Arroyo Tires Review

Arroyo Tires Review & Ratings: Are Arroyo Tires Good? 

Today, many low-cost brands challenge premium ones, sparking speculation. However, Arroyo Tires stands out. It offers top-quality tires at affordable prices.

As an American brand, Arroyo Tires makes high-quality, custom tires. They use premium materials and innovative methods to ensure great quality.

This review will cover Arroyo Tires in detail. It will discuss their quality, pros, cons, performance, and more. This gives a thorough look at their products.

Arroyo Tires Review

Arroyo Tires Overview

Arroyo Tires, based in Castaic, California, is a key US tire maker. It’s well-known worldwide for its mid-tier tires. The company focuses on creating top-notch tires for cars. It uses advanced technology in its designs.

One standout is its affordability. Unlike some rivals that boost prices for the brand, Arroyo offers well-priced tires without sacrificing quality. Yet, not all its models are cheap. Some all-terrain tires are pricey. Still, Arroyo excels at balancing cost and performance. This ensures its tires are a good deal.

Who Makes Arroyo Tires?

Many customers doubt mid-tier Chinese brands for quality and safety. However, brands like Sailun tires are trusted. Still, most prefer products from other countries.

Arroyo has U.S. headquarters and factories in Turkey and Thailand. It makes some tires in Thailand and others in Turkey. Yet, all Arroyo tires promise high quality no matter where they’re made.

Types of Arroyo Tires

1. Performance Tires

  • Grand Sport 2
  • Grand Sport A/S
  • Ultra Sport A/S

2. Passenger Tires

  • Eco Pro A/S
  • Eco Pro H/T
  • Eco Pro H/T 2
  • Van Pro 2

3. Off-road Tires

  • Tamarock M/T
  • Tamarock A/T

4. TBR (Truck, Bus, Radial)

  • AR 1000
  • AR 1100
  • AR 2000
  • AR 2200

Arroyo Tires Review

Before we get to our top 3 picks from Arroyo Tires, let’s review the performance summary of Arroyo Tires from our tests. It’s in the following table.

Tire ModelDry RoadWet RoadSnowy Road
Arroyo Grand Sport A/SExcellent gripResists aquaplaningLimited snow use
Arroyo Ultra A/SStable at high speedGood in rain; resists hydroplaningNot recommended
Arroyo Tamarock A/TGreat for off-roadAbove average performanceEfficient in snow

1. Arroyo Grand Sport A/S

Arroyo Grand Sport AS

The Arroyo Grand Sport tire works well in all seasons. Its treadwear pattern, with an extra belt, guards against stud holes and imbalances. This makes it ideal for minivans, sedans, and small crossovers.

It comes in sizes from 14 to 24 inches and boasts a 50,000-mile warranty. This is impressive for its low cost.

Our summer track test revealed low noise. The slanted grooves offered excellent braking and grip.

On wet roads, the tire shone. Its grooves effectively removed water, reducing hydroplaning risk. The tires provided stability at high speeds and good wet traction.

In light snow, the tires performed decently. However, they aren’t recommended for severe winter conditions, earning a 3 out of 5 for snow performance.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
AffordableNot suitable for critical snow conditions despite being labeled as “all-season”.
Excellent braking on dry and wet roads
50,000-mile warranty
Resistant to aquaplaning


The tires have a protective belt to last longer and prevent damage. They are made of strong materials. This allows them to work well in daily dry and wet conditions. However, they are not ideal for severe winter weather.

2. Arroyo Ultra A/S

Arroyo Ultra AS

The Arroyo Ultra A/S is an all-season tire. It ensures a comfortable drive in dry and wet conditions. The tire has a unique, aggressive tread pattern. This pattern offers responsive handling and is great for SUVs, crossovers, and minivans. It comes in sizes from 19 to 26 inches in diameter.

It also includes a 45,000-mile warranty. However, some might see this as too short for its price.

On dry roads, the Ultra A/S performs well. Its center rib ensures grip and stability on rough terrain. 3D siping enhances dry performance. Plus, it uses advanced silica compounds for better braking.

In the wet, the tire does well. The 3D sipes and two grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning. They also maintain traction on wet roads.

Yet, it’s not ideal for snow. The tire lacks proper siping to tackle snow. So, it’s best not to use it in snowy conditions. It scores 5 out of 10 for snow road performance.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Excellent performance on dry roadsLow tread warranty
Stable at high speeds and resists hydroplaning


The Ultra A/S is wrongly labeled “all-season” for snow use. It performs poorly in snow. Yet, it shines in dry and wet conditions.

Its center rib boosts dry traction. The grooves effectively drain rainwater, reducing aquaplaning.

3. Arroyo Tamarock A/T

Arroyo Tamarock AT

The Tamarock tire is versatile, great for all terrains and seasons. It boosts your driving experience. It’s made from an advanced compound, staying flexible in all weathers.

Its smart tread design ensures a smooth, affordable ride on off-road, dry, winter, and wet surfaces. It’s available in sizes from 15 to 22 inches. The tire comes with a 50,000-mile warranty and is perfect for SUVs and light trucks.

Dry Road Performance:

The Arroyo Tamarock is a top summer tire, offering great performance without any issues. Its unique tread blocks and pattern allow for smooth off-road driving and work well in mud. Additionally, the strong sidewalls protect against debris.

Wet Road Performance:

In wet conditions, the Tamarock A/T performs above average. Its staggered tread blocks and tread pattern efficiently evacuate water, preventing hydroplaning. Additionally, the tire exhibits good braking performance on wet surfaces.

Winter Performance:

The Tamarock tire stands out on our list. Its tread blocks, patterns, and sidewalls team up to clear snow. This makes it perfect for icy and snowy conditions.

Things We LikedThings We Didn’t Like
Excellent performance in dry conditionsExpensive
Maintains momentum and traction in all weathers
Resists aquaplaning
Impressive performance in snow and wet conditions


The Arroyo Tamarock is an ideal all-terrain and everyday tire. It performs well in snowy highway conditions and stays quiet in dry and wet ones.

Pros and Cons of Arroyo Tires

Excellent performance in dry and wet conditionsNot suitable for snowy conditions
Resists hydroplaning
Decent quality tires

Arroyo Tires Warranty

Arroyo Tires provides a warranty spanning between 40,000 to 50,000 miles for their products. This warranty coverage is noteworthy, particularly considering Arroyo tires are priced more affordably than premium brands such as Michelin and Goodyear.

Why Should You Buy Arroyo Tires?

Our team tested an American brand and was impressed for several reasons. First, Arroyo Tires are high-quality and affordable. They attract customers both in the USA and globally. Also, they are eco-friendly and designed to reduce rolling friction.

Second, Arroyo Tires offer excellent value. Their durability is backed by a 40,000 to 50,000-mile warranty. These tires are reinforced to resist stud holes and maintain stability at high speeds. Their design with deep tread blocks ensures a smooth ride in tough conditions.

Third, Arroyo Tires provide good handling. They work well in dry, wet, and winter conditions, resisting aquaplaning. Also, they offer strong braking.

Lastly, Arroyo provides a broad tire selection, from all-season to off-road. The lineup includes performance, passenger, and TBR tires. Despite the variety, the sets remain affordable. Only the Tamarock series is slightly pricier.

Are Arroyo Tires Good?

Arroyo Tires are affordable and high-quality. They use advanced technology to ensure safety and performance. These tires are popular in the USA and abroad. Despite their quality, they are affordable.

The Tamarock A/T and M/T models stand out. They offer good traction throughout the year. Also, they are affordable. These models are available in many countries, including Mexico and Colombia. Thus, they cater to a diverse range of drivers.

Vehicle Arroyo Tires Will Fit

Vehicle MakeCompatibility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who manufactures Arroyo tires?

Arroyo makes its own tires. It manages everything from marketing to distribution.

Where are Arroyo tires made?

Arroyo runs its business from its headquarters in Castaic, California. Additionally, it produces tires in factories in Thailand and Turkey.

Summing Up

This Arroyo Tires Review covers the product’s advantages, disadvantages, quality, and performance clearly and fairly.

We highlighted the company’s top products: Grand Sport A/S, Ultra A/S, and Tamarack A/T.

Among these, Tamarack A/T stood out for its exceptional performance and snow traction.

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