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Sumitomo Tires Review & Ratings: Are Sumitomo Tires Good in [2024]

If your current tires are struggling to perform well in dry, wet, and winter conditions, it’s time to consider Sumitomo tires.

Sumitomo tires have been delivering high-quality tires worldwide for decades. The company was established in 1909 after partnering with and acquiring Dunlop Japan.

Sumitomo has several brands under its umbrella, including Falken, Ohtsu, and Dunlop Tires (North America).

Sumitomo offers a variety of budget-friendly and technologically advanced tires, ideal for the enthusiast driver on a budget.

In 2022, Sumitomo Rubber Industries generated ¥1.1 trillion in revenue, reflecting a significant increase from previous years​​. For the third quarter of 2023, the company reported revenues of ¥289.5 billion, indicating continued financial growth​.

The industry constantly strives to improve efficiency, quality, and performance while addressing potential issues.

In this blog, we will provide a comprehensive Sumitomo Tires review to help you find the perfect tire for your needs.

Sumitomo Tires Overview

Sumitomo Tires is known for quality. It’s part of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese firm. This company makes various rubber products, including tires.

The brand offers seven tire models. These are split into two segments. First, there are the Tour Plus and Touring LS for touring. Then, the HTR line includes the Enhance WX2, Enhance LX2, A/S PO2, A/S PO3, and Z5 for high-performance.

Sumitomo focuses on technology to enhance each tire’s performance. All tires undergo strict tests to meet high standards before reaching customers.

Who Makes Sumitomo Tires?

Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited is a top global rubber manufacturer. It’s well-known in Asia for its quality products. While less famous than Michelin or Bridgestone in the West, Sumitomo is respected for its tires. They are efficient and affordable. The company also makes products other than tires. However, all its offerings are reliable and durable.

Where Are Sumitomo Tires Made?

Unlike many cheap Chinese tires, Sumitomo makes its tires in the US and Japan. This choice ensures high quality. The strict manufacturing in these countries boosts performance and reliability.

How Long Do Sumitomo Tires Last?

Sumitomo tires stand out for their durability. Most last 55,000 to 60,000 miles, surpassing many other brands. Our tests show some models even last 80,000 to 90,000 miles. This proves their high durability and reliability. So, they are ideal for those seeking long-lasting performance.

Most Popular Sumitomo Tires Review

Tire ModelDry RoadWet RoadSnowy Road
Sumitomo HTR Z5Suitable but noisyExcellent grip, Impressive tractionNot Suitable (Compound cracking)
Sumitomo HTR Z IIISmooth steering, Better tractionBetter tractionNot Suitable
Sumitomo Touring LS TGood handlingSuitableSuitable, but noisy
Sumitomo Encounter HTGood traction, High-speed stability, Smooth ridePrevents hydroplaningGood for low-level snow, Poor in severe snow
Sumitomo HTR A/S P02Precise handling, Good on cornersReduces hydroplaningImpressive performance, Uncomfortable on off-road terrains, Noisy at higher speeds

Sumitomo HTR Z5

Sumitomo HTR Z5

The Sumitomo HTR Z5 is an excellent tire for sports cars and performance sedans. During testing, the ride felt comfortable and smooth, without any jolts. However, it lacks the sharp handling precision compared to some competitors.

The HTR Z5 offers impressive traction in wet, dry, and cold conditions. Reinforcements like nylon and steel belts provide stability at conservative speeds. However, exposure to cold weather may cause compound cracking in the tire.

Things we LikeThings we Don’t Like
Stable at high speedsNo treadwear warranty
Cost-effectiveNot suitable for cold weather
Excellent grip
Impressive performance in wet conditions

Sumitomo HTR Z III

Sumitomo HTR Z III

This tire stands out for its remarkable value compared to competitors. Offering superb treadwear, it ensures stability at high speeds and handles corners adeptly.

In both dry and wet conditions, it delivers superior traction. The center rib, combined with paired tread blocks, facilitates smooth steering during driving.

Backed by an impressive 85,000-mile warranty, it’s a standout in the Sumitomo Z series, prompting our review.

Available in various sizes including 18, 19, and 20 inches.

Things we LikeThings we Don’t Like
Minimal noise production at high speedsLack of treadwear warranty
Affordable pricing
Outstanding traction in both wet and dry conditions

Sumitomo Touring LS T

Sumitomo Touring LS T

This tire excels in all seasons, including wet, dry, and snow. It’s meant for snow too. Its grooves clear water well, reducing hydroplaning risk.

It’s a bit noisier than some Sumitomo models but still within acceptable levels.

The “T” in its name indicates the speed rating. You can also get it with “H” or “V” ratings.

It’s great for touring vehicles, sedans, crossovers, and SUVs, with a 65,000-mile warranty.

Its carbon tread compound and detailed pattern make it ideal for all seasons.

Things we LikeThings we Don’t Like
Versatility in snow, wet, and dry conditionsProduces more noise
Affordable pricing
Good handling performance

Sumitomo Encounter HT

Sumitomo Encounter HT

The Encounter HT tire comes with a 65,000-mile warranty, ensuring long-term use. Its grooves disperse water, reducing hydroplaning.

Designed for SUVs and pickup trucks, the 5-rib pattern ensures stability and a smooth ride. Twin steel belts and bead apex support enhance durability.

The tire uses Sumitomo technology, offering good traction in dry conditions. Its edges and zigzag sipes also work well in light snow. However, they might struggle in heavy snow.

Things we LikeThings we Don’t Like
Exceptional wet and dry tractionLimited traction in snow
Long-lasting treadwear warranty
Enhanced stability and handling on highways

Sumitomo HTR A/S P02

Sumitomo HTR AS P02

Our top tire offers great handling and cornering.

It has center grooves and a rib design that reduce hydroplaning. The asymmetrical tread pattern and shoulder blocks boost stability and durability.

This tire works well in various conditions, including wet, dry, and winter. Yet, it’s not ideal for off-road driving.

It’s quiet at low speeds. But, we found it noisy at high speeds, which might bother some drivers.

Things we LikeThings we Don’t Like
Suitable for dry and wet conditionsSlightly higher price compared to other models
Low noise productionNoisy at higher speeds
Durable with a treadwear warranty

Why Choose Sumitomo Tires?

Usually, I overlook cheap tires. But, Sumitomo Tires are different. They offer unique, hard-to-find features. Here are a few reasons why they stand out:

All-round Comfort

Sumitomo focuses on making its tires quiet and smooth. This goal extends to their HTR tires, which offer a comfortable drive. While they may not match high-end models, Sumitomo’s efforts are praiseworthy. For touring tires, the company has added features to cut discomfort. This means a quiet, comfy ride, especially on long trips.


Durability is uncommon in cheap tires. However, some Sumitomo models last up to 90,000 miles. This is much better than most similarly priced options.

Stable Traction

Traction is key for tire performance, no matter the cost. Sumitomo boosts traction by using strong treads and thorough testing. Their tires generally provide better grip. Notably, the HTR A/S and A/S PO3 models stand out in wet and dry conditions.

Better Handling in Touring Tire Models

Most budget touring tires prioritize comfort over handling. However, Sumitomo Tires stand out. They enhance handling, which boosts control, stability, and safety.

Sumitomo Tires offer comfort, durability, traction, and handling. This makes them a top choice among budget-friendly options.

Tire Model Variety9/10

Are Sumitomo Tires Good?

Sumitomo tires are an excellent option for budget-conscious enthusiast drivers. The company produces all-season tires suitable for passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs. They also offer agricultural tires for tractors, providing efficient traction in the field.

Sumitomo tires are strengthened with advanced materials. These include polyimide and silica. They also contain black carbon. These materials boost performance and durability. Moreover, the tires become more fuel-efficient and offer better grip.

Pros and Cons of Sumitomo Tires

Budget-friendlyLimited selection with only one winter tire available
Durable constructionPerformance diminishes in low temperatures
Stable performance at high speeds
Excellent handling
Incorporates advanced technology


Q1: How much do Sumitomo tires cost?

Sumitomo tires are typically priced moderately, ranging from approximately $100 to $165 per tire. This cost range encompasses various models available within the Sumitomo Tires lineup.

Q2: Are Sumitomo Tires quiet?

Sumitomo tires are generally known for their quiet performance. Most models are engineered to minimize noise, ensuring a quieter driving experience. However, certain exceptions, particularly among off-road tire models, may produce more noise due to specialized tread designs and usage conditions.

Q3: Does Goodyear own Sumitomo?

The association agreement between Sumitomo and Goodyear has ceased. While Sumitomo still holds a significant number of shares in Goodyear, there is no direct operational partnership or ownership between the two companies.

Q4: Are Falken and Sumitomo the same?

Sumitomo is not only a tire manufacturer but also a supplier and sponsor for various tire brands. Among these, Dunlop and Falken are prominent examples. However, while they may share certain resources or affiliations, they are distinct brands in the market.

Q5: Does Michelin make Sumitomo tires?

No, Sumitomo tires are produced by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd., the central entity responsible for manufacturing Sumitomo-branded tires.


This is my overview of Sumitomo Tires from driving them a lot. Got questions or comments? Feel free to share.

In short, Sumitomo tires are great value. They focus on improving handling and stability in every model.

However, there are some issues, like noise and cold-weather performance. Yet, they use advanced tech for safer, smoother, and greener driving.

Sumitomo is a solid choice for affordable, durable, and stable tires, ideal for diverse road conditions.

Thank you for reading!

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