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Ironman Tires Review & Ratings: Are Ironman Tires Good? 

I was excited to review Ironman tires. Although I haven’t used them, I drove a 2015 F-150 with Hercules tires. Interestingly, Hercules owns Ironman and is a part of ATD, which also runs

Currently, you can’t buy Hercules tires on However, you can get Ironman tires on the site.

Hercules is introducing Ironman as a budget brand. This mirrors Hankook’s approach with Laufenn. They aim to position Hercules as a premium brand and Ironman as a more affordable option.

Ironman tires are expected to be cheaper. But, is this lower price a compromise on quality? Let’s find out in this review.

Ironman Tires Overview

Ironman Tires is a brand of affordable, reliable tires. It belongs to the Hercules Tire & Rubber Company, based in Findlay, Ohio, USA. The brand offers tires for passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Hercules Tire & Rubber Company started in 1952. It’s now a top tire industry player. The company offers various brands, including Ironman Tires, known for balancing performance and value. These tires target budget-minded consumers, ensuring quality and durability.

Who makes Ironman Tires?

Ironman is a subbrand of Hercules tires, owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. It’s known for affordable tires.

Ironman Tires Review

Ironman GR906

Ironman GR906

The Ironman GR906 is a versatile tire for all seasons. It’s great for light snow and icy roads, thanks to its sipes. The design and compound boost grip on wet and dry roads, also cutting fuel use.

I tested it on a 2002 Honda Civic LXi with stock rims. Traction was good, and the ride was smooth. But there was some noise at higher speeds, my only worry.

This tire isn’t just for sedans like the Honda Civic. It suits small crossovers and minivans too. With many sizes and options, you can easily find the right one.

Priced from under $40 to $70 each, it’s affordable. This makes it perfect for budget-conscious buyers who want quality and comfort.

Gripping sipes for enhanced winter tractionNoticeable noise at higher speeds
Modern symmetric tread design
All-season touring compound
Good grip on wet and dry roads
Lower rolling resistance for fuel efficiency
Comfortable ride
Suitable for sedans, small crossovers, and minivans
Wide range of sizes and configurations
Very affordable pricing

Ironman RB-12

Ironman RB-12

The Ironman RB-12 is a touring tire. It follows the Ironman Touring Pro. This tire boosts wet and light snow traction and offers a white wall option for classic cars.

Its tread design and square profile increase grip. I tested it on a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE with stock wheels.

On dry roads, it gripped well and provided a comfy ride. Yet, it struggled on wet surfaces and could be poor on ice or snow.

The RB-12 was noisier at high speeds, but this varied by road. On smooth roads, it was quieter than other budget tires. However, it was louder on rough concrete.

One concern was the tread wear, especially given its low price of $60 to $70 per tire.

In short, the RB-12 is a cheap option for sedans and small crossovers. It suits people who want good dry grip and comfort, even if it’s not the best in bad weather.

Improved wet and light snow tractionReduced performance on icy and snowy roads
White wall design option availableRoad noise at higher speeds
Computer-optimized tread designTread wear concerns at the price point
Squared tread profile for better handling
Good grip and comfort on dry surfaces
Economical pricing

Ironman iMove

Ironman iMove

The Ironman iMove tire is popular for high performance in all seasons. It’s often compared to premium brands like Continental’s ContiSportContact 5P and Michelin’s Pilot Sport series, but it costs less. This tire offers great dry and wet performance and is a top pick in the Ironman lineup.

With an asymmetric tread pattern and silica-based compound, the iMove provides excellent traction, handling, and steering. It’s also known for being quiet and comfortable.

I tested the iMove on a 2012 Lexus IS350 and was impressed. It perfectly matched the IS350’s sporty feel, offering sharp steering. The tire is designed for fuel efficiency but I didn’t check fuel consumption.

The Lexus owner was pleased with the iMove’s performance and affordability. However, they noted it wore out faster, especially with spirited driving. Also, it’s not ideal for snowy conditions.

Despite these drawbacks, the iMove is a good choice for drivers seeking high performance at a lower cost. The main wish is for better durability, given its sporty nature.

Comparable performance to premium brandsFaster tread wear compared to some competitors
Asymmetric tread pattern for enhanced tractionNot suitable for snowy conditions
Silica-based tread compound for gripHigher noise levels at higher speeds
Responsive handling and steering
Comfortable and quiet ride
Lower cost compared to premium tires

Ironman iMove SUV

Ironman iMove SUV

The Ironman iMove SUV tire boosts street/sports performance in SUVs and crossovers. Its unique tread design enhances style and wet-weather grip. It comes in larger, low-profile sizes, appealing to SUV owners who like bigger wheels.

I tested these tires on a 2001 Lexus RX300 with 20-inch wheels. The ride was quiet and comfortable, typical of Lexus. Even at 70-80 mph, the tire stayed quiet. I didn’t test it in wet conditions, but its dry-road grip was impressive.

The Lexus owner loved the iMove SUV tires, so much that he plans to get them for his Chrysler 300. He found their wear acceptable, considering their price. After less than three months, the tires on his Lexus showed minimal wear.

In conclusion, the iMove SUV offers top performance, style, and affordability. It’s a great choice for SUV fans keen on both aesthetics and driving dynamics without overspending.

Asymmetrical tread design for stylish looksLimited feedback on wet road performance
Exceptional performance on dry roadsPotential noise at higher speeds
Available in large diameter and low profile sizes
Comfortable and quiet ride characteristic
Suitable for SUVs and crossover vehicles
Affordable pricing
Minimal tread wear observed in short-term use

Ironman Radial A/P

Ironman Radial AP

Looking for a reliable all-season tire for your SUV, crossover, van, or light truck? Consider the Ironman Radial A/P. It boasts a hybrid tread design with a five-rib pattern for solid handling, durability, and a quiet ride. The deep treads and multi-ply build ensure good performance on various roads and in light to moderate snow.

I tested the Ironman Radial A/P on a 2015 F-150 EcoBoost, kindly lent by a local tire shop. The tire impressed with its smooth, quiet ride and good dry-road traction.

Though I couldn’t explore off-road areas much, I drove about 10 miles in the city and 19 miles on the highway. This limited experience still highlighted the tire’s quality. At around $600 for a set, it’s significantly cheaper than premium options. So, if you need a good tire without breaking the bank, this is a solid choice.

Hybrid tread design for solid handlingLimited off-road testing done
Five-rib all-season patternPotential for noise at higher speeds
Exceptional durability and multi-ply construction
Smooth and quiet ride
Capable of handling light to moderate snow
Affordable pricing
Suitable for SUVs, crossovers, vans, and light trucks

Ironman All Country A/T

Ironman All Country AT

Looking for tough tires for your SUV? Consider the Ironman All Country A/T. It’s designed for various terrains, from snow to mud. The tire’s special compound ensures good grip on icy, wet, and dry roads. Large blocks and deep grooves make it great for different surfaces.

I haven’t tested this tire myself, but dealers say it’s good on roads. It works well in various conditions, like wet, dry, sandy, and snowy. Surprisingly, it’s quiet on highways.

The downside is its tread wear. It might wear out faster than others. Still, it’s affordable. Many find this a fair trade-off.

Overall, the Ironman All Country A/T is a good pick for SUV owners. It offers versatility without a high price.

Wide angled lateral grooves for improved performance in snow and mudTread wear may be faster compared to competitors
Optimized void ratio enhances tractionPotential for road noise on certain surfaces
Excellent all-weather grip with specialized tread compound
Large tread blocks and deep grooves for stellar off-road performance
Performs well on wet, dry, sandy, and snowy terrain
Quiet on paved roads
Affordable pricing

Ironman All Country M/T

Ironman All Country MT

The Ironman All Country M/T is perfect for tough off-road conditions. Its tough design and special features show this. First, the tire has staggered buttresses for better sidewall protection. This protects against rough terrain and debris.

The treads can take studs, preventing stone drilling. The blocks easily clear sand, gravel, and silt, giving great traction. The three-ply sidewall is strong and rigid, ensuring durability. Moreover, its sidewall void ratio aids self-cleaning, maintaining grip in mud.

I tested this tire on a modified Chevy Silverado. It was loud on the road, making it better for off-road use.

In off-road conditions, it excelled. It offered great traction and comfort on gravel and sand, handling well in tough environments. An enthusiast with a Jeep Wrangler also praised its performance and value.

The tire not only performs well but also looks tough, enhancing any truck or SUV.

Why Choose Ironman Tires?

Ironman Tires are a great choice for drivers. They are affordable and don’t compromise on quality. The tires are made by Hercules Tire & Rubber Company, which is a leader in the industry since 1952. Ironman focuses on durability, technology, and reliable performance. Here’s why they are special:

  1. Affordable: These tires are competitively priced and suit a variety of vehicles. They offer key features at a great price.
  2. Quality: Hercules, with its decades of experience, created Ironman to meet the demand for reliable, yet affordable, tires. They are designed to last and perform consistently.
  3. Stylish and Functional: Ironman tires are also stylish. Their designs improve your vehicle’s look and maintain good traction and handling.

In short, Ironman Tires are affordable, high-quality, and stylish. They are a top choice for those who want a great driving experience without breaking the bank.

Are Ironman Tires Good?

yes, Ironman tires are popular among budget-conscious consumers. They perform well on various roads. Each model has its strengths. They offer good traction on wet and dry roads. However, some models struggle at high speeds or in deep snow.

These tires offer great value and are on par with other budget-friendly brands. They suit drivers who want affordable, reliable, or specific road condition tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Ironman Tires suitable for all seasons?

Ironman offers a range of tires tailored for different seasons. Their all-season tires perform well in various weather conditions, including light snow. For severe winter conditions, it’s advisable to opt for dedicated winter tires.

2. Can Ironman Tires be used for off-road driving?

Yes, Ironman Tires offer off-road options. For example, the All Country A/T Tire has a tough tread and strong sidewalls. These features help it handle tough off-road paths effectively.

3. How long do Ironman Tires typically last?

Ironman Tires last longer or shorter depending on how you drive and the roads you’re on. On average, they go for 40,000 to 70,000 miles before they need replacing.

4. Do Ironman Tires come with a warranty?

Ironman Tires usually have a warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship. It’s best to check the warranty terms from the manufacturer or retailer.

5. Are Ironman Tires noisy on the road?

Some Ironman Tire users might hear road noise. However, this experience varies with the tire model and personal preferences. Reading reviews and asking experts can help find a quiet tire that suits your needs.

Final Thoughts:

Ironman offers affordable, quality tires. They aim to ensure you’re happy.

For all conditions, consider the Ironman iMove Gen 2 AS. It works well on different roads.

Prefer a smooth off-road ride? Choose the Ironman Radial A/P.

Still undecided? Read a detailed guide to clarify your options.

When choosing a tire, focus on your needs and driving style, whether from Ironman or another brand.

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