. Primewell Valera Touring II

Primewell Valera Touring II

The Primewell Valera Touring II is an affordable all-season tire for CUVs, minivans, and cars. It’s made to offer comfort, a quiet ride, and good handling. The goal is to provide top features at a low price.

Dry Road Performance:

In dry conditions, the Touring II offers great performance at high speeds. It’s steady on straight roads. But, sharp turns might reduce its grip and confidence. However, for careful drivers, it provides good traction, grip, and braking. And it doesn’t sacrifice fuel efficiency.

Wet Road Performance:

The Touring II, tested on a 2018 Subaru Forester, performs well on wet roads. Its deep channels prevent hydroplaning, ensuring good grip and traction at moderate to high speeds. However, aggressive driving can lead to some steering uncertainty.

Snow Road Performance:

The Touring II is good on snowy roads, offering decent grip and control, much like on wet roads. However, it’s not the best for heavy snow, as it’s designed for lighter winter conditions.


  • Excellent grip and traction at normal speeds.
  • Silent and comfortable ride.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Features a dynamic rib system and aquaplaning resistance.


  • Not recommended for high-speed driving.


The Touring II starts at $68, offering both good performance and affordability. Its dynamic rib system improves looks and functionality. Also, the variable pitch design lowers noise for a better drive. With a solid 8/10 rating, it’s a good choice for those who value comfort and reliability over high speed.

Are Primewell Tires Good?

Primewell stands out in the affordable tire market. They offer reliable options for many vehicles.

Their tires are comfortable, durable, and perform well. They work in dry, wet, and light snow conditions.

However, Primewell tires can be noisy at high speeds and lose grip in aggressive turns. Despite these issues, they provide excellent value.

These tires are ideal for drivers who want performance without a high price. Primewell is a good choice for budget-conscious consumers looking for reliable tires.

Final Words

In short, Primewell offers a variety of affordable tires. They provide quiet, comfortable rides.

In my review, I’ve mentioned their top tire models. Your choice should match your needs and preferences.

I suggest considering Primewell tires. They are reliable and meet expectations.

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