Cooper Evolution M/T Review & Rating for 2024

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire offers excellent off-road performance and on-road handling. It tackles tough terrains with ease, providing a smooth, secure drive. It’s popular among drivers needing both performance and durability.

Customers praise the Evolution M/T for its grip, toughness, and longevity. Its technology ensures it can manage any terrain, keeping drives comfortable. Plus, it’s known for being quiet, a bonus for noise-sensitive drivers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cooper Evolution M/T tire is designed to provide exceptional off-road performance without compromising on-road capabilities.
  • The tire is built with advanced technology and materials that ensure high performance and durability.
  • The Cooper Evolution M/T has received many positive reviews from customers who praise its excellent traction, durability, and long-lasting performance.
Cooper Evolution MT Review

Overview of Cooper Evolution M/T

Brand History

Cooper Tires is an American company that started in 1914. It’s known for making durable, reliable, high-quality tires. The Cooper Evolution M/T is a top mud-terrain model.

Tire Design Philosophy

The Cooper Evolution M/T excels off-road, yet also on paved roads. It boasts a 3-ply Armor-Tek3 design. This adds strength and durability, resisting cuts and punctures. Its tread pattern ensures top traction in mud and sand.

Moreover, a unique stone ejector technology prevents debris from sticking in the tread. This feature extends the tire’s life and protects the tread.

Overall, the Cooper Evolution M/T is a tough tire that shines off-road. Its build and features make it a top choice in the mud-terrain category. It’s suitable for various vehicles and conditions.

Technical Specifications

Tire Composition

The Cooper Evolution M/T is a Mud-Terrain tire. It’s built for great off-road performance yet keeps on-road performance in check. The tire includes a three-ply Armor-Tek3 carcass for durability and puncture resistance. This technology features two radial polyester plies and a third angled nylon ply. It ensures strength and protects against cuts and bruises on rough terrains.

Moreover, the Evolution M/T has large, aggressive shoulder lugs. These lugs boost traction in mud and soft terrains. They also come with alternating notches. These notches help to kick out mud and debris, ensuring steady traction. Additionally, the tire has a stone ejector rib. It prevents stone retention and drilling, which could damage the tire.

Size Availability

The Cooper Evolution M/T comes in sizes from 15 to 20 inches, for LT and non-LT vehicles. It suits SUVs, light trucks, and jeeps. You can choose between standard and metric sizes.

Cooper offers a tire size chart to help pick the right fit. It lists the tire’s size, load index, speed rating, and diameter. Also, the tire comes with a treadwear warranty of up to 50,000 miles.

This tire is tough and ideal for off-road driving. It offers strong grip and durability, thanks to its design.


The Cooper Evolution M/T tire excels off-road and is also decent on pavement. This review will explore its off-road performance and handling on roads.

Off-Road Capabilities

The Cooper Evolution M/T is built for off-road use and excels in it. Its rugged tread gives superb grip on dirt, gravel, and mud. Large shoulder blocks boost cornering grip. Meanwhile, alternating shoulder scoops clear mud and stones.

It also boasts Cooper’s Armor-Tek3 construction. This design features a special three-ply sidewall that shields against cuts and punctures. It boosts durability, especially for those who tackle rough terrain often.

On-Road Handling

The Cooper Evolution M/T is great for off-road driving and does well on roads too. It’s stable with a center rib and reduces noise. The design cuts vibrations for a smooth ride.

However, its aggressive tread can be loud on highways. Also, it might not grip as well on wet or icy roads as an all-season tire. Large shoulder blocks can make it feel slow in tight turns.

Overall, the Cooper Evolution M/T excels off-road and is decent on-road. It’s perfect for those who often drive on rough terrain and can trade a bit of road comfort for off-road ability.

Durability and Longevity

Tread Life

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire is ideal for off-road and on-road driving. Its tread includes large blocks and scoops for good grip on mud, sand, and loose surfaces. Also, its 3-ply sidewall resists punctures.

According to TireGrades, this tire’s tread life is around 40,000 miles, similar to its competitors. However, actual life varies with driving habits, road conditions, and maintenance. Regular rotation and proper inflation can extend its life.

Puncture Resistance

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire is tough for off-road use. It has a 3-ply sidewall to resist punctures. Plus, it includes stone ejector ribs to keep the tread clear.

Truck Tire Reviews praised its durability and puncture resistance. The tire also did well on rocky terrain. Even after months, it showed no damage.

In short, the Cooper Evolution M/T is a durable choice for tough off-road conditions. Its construction and features protect against damage. Its tread design offers excellent grip in mud, sand, and loose surfaces.

Comfort and Noise Level

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire excels off-road and is comfortable on pavement. TireGrades confirms it balances off-road toughness with everyday comfort. It’s perfect for off-road trips. Plus, it’s quiet and comfortable, ideal for commutes and long drives.

Its standout feature? It softens road bumps and potholes. This comfort is a relief for drivers seeking both durability and a smooth ride.

Now, about the noise. Mud-terrain tires are loud, but not this one. According to Tire Hungry, it’s quieter than many. This means a comfy, quiet highway ride without losing off-road capabilities.

In short, the Cooper Evolution M/T is a mud-terrain tire with exceptional comfort and low noise. It’s the perfect choice for both off-road toughness and on-road comfort.

Comparison With Competitors

Price Point

The Cooper Evolution M/T offers excellent value. It’s cheaper than top rivals, like the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 and the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar. Prices for the Evolution M/T range from $180 to $344, depending on size. Meanwhile, the BFGoodrich KM3 starts at about $250 and can reach $450. The Goodyear MT/R starts at around $240 and can go up to $400.

Performance Metrics

The Cooper Evolution M/T has been tested against rivals in off-road traction, on-road handling, and noise. It stands out in off-road traction, thanks to its strong grip on loose surfaces, rocks, and mud. Meanwhile, the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 and the Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar offer similar traction, but at higher prices.

However, the Cooper Evolution M/T’s on-road handling is average. It can feel unstable on wet roads and its steering isn’t as accurate as its competitors’. Yet, it excels in noise control. It’s noticeably quieter than the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3, especially on highways.

Overall, the Cooper Evolution M/T suits off-road enthusiasts on a budget. It provides a good mix of traction, handling, and low noise at a competitive price.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Users have praised the Cooper Evolution M/T. They highlight its off-road performance, especially in mud and on rocks. The aggressive tread pattern offers great traction and control in tough conditions.

They also like its on-road performance. Many find it surprisingly quiet and smooth for a mud-terrain tire. It handles well on wet and dry roads, ensuring a safe and comfortable drive.

One user tested it on a Jeep Wrangler. It excelled in deep mud and steep inclines. The user also commended its durability, showing no wear after several months.

Another user tried it on a Ford F-150. It gripped well on gravel and dirt, even with heavy loads.

In summary, users admire the Evolution M/T’s durability, traction, and handling on all types of roads. It’s a solid choice for versatile driving.

Installation and Maintenance

Mounting Recommendations

Mounting Cooper Evolution M/T tires requires a professional. They must be skilled with off-road tires. Proper mounting is vital to avoid imbalance or uneven wear. It’s best to choose a trusted tire shop. Make sure they follow industry best practices. This ensures correct mounting and proper balancing.

Maintenance Tips

Keeping the Cooper Evolution M/T tires in good shape and lasting long is crucial. First, check the tire pressure often. Ensure it’s right for off-road driving. Secondly, look for uneven wear or damage in the tread. Regular cleaning and checks can spot problems early. This keeps the tires in top shape on and off the road.

Safety Features

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire offers great traction and stability on wet and dry roads. It has a strong 3-ply sidewall that resists cuts and punctures, making it durable. Moreover, its tread and shoulder design boost off-road performance. Deep grooves and stone ejectors prevent stone drilling and enhance grip. Additionally, the tire comes with safety features for a comfortable drive.

  • Silica-infused tread compound: The tire’s tread has silica in it. This improves wet grip and cuts rolling resistance. These changes result in better fuel efficiency.
  • Rim flange protector: The tire’s rim flange protector helps shield the wheel from curb damage. This ensures that the wheel stays in good shape for longer.
  • Stability control: The tire has stability control. It helps the tire keep its shape and stability at high speeds. This improves handling and cuts the risk of accidents.
  • Mud release dimples: The tire has mud release dimples. They prevent mud from sticking to the tire. This keeps the tire’s traction in muddy conditions.

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire is a reliable choice for drivers. It suits both on- and off-road conditions. It features advanced safety and a strong build, ensuring excellent performance and peace of mind.

Environmental Impact

The Cooper Evolution M/T tire is tough and long-lasting, but its production harms the environment. Making these tires uses resources and energy, leading to greenhouse gas emissions.

To soften this impact, Cooper Tires has taken steps. It now uses wind and solar power. Also, it introduced a recycling program to cut waste and reuse materials.

The tire itself is eco-friendly. It uses a silica-infused tread that cuts rolling resistance. This boosts fuel efficiency and lowers emissions. Its durability also means fewer replacements, which is better for the environment.

Although the tire’s creation and use impact the environment, Cooper Tires’ efforts and the tire’s design aim to lessen this.

Warranty and Support

The Cooper Evolution M/T model has a warranty that covers defective tires, offering free replacements for the first 2/32-inch of wear. Additional support policies apply until the tire is 2/32-inch deep. After that, and down to the final 2/32-inch, coverage ends.

This model doesn’t include a mileage warranty. However, Cooper guarantees its quality and durability, making it ideal for off-roading.

Also, Cooper offers a 45-day road test guarantee. Customers can return the tire within 45 days for a full refund or exchange if unsatisfied.

In summary, Cooper Tires provides a strong warranty and support for the Cooper Evolution M/T, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Is It Worth The Money?

The Cooper Evolution M/T is a top choice for tough terrains like mud and snow. If you often tackle such conditions, it’s a smart pick. However, if you also seek comfort, you’ll need to carefully weigh your options before deciding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Cooper Evolution M/T tires perform in snow?

**TireGrades** says the Cooper Evolution M/T tires aren’t good for snowy or icy roads. They lack the grip needed. Still, they perform well on mud, dirt, and rocks.

What is the tread life expectancy of Cooper Evolution M/T tires?

The lifespan of Cooper Evolution M/T tires varies. It hinges on driving style, use frequency, and road conditions. According to TiresReviewed, these tires come with a 50,000-mile warranty. This warranty is typical for mud-terrain tires. However, some users have reported that, with proper care, the tires last up to 70,000 miles.

Are Cooper Evolution M/T tires suitable for all-season driving?

Cooper Evolution M/T tires are not for all-season driving. They’re made for off-road use and lack features for safe on-road trips. **Trail4Runner** says they’re noisy, uncomfortable, and offer poor grip on wet or icy roads.

What are the specifications of Cooper Evolution M/T tires?

Cooper Evolution M/T tires are available in various sizes ranging from 15 to 20 inches. The tires have a maximum load capacity of up to 3,525 pounds and a maximum speed rating of up to 99 mph. The tread depth of the tires is 19/32 inches, which is deeper than most mud-terrain tires. The tires also have aggressive shoulder blocks. They have stone ejector ribs and alternating shoulder scoops. These features boost off-road performance.

How do Cooper Evolution M/T tires compare to other brands in terms of quality?

**TireGrades** ranks Cooper Evolution M/T tires as top-value mud-terrain options. They offer unmatched off-road traction and durability in their price range. However, some users have noted problems with noise, vibration, and on-road performance.

What do Reddit and other forums say about Cooper Evolution M/T tires?

Off-road enthusiasts on Reddit like the Cooper Evolution M/T tires. They praise the good grip, durability, and tough look. Yet, some note noise, vibration, and weak on-road handling. Still, they’re recommended for off-road driving and are considered a good deal.


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