Lionhart tires review

Lionhart tires review: Are Lionhart tires good?

I really like Lionhart tires. Many people argue about the cheap Lionhart tires. I tested various Lionhart tire models myself to give a fair review. If you’re interested, read my Lionhart tires review below. It includes all the results from my tests.

Lionhart Tires Overview

Lionhart Tires

In 2013, Lionhart tires were first sold with a few turbo options. Lionhart then added more designs to suit different preferences.

In the cheaper tire market, there is tough competition with many low-quality products. Lionhart has changed views on cheap tires somewhat.

Although they may not be as famous as Michelin or Cooper, Lionhart tires have their own place.

These tires meet different needs by being affordable and having good features. They are popular with people who want good performance at a lower price.

All Lionhart tire models meet European standards. This shows their dedication to quality and safety.

Why Choose Lionhart Tires?

Lionhart Tires are not cheap or low quality, contrary to what many people think. Despite some limitations, their products offer advantages. You should consider trying Lionhart tires for these reasons.

Lionhart Tires have a key advantage – they are cheap. Compared to other budget tire options, Lionhart is up to 40% cheaper. This is even more important when you buy a set, as you can often get more discounts.

Lionhart is changing how people buy tires. They make it easy to buy tires online. This is different from regular tire stores where it can be hard to find Lionhart tires. The brand focuses on selling online through e-commerce sites and their website. This makes buying tires simple – all you need is the internet and a way to pay online.

Lionhart gives you lots of details about their tire models online. This helps customers who want clear information. Having all the info you need at hand means you won’t have to deal with missing details.

Lionhart Tires are not only cheap and easy to buy, but they also look great. They have cool tire designs that show strength and style. The unique tire rim and logo make the tires not just look good but also perform well.

Who Makes Lionhart Tires?

Lionhart only uses automated production lines to serve the low-price market. But they should not be too strict about this.

Because Lionhart is a new brand, they can’t afford a big factory with many production stages. Even so, they test their tires to make sure they are safe for users.

Where Are Lionhart Tires Made?

Lionhart tires are affordable and made in Chinese factories. The manufacturer doesn’t give specific addresses in China to avoid unnecessary questions. This makes it hard to know where the tire was produced.

Most Popular Lionhart Tire Models

I will introduce you to some top Lionhart tire models. I tested and reviewed these 5 models thoroughly.

Lionhart LH-TEN

Lionhart LH-TEN

The LH-Ten tire is made for dry sports SUVs, so it works well in dry weather. This tire stands out for its excellent dry performance compared to others in its class. It’s very responsive on dry roads.

I like that Lionhart offers a warranty for the LH-Ten tire. Not all affordable tires have a 30,000-mile warranty, so this is a big plus.

The LH-Ten tire’s warranty helps with tread life concerns. However, it doesn’t perform well in wet conditions. It doesn’t have good grip, braking, or stability in the rain.

Value for moneyPositiveMany users consider the LH-TEN to be a good value for its price.
Ride qualityPositiveUsers report a smooth and quiet ride experience.
HandlingPositiveThe tire is praised for its responsive handling in dry and wet conditions.
Wet performanceMixedSome users find the wet performance satisfactory, while others express concerns.
NoiseMixedSome users report minimal noise, while others mention experiencing noise issues.
DurabilityPositiveUsers commend the tire’s perceived durability.

Lionhart LH-FIVE

Lionhart LH-FIVE

Lionhart’s LH-FIVE is the top choice for performance cars in their product lineup. My testing confirmed that it performs excellently on dry roads.

The LH-FIVE is similar to the LH-Ten and comes with features to improve traction and handling on wet roads.

It excels in dry conditions, especially in steering response and braking distances, surpassing my expectations.

However, both the LH-FIVE and LH-Ten have some drawbacks due to their similar designs. Using them on highways a lot can cause quicker wear and reduced durability.

Lionhart still needs to work on improving wet performance, and tire noise becomes more noticeable as the tire wears out.

1010Tires3.6 starsDry handling, quiet ride, attractive designTreadwear, wet performance
AmazonVariesPerformance, valueDurability, wet traction
SimpleTire7.8 overallDry performance, handling, comfort, noiseTreadwear

Lionhart LH-503

Lionhart LH-503

The LH-503 has a special design that makes it very stable, so you can drive confidently no matter how the vehicle moves.

I’ve seen that this tire keeps its shape better than others, so you can drive fast without worrying too much.

Lionhart has made the LH-503 last longer than older models like the LH-Ten or LH-FIVE, making it more durable.

Even though the durability is better now, it’s just average, with no big advances.

The steering and stability are consistently good, showing Lionhart’s hard work in this area. The tire performs well even though it may not improve much on dry roads.

Amazon4.5 starsQuiet ride, good handling, affordableTread wear, wet weather performance
SimpleTire7.9Good handling, dry traction, value for moneyWet traction, winter performance
1010Tires4.5 starsDry performance, handling, valueLimited reviews

Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2

Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2

The Lionclaw ATX2 is a good choice for light trucks and similar vehicles. It has strong construction and enough capacity for its price. One improvement is its better performance on wet roads compared to regular car tires. This makes driving light trucks safer, especially in bad weather.

SimpleTire7.5Users praised the tire’s good performance in dry, wet, and winter conditions, as well as its durability. However, some users noted that the tire can be noisy on certain road surfaces.
1010Tires.com5.0 (1 review)This single review gave the tire a perfect score, praising its performance in all weather conditions, handling, comfort, and noise levels. However, it’s important to note that this is just one review and may not be representative of the overall user experience.
YouTube ReviewsVariedSeveral YouTube reviewers have uploaded videos about the Lionclaw ATX2, with varying opinions. Some reviewers praised the tire’s off-road capabilities and value for money, while others noted that it can be noisy and not as refined as some competitors.

Lionhart Lionclaw HT

Lionhart Lionclaw HT

Lionclaw HT performs well on unstable surfaces. I tested the tires on a hot highway. The results show that the tires remain stable.

I am frustrated by the delay in controller performance. As an experienced driver, I don’t think this weakness has a big impact. But for new drivers, it can be a problem.

Although the tires don’t perform well in wet conditions, they still maintain stability. They are not affected by water. You can drive safely, but it may be challenging.

Amazon4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 62% of reviews)Users praise the tire’s quietness, handling, and all-season performance. Some reviewers mention concerns about treadwear, but overall, the sentiment is positive.
SimpleTire7.7 out of 10 scoreScores well in dry, wet, and winter traction, as well as comfort and noise. Users also report good handling and value for the price.
1010Tires.comNo reviews yetThis website has not yet collected any user reviews for the Lionclaw HT.

Are Lionhart Tires Good?

Lionhart tires are a good choice because they perform well and have a fair price. They work well on dry and wet roads, providing good grip and a nice look. People like their high-performance and off-road tires. They are not the best for heavy snow, though. Lionhart balances quality and cost, so they are a good option for those who want reliable tires without spending too much. To see how other tire brands compare, check out reviews of Primewell, Kumho, and Yokohama. Compare them to find the best value and the right tire for you.

Is Lionhart a Good Brand of Tires?

Lionhart is a tire brand that balances quality and affordability, appealing to many consumers. Lionhart tires perform well on dry and wet roads, providing good traction. They have eye-catching designs that add style to your vehicle. However, if you need tires for high-speed or snowy conditions, Lionhart tires may not be the best choice.

But if you want decent performance at a reasonable price, consider Lionhart. They offer options for different driving needs, such as high-performance and off-road tires, giving you versatility and value for money.


Where are Lionhart tires made?

Lionhart tires come from China. Although they mainly sell in North America, all Lionhart Tires come from China.

How long do Lionhart tires usually last?

Lionhart’s touring tires last around 50,000 miles, while performance tires stay stable for about 35,000 to 40,000 miles.

Do Lionhart tires come with a warranty?

Yes, Lionhart offers different warranty programs based on the tire type, like many other tire brands.

Can you stretch Lionhart tires?

No, I don’t recommend stretching with Lionhart tires as they may not be stable enough for that.

Final Words

Lionhart Tires lets you test tire samples before buying. The tires have strengths in dry performance and braking, but there are also weaknesses that need fixing to improve the driving experience. They could do better when carrying heavy loads on flat roads. Your thoughts on Lionhart tires are welcome in the comments. I hope this review helps you decide!

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