Achilles Tires Review

Achilles Tires Review: Are Achilles Tires Good in 2024

Achilles is a new tire brand that makes different types of tires for cars, trucks, and other uses. They offer tires for regular driving, business use, heavy-duty work, and racing.

Do you want to know if Achilles tires are good? Which type of tire is best for your vehicle and needs? Read this review to find out!

I will talk about the important qualities, features, and uses of Achilles tires to give you a fair idea of the brand’s quality. I will also list the top Achilles tires to help you choose the right one.

Achilles Tires Overview

Achilles Tires

Achilles makes tires for the mid to low-end market. They offer various good and flexible products. These tires are not as good as top brands but give good performance at a lower cost.

The brand understands the need for quality and affordability. They make many tire models with good quality and fair prices. This helps people with limited budgets.

How well do Achilles tires perform on different terrains? Let’s look at each aspect to understand it better.

Why Choose Achilles Tires?

Achilles tires are affordable without compromising quality. They have great features and performance that satisfy consumers.

Achilles tires are versatile. The brand has 10 product lines for specific uses like sport, all-season driving, industrial use, and competition. There are also tires for winter or desert driving. Achilles offers tires for trucks, SUVs, minivans, and racing cars.

Achilles tires are a good value. They cost less than premium brands like Continental or Michelin. Michelin tires can cost $145 to over $800, and Continental tires $70 to $400 per tire. Achilles tires are under $100, or even below $50.

Achilles all-season tires are comfortable for everyday driving on regular roads. But they struggle in heavy rain or snow, where traction is a problem. They also lack traction on muddy or rough terrains. Winter or desert-specific tires perform better. Achilles tires may not match top brands’ performance but are durable for city roads. They are more vulnerable on rugged off-road surfaces.

Achilles tires serve their purpose well. Each series, like the Achilles Economist 868 or sporting series, offers satisfactory performance at affordable prices.

Who Makes Achilles Tires?

Achilles tires are made by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk, a big company in Indonesia that also owns Corsa and Achilles brands. The company started on May 28, 1988, and has been running for almost 34 years. In 2019, Michelin, a famous French tire brand, acquired Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk.

Where Are Achilles Tires Made

Achilles tires are produced at the MASA factory, one of the biggest tire factories in East Cikarang, Indonesia.

Most Popular Achilles Tires

Here are all the tire series and features of Achilles that you should consider before deciding to buy.

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport 2 is good for off-road driving with strong power, traction, and treadwear. It has good grip on wet roads with wide grooves. The center rib is solid, adding reliability and safety. For a safe off-road drive, choose Achilles ATR Sport 2.

CategoryAverage Rating (Out of 5)Source
Overall3.91010Tires (19 Reviews)
Dry Traction5.01010Tires (19 Reviews)
Wet Traction3.91010Tires (19 Reviews)
Handling4.41010Tires (19 Reviews)
Comfort4.11010Tires (19 Reviews)
Noise3.91010Tires (19 Reviews)
Treadwear3.91010Tires (19 Reviews)
Dry Traction4.7SimpleTire
Wet Traction4.3SimpleTire
Winter Traction3.6SimpleTire

Achilles ATR-K Economist

Achilles ATR-K Economist

The Achilles ATR-K Economist tire is designed for all seasons. It gives you a smooth ride, comfort, safety, and affordability. It works well in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. This tire performs well in the city all year. It is one of the quietest tires from Achilles, providing high satisfaction.

Overall Rating55%Tyre ReviewsBased on 4 reviews and 54,000 miles driven
Performance (Dry)MixedTyre ReviewsSome users report good grip, others mention slow warm-up and potential for overheating
Performance (Wet)Not recommendedTyre ReviewsOne user mentioned wet grip is lacking
WearFastTyre ReviewsOne user reported fast wear

Achilles 868 All Season

Achilles 868 All Season

Achilles 868 tires have sipes for better grip on wet roads. They look good on any vehicle. These tires are durable and have great tread life. They handle hot and cold weather well and work in different road conditions.

SourceOverall RatingSpecific RatingsComments
SimpleTire7.3Handling: 8.4, Traction: 8.2, Long Lasting: 7.3Quiet ride, great wet traction, good value for money
MavisN/ARide Quality: 4, Handling: 4.2, Tread Life: 4.1, Snow: 3.9, Traction: 4.2, Noise: 3.9, Hydroplaning Resistance: 4.1, Cornering Stability: 4.2, Steering Responsiveness: 4.2
Tyre Reviews54% (average)N/ARanked 67th out of 70 All Season Touring tires
Ubuy5.0 out of 5 stars (1 review)N/AComfortable and reliable, good dry weather grip, quiet ride

Achilles 122

Achilles 122

The Achilles 122 series tires have great grip and road feedback on wet and dry roads. They are easy to handle and comfortable to use. The affordable price makes Achilles 122 a great value choice. Choose Achilles 122 for the best value.

AspectAverage RatingSource
Overall Score7.5SimpleTire
Handling8.1 (Great)SimpleTire
Traction8.1 (Great)SimpleTire
NoiseNot ProvidedSimpleTire
Overall Rating85%Tyre Reviews
Mileage11,310 miles (average)Tyre Reviews

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

Would you like a strong tire with a cool design for your car? The Achilles Desert Hawk UHP tire makes your car look nicer. It also has rim guard protection for extra durability. This means I can drive confidently on rough and off-road surfaces.

CategoryAverage Rating (Out of 5)Source
Overall Score3.61010Tires (25 Reviews)
Dry Traction4.7SimpleTire Scorecard
Wet Traction4.4SimpleTire Scorecard
Winter Traction3.9SimpleTire Scorecard
Handling3.61010Tires (25 Reviews)
Comfort3.41010Tires (25 Reviews)
Noise3.41010Tires (25 Reviews)
Treadwear3.41010Tires (25 Reviews)
Overall Rating72%Tyre Reviews (6 Reviews, 63,000 miles driven)

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT

The Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT tire is great for light trucks. It has a tough tread for better grip on slippery off-road surfaces. The sidewall X-protection helps prevent damage from rough roads and sharp objects. But, it can be noisy.

SourceOverall RatingProsCons
SimpleTire7.4– Good off-road traction and handling – Minimal noise and wear – Affordable– Lower wet traction compared to other tires
Tyre Reviews55%– Good mud traction and self-cleaning – Smooth ride with low noise– Ranked lower compared to other all-terrain and off-road tires
Amazon Customer Reviews4.2 stars– Great off-road performance – Looks good – Affordable– Some users report lower wet traction and balancing issues
Tyre Review AustraliaMixed– Some users love the tires for off-road and find them quiet – Others report dangerous handling on wet roads– Wet weather performance seems to be a major point of contention

Achilles Desert Hawk A/T2

Achilles Desert Hawk AT2

The Achilles Desert Hawk A/T2 is like the X-MT series. It has good traction and stability on various terrains. The tire’s big tread pattern provides more safety on rough roads. This tire’s silica compound is spread out widely, making it more durable and long-lasting.

CategoryRatingKey Points from Reviews
Overall Score6.7– Good value for the price – Performs well in various conditions, including light off-roading
Long LastingN/A– Not enough data available
Handling7.8– Good handling on both dry and wet pavement
Traction7.7– Good traction on-road and light off-road
NoiseN/A– Some reviewers mention increased noise as the tread wears down
ComfortN/A– No specific information available

Achilles Desert Hawk HT

The Achilles Desert Hawk HT is a tough tire made for all types of terrain. It keeps you stable and gripped on dry land. The tire uses HD Silica tech for longer life and less fuel usage. It’s great for dry areas and gives good grip on wet surfaces with its big shoulder blocks.

CategoryAverage Rating (SimpleTire)Rating Breakdown (1010Tires)User Reviews
Dry Traction4.74.0“Good traction in dry conditions, no wheel spin.”
Wet Traction4.53.8“Performs well in wet conditions.”
Winter Traction3.33.1“Not recommended for severe snow conditions.”
Handling7.73.7“Good handling for an all-season tire.”
Comfort4.54.1“Comfortable ride, quiet on the road.”
Noise4.34.0“Average road noise compared to other brands.”
Treadwear8.23.7“Long-lasting tread, good value for money.”
OverallN/A3.8“Great value for the price, good performance in most conditions.”

Achilles Multivan

Achilles Multivan

Achilles made this tire for maximum usefulness and ease of use. The Achilles Multivan fits many vehicles well, offering comfort, power, and traction. However, the tire prioritizes durability and stability. If you’re okay with giving up some comfort for better performance, you should think about getting the Multivan.

Dry Traction4.8Good
Wet TractionNo data available
Winter PerformanceNo data available

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2

The Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 series has features like the previous HT class but with some improvements. The interlocking tread block makes fast cornering easier. The tire feels smooth and stable due to the solid center rib and circumference grooves.

CategorySimpleTire ScoreUser Reviews
Dry Traction4.9 out of 5 starsPraised for good grip in dry conditions.
Wet Traction4.9 out of 5 starsCommended for handling well in wet weather.
Winter TractionNot ratedNot designed for heavy snow, but some users report handling light winter conditions.
Comfort4.9 out of 5 starsUsers find the ride quality to be smooth and comfortable.
Noise4.6 out of 5 starsConsidered to be relatively quiet compared to other brands.
Handling8.1 out of 10Praised for good handling and responsiveness.
Tread Life6.9 out of 10Seen as offering good value for the price in terms of tread life.
Overall7.4 out of 10Considered a good value for the price with well-balanced performance.

Achilles Tires Buying Guide

In this part of our Achilles tires review, we will talk about the good and bad points of Achilles tires. We will begin by discussing what makes these tires different from others. Then, we will look at possible issues that could be a deal-breaker.

Are Achilles Tires Good?

Achilles tires are quieter and come with a 35,000-mile warranty.

Don’t rely on Amazon reviews to pick the right tire because many people lack experience.

People pick Achilles tires because they resemble premium brands like Michelin, Lionhart and Bridgestone.

Achilles tires have good grip and are great for summer but may not perform well in winter. However, they excel in wet and dry conditions.

They are not recommended for cold weather.

Most tires don’t perform well in the rain.


Are Achilles Tires Made In China?

No, Achilles tires are not made in China. They are made by Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA), an Indonesian tire company. The manufacturing plant is in East Cikarang, Indonesia.

Are Achilles Tires Good For Stretching?

Achilles tires may not be suitable for stretching because the rubber and sidewall protection are not very durable. While they work well for regular use, stretching them often can cause the tread to wear out quickly.

Do Achilles Tires Run Wide?

Achilles tires can be noisy when driving fast or on rough, wet roads. The economist and all-season types are quieter, but the sporting series may not give a smooth ride.

How Long Do Achilles Tires Last?

The lifespan of Achilles tires depends on the type and the roads you drive on. Sporting series tires are less durable and may last two to three seasons.

Does Michelin Own Achilles Tires?

Yes, Michelin bought Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA), the maker of Achilles tires, in 2019 for $480 million. Achilles now operates as a brand under Michelin.

Final Words

Before you think about getting an Achilles tire, this review has all the info you need. I hope it helps you! If you have more questions, ask in the comments. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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