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Maxxis Tires Review & Ratings: Are They Any Good?

Maxxis Tires is a top tire maker. It offers tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, bikes, motorcycles, and industrial gear. Its tires are tough, perform well, and are reliable on different terrains and in various weather conditions.

Maxxis, a well-known Taiwanese tire brand founded in 1967, is known for its top-quality tires. We recently tested their tires to see how they perform.

In 2012, Maxxis ranked 9th. However, we couldn’t find their current ranking. Still, the brand is dedicated to quality and has not compromised.

Maxxis uses advanced rubber and technology to improve its products.

The company received many positive reviews. This shows it can compete with premium brands.

Now, let’s review Maxxis Tires and their top products. Let’s get started.

Maxxis Tires Review

Maxxis Tires History

Maxxis Tires is a Taiwanese company in the Cheng Shin Rubber Industry. It quickly grew into a global brand. Here’s a brief history:

In 1967, Maxxis Tires was founded in Taiwan. By 1975, it was exporting tires globally. Then, in 1982, it opened its first factory in China, boosting production. In 1991, another factory in Thailand further enhanced its presence.

In 1995, the company set up its North American base in Georgia. By 2001, it was the first to make radial tires in Taiwan. In 2004, its Kunshan, China, testing facility was certified. This marked its dedication to quality and innovation.

In the 2010s, Maxxis opened plants in Vietnam and India to meet the rising demand. Today, it is a top tire brand, offering a wide range for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. It focuses on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, making it a global favorite.

Who Makes Maxxis Tires?

Maxxis Tires is owned by the Chinese company Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. It offers a wide range of tires made by skilled workers.

The brand has over 30,000 employees worldwide. It supplies tires for cars, trucks, sports cars, SUVs, crossovers, and bikes.

Maxxis Tire Reviews

1. Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771

Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771

The Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771 is made for light trucks and SUVs. It works well in all seasons and terrains.

Its unique tread design is ideal for roads, mud, and dirt. The tire is M+S rated and fits rims from 15 to 20 inches.

While not as good as premium brands, I found it stable in dry, wet, and winter conditions.

Dry Road Performance:

After three years, I found these tires great for dry off-road use. They easily handled potholes, gravel, and rocks. Plus, they absorbed bumps and ruts well. Their staggered shoulder lugs provided extra grip. As a result, the ride was comfortable, stable, and quiet.

Wet Road Performance:

The tires braked well and performed well on wet pavements. This was thanks to their U-shaped grooves and shoulder blocks. These features channeled water away, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Snow Road Performance:

M+S rated, the tires did poorly in snow. They especially struggled on ice and in deep snow. The treads couldn’t clear snow well. However, their performance in dry and wet conditions was good.


  • Excellent performance in dry and wet conditions.
  • Minimal noise at high speeds.
  • Resistant to hydroplaning.
  • Exceptional off-road performance.


  • Below-average performance on ice.


The Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771 has some ice-related issues. However, it excels off-road, in dry, and wet conditions. Its water removal system lowers the risk of hydroplaning. Also, it is quieter at high speeds than rival tires.

2. Maxxis Bighorn MT-762

Maxxis Bighorn MT-762

The Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 tire shines off-road and offers good grip on dry and wet roads.

Its tough design, with a strong tread and cap-ply build, enhances durability. It comes in sizes from 14 to 20 inches. The tire is backed by a limited warranty and suits SUVs, Jeeps, pickups, and 4x4s.

It’s ideal for a mix of 60% on-road and 40% off-road driving, making it versatile for work and play.

Additionally, you can find these tires online at a discount, making them even more attractive.

Dry Road Performance:

The Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 excels in dry off-road areas. However, it makes noise when braking. Its deep tread blocks provide good traction in mud and sand. Also, large shoulder lugs improve grip and durability against mud and debris.

Wet Road Performance:

The Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 stands out among budget tires. It excels on wet roads by enhancing grip and reducing hydroplaning. This success comes from its large gaps and tread blocks, which quickly remove water.

Snow Road Performance:

These tires perform well in winter. They offer excellent grip on snow and ice. Also, their large shoulder blocks improve traction in heavy snow. This enhancement boosts safety and performance.


  • Maintains good grip on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Excellent traction on snow and ice.
  • Resists hydroplaning.


  • Produces some noise during acceleration and braking.


The Maxxis Bighorn MT-762 exceeds expectations, especially on ice, where budget tires usually struggle. Ideal for off-road, snow, ice, and dry conditions, these tires have a great tread pattern. It clears snow well and protects against road obstacles.

3. Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764

Tired of old tires failing off-road? Check out the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764. They’re great for mud, sand, and rocks. Suitable for jeeps, light trucks, and pickups. Available in 14 to 22-inch rims.

These tires are not only strong but also good-looking. They are designed for puncture protection.

Dry Road Performance:

These tires are great off-road but get noisy on highways. Yet, their talon-shaped tread, made from advanced rubber, ensures a smooth ride on dry off-road surfaces. Plus, their strong sidewalls boost durability, making them perfect for rough terrains.

Wet Road Performance:

The tires perform decently on wet roads. They could improve water drainage, though. However, their special tread and sipes boost traction on all surfaces.

Snow Road Performance:

These tires clear snow well, thanks to their deep treads and side blocks. They’re also praised for their smooth, comfy ride on snow-covered roads. As a result, they earn an 8/10 rating for snow performance.


  • Excellent performance on dry road surfaces.
  • Good traction on ice and snow.
  • Outstanding performance in off-road terrains.


  • Highway noise can be bothersome.
  • Water evacuation could be improved.


The Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764 tires are great for off-road driving. They also perform well on ice. They can handle snow in tough winters and come at various prices, making them a top choice. However, they could be better at handling water. Still, they are a great value.

Pros and Cons of Maxxis Tires

Excellent performance in off-road terrainSome models may produce noise on highways
Good traction on dry and wet surfacesWater evacuation could be improved
Superior grip on snow and ice
Durable construction for puncture resistance
Available in a wide range of sizes
Competitive pricing for the quality offered

Maxxis Tires Warranty

Warranty coverage for Maxxis Tires changes with the model and purchase location. Usually, it offers a limited warranty. This warranty covers material and workmanship defects for a period or until the tread wears down. You should review the warranty details from the manufacturer or retailer when you buy to know the specific terms and conditions. However, some reviews say that Maxxis provides a *50k-mile warranty*.

Maxxis Tires Line up

Tire ModelBest UseFeatures
Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771All-season, Off-roadExceptional performance in mud, sand, and off-road conditions.
Maxxis Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764Off-roadDesigned for mud, sand, and rocky terrains. Offers excellent traction and durability.
Maxxis Bighorn MT-762Off-roadSuitable for light trucks and SUVs. Provides good traction on dry and wet pavements.
Maxxis Razer MT772Mud-terrainIdeal for extreme off-road conditions. Offers superior traction and durability.
Maxxis Victra VR-1High-performanceDesigned for sports cars and high-performance vehicles. Offers exceptional grip and handling.
Maxxis MA-Z1 VictraSummerProvides excellent cornering performance and stability in dry conditions.
Maxxis ArdentMountain bikingSpecifically designed for mountain biking. Offers low rolling resistance and enhanced traction.

Is Maxxis A Good Brand of Tire?

Maxxis Tires offer a broad selection from premium to medium prices. Volkswagen, Nissan, and others trust Maxxis for their vehicles. They praise the tires’ reliability and performance.

The brand covers all driving needs, from summer to winter, and off-road to on-road. They offer all-season and all-terrain options. These tires last long and ensure top performance.

Maxxis has tires for SUVs and crossovers, with options in various rim sizes.

Every tire undergoes thorough safety and performance tests. They outlast many cheaper alternatives.

Choosing Maxxis Tires enhances your driving. You get quality, durability, and reliability.

How Have We Tested Maxxis Tires?

Our team values integrity. We thoroughly evaluated all Maxxis tire sets and selected top ones.

We considered quality, efficiency, warranty, and performance on various terrains.

Online reviews often focus only on positives. We’ll share pros, cons, and assessments for different situations.

Now, let’s begin.

Why Should You Choose Maxxis Tires?

Our website has many reviews of Asian tires. Among them, our study of Maxxis tires was fascinating. We chose Maxxis for these reasons:

  1. Maxxis Green Policy: Maxxis tire industries have ISO14001 certification, showing their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing. This dedication to sustainability makes them stand out. It also attracts eco-conscious consumers.
  2. Precise Handling: Maxxis tires offer precise handling. Their strong sidewalls, grooves, and solid shoulder blocks are key. These features make driving comfortable and protect against road hazards. Moreover, they ensure stability and grip during turns and on wet surfaces. This results in a smooth ride, even on tough terrains.
  3. Quality: Maxxis Tires are known for their top quality. They recently won two Subaru of Indiana awards for performance and leadership. Their tires use advanced materials like silica gel and Nano Dispersed SiO2. This boosts handling, grip, and efficiency. It also shows their dedication to safety and excellence.
  4. Pricing: Despite offering premium quality, Maxxis tires remain competitively priced. This affordability is a testament to their efficient manufacturing processes and innovative technologies. They make them a cost-effective choice for consumers seeking top-tier performance.
  5. Longevity: Maxxis tires last long. They have nylon belts for protection. This shields against punctures and debris, making them durable. Also, advanced technologies extend their life. Thus, these tires offer great value for money.
  6. Variety: Maxxis makes a wide range of tires for SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and cars. They also produce industrial, kart, and trailer tires. Each tire is made from top materials, ensuring quality and durability. This gives customers a broad selection to match their needs and preferences.


Maxxis Tires are top performers, especially off-road. They offer great grip on dry and icy roads.

The Maxxis Bravo Series AT-771 is ideal for all seasons. It works well in mud, sand, and off-road conditions.

The Buckshot Mudder 2 MT-764 and Bighorn MT-762 are great for off-road driving. They excel in tough conditions.

That’s our review of Maxxis Tires. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below!

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