Lexani Tires Review

Lexani Tires Review & Ratings: Are Lexani Tires Good in [2024]

Looking for top-tier Audi R8 tires at fair prices? Look no further

Lexani Tires, based in South Korea, makes quality tires for the USA. They suit both performance and budget needs.

I was excited to review Lexani’s 2017 tires. Lexani may not be famous for tires, but it’s known for luxury wheels and car accessories.

All Lexani tires are made in Irwindale, California. They suit various vehicles. You can find the right tire for your car, no matter the model.

I love Lexani’s tire tread design. It adds to your car’s look. Lexani makes your car look tough and purposeful. It’s affordable and matches brands like Bridgestone and Continental.

Nexen Tires of America in South Korea makes Lexani tires. South Korea is known for its excellent cars and tires, as our Nexen tires review shows.

Interested in learning more? Check out my full Lexani Tires review. It offers all you need to know about this impressive brand.

Lexani Tires Overview

Lexani Tires is famous in the car industry. It’s known for high-performance tires for luxury and sports cars. It’s a part of Nexen Tire Corporation, a South Korean manufacturer established in 1942. Lexani Tires blends advanced technology with stylish design. This appeals to drivers who want both performance and looks.

Who Makes Lexani Tires?

Lexani is a tire brand owned by Nexen Tires of America. It’s South Korean and supplies tires to the USA, Russia, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

How Have We Tested Lexani Tires?

Our top priority is to offer readers honest Lexani tire reviews. Our 20-member team tests these tires year-round in various conditions. We then base our reviews on these tests. Over the past 7 years, we’ve tested hundreds of tires.

Lexani Tires Review

Lexani LXM-101

Lexani LXM-101

The Lexani LXM-101 tire is ideal for small cars with 13 to 15-inch wheels. It promises comfort, fuel efficiency, and good grip on wet and dry roads.

It features five tread blocks and four grooves. This design reduces noise, offers a smooth ride, and improves traction.

I tested these tires on a 2014 Ford Focus. They performed well in the city and on the highway, providing a comfortable ride. Their good dry traction and sharp steering were noticeable.

However, the Focus owner noted a problem. The tires are sensitive to potholes and large bumps. Their soft sidewalls, meant for shock absorption, can’t handle hard impacts. This can damage the wheels.

So, your driving style matters. Be careful, and avoid big potholes, no matter the tire brand. Despite this issue, the Lexani LXM-101 offers solid performance at a reasonable price.

Lexani LXHP-102

Lexani LXHP-102

The Lexani LXHP-102 is a sporty tire for all-season driving. It offers good traction and handling in wet and dry conditions.

It has special shoulder blocks for better control on city streets and highways. The tire uses an advanced tread compound. This reduces wear and maintains grip and comfort.

I tested it on a 2016 Hyundai Elantra with 16-inch wheels, a car I know well.

At low speeds, the tire was quiet and comfortable. It got a bit noisier at higher speeds, but this didn’t affect the driving much.

Traction was good in wet and dry conditions. Braking was also strong. After two months, the Elantra’s owner saw no unusual wear patterns.

Lexani LXUHP-107

Lexani LXUHP-107

The Lexani LXUHP-107 is a budget-friendly option for sports coupes and sedans. It boosts grip on dry roads and prevents hydroplaning with its groove design. Its compound reduces wear, and its polyamide and polyester casing ensures durability.

I drove a 2015 Cadillac CTS with 18-inch wheels and Lexani LXUHP-107 tires. The CTS is impressive, offering comfort, speed, and great handling. The tires were quiet in the city but slightly noisier on highways. Their low sidewalls didn’t affect comfort, which was a pleasant surprise. They provided strong grip on dry roads and performed well in the rain, especially for the price.

Overall, the Lexani LXUHP-107 delivers good comfort, value, and performance. It’s a new option from Lexani, standing out for its quality at an affordable price.

Lexani LX-Seven

Lexani LX-Seven

The Lexani LX-Seven fits 17 to 22-inch wheels. It targets sports cars, coupes, and high-performance sedans. Surprisingly, it costs just $70 per tire. This is a great deal, given the usual high price of large tires.

I was eager to test an upgrade on a 2008 Pontiac Solstice. The car looked more aggressive with its new 18-inch wheels.

The Lexani LX-Seven impressed me. It was quiet and comfortable even at high speeds. It gripped well in the dry and wet. The owner praised its winter performance. He had no issues in light snow. This shows the tire’s versatility.

Lexani LX-Nine

Lexani LX-Nine

The Lexani LX-Nine suits high-performance sedans and SUVs. It caters to those with large wheels. The tire sizes range from 20 to 26 inches. Its design offers good grip on dry and wet roads. The shoulders boost handling and stability, even at high speeds. The grooves quickly drain water, enhancing wet road performance.

I tested the Lexani LX-Nine on a 2017 Mazda 6 with 20-inch aftermarket wheels. This car is a favorite, blending sporty driving with comfort. The tires were surprisingly comfortable. They remained quiet, even on bumpy city streets.

I couldn’t test the tires in the rain, but their grip on dry surfaces was excellent. They also enhanced the car’s upscale look.

The owner reported minimal tread wear after six months. However, this was only a minor issue, given the tires’ affordable price.

Lexani LXHT-106

Lexani LXHT-106

The Lexani LXHT-106 suits light trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. It comes in many sizes and fits various vehicles.

This tire is for highways but can handle light off-road use. It features a closed shoulder design for even wear and a quiet ride. Plus, its grooves quickly disperse water for better wet surface grip.

I didn’t test this tire myself. Yet, my tire dealer tells me it’s popular for comfort and a quiet ride. However, some customers note fast tread wear.

Lexani Mud Beast M/T

Lexani Mud Beast MT

The tire dealer showed me the Lexani Mud Beast M/T, stunning me. Sadly, I couldn’t try it on a vehicle. Still, this off-road tire looks powerful.

It features strong sidewalls and advanced tread protection. These ensure top performance and durability off-road. It handles deep snow, mud, river crossings, and loose gravel with ease. With a lift kit and tough off-road wheels, it stands out on any vehicle.

Lexani LX-Thirty

Lexani LX-Thirty

The Lexani LX-Thirty is the top-selling tire from Lexani. It is known for its stylish look. It targets crossover, luxury, and SUV markets. The tire is all-season and high-performance, fitting cars and SUVs from 18 to 32 inches.

Now, let’s talk about its performance.

Dry Road Performance:

Tested on a Cadillac Escalade, the LX-Thirty shines on dry roads. Its all-season tread and W-shaped pattern boost grip and stability. Also, the solid center rib and semi-solid blocks enhance control and responsiveness.

Wet Road Performance:

On wet roads, it offers strong traction and grip. This is due to its grooves, which reduce aquaplaning. However, it lags in emergency braking, needing more distance to stop.

Snow Performance:

Although M+S-rated, the LX-Thirty struggles in snow. As with many budget tires, it is best to use dedicated winter tires for snow.

Comfortable and quiet ridePoor winter performance
Excellent cornering stabilityShort tread life
Good value for money
Strong traction on dry roads
Reliable traction on wet roads

Lexani Slayer A/T Plus

Lexani Slayer AT Plus

The Slayer A/T Plus tire is great for both on and off-road driving, perfect for SUVs and trucks.

It’s slightly smaller and wider than stock tires, boosting its performance.

Released in 2018 in the USA and Canada, it comes in almost 10 sizes for different vehicles.

Dry Road Performance:

This tire handles both roads well. It was tested on a 2014 Ram 1500, improving its looks and working fine on asphalt and rough terrain.

Its tread, containing silica, provides good grip at regular speeds. However, its grip decreases at high speeds, especially on gravel and sand.

Wet Road Performance:

The Slayer A/T Plus is good on wet roads at regular speeds. Yet, it loses grip at high speeds. It’s not recommended for heavy rain.

Snow Performance:

On lightly snowy roads, it performs well. However, it faces challenges on packed snow. So, be cautious. Winter tires are best for heavy snow.

Balanced ride at high and normal speedsLack of treadwear warranty
Suitable for uneven and hard-packed roadsChallenges in extreme rainy conditions
Affordable optionStruggles in extreme winter conditions

Lexani LXTR-203

Lexani LXTR-203

Lexani claims the LXTR-203 is the top all-season high-performance tire. However, we’ve found it to be among the best touring tires. It stands out for its responsiveness, comfort, low noise, and all-season performance.

These tires are for passenger cars. Now, we’ll look at their performance in different conditions.

Dry Road Performance:

We tested the LXTR-203 on a 2010 Honda Fit Sport, driving nearly 10,000 miles. We gave it a 4.8 out of 5 for dry road performance. It excels in dry conditions, offering great grip. This makes it ideal for highways. It’s stable at high speeds and brakes well. Sometimes, you might hear tire knocking at extreme speeds, but it’s rare.

Wet Road Performance:

In the rain, the LXTR-203 is as reliable as on dry roads. It avoids hydroplaning and maintains grip. Braking on wet roads isn’t as strong but is still solid.

Snow Performance:

The LXTR-203 struggles in snow and on icy roads. It handles light snow but falters on thicker snow and ice. Slush poses similar problems, making it unsuitable for winter driving.

Good all-round performancePotential noise at high speeds
Excellent traction and gripLimited treadwear life
Smooth ride
Good value for money

Why Should You Trust Lexani Tires?

High-Quality Performance at Affordable Prices

Lexani tires seem costly at first. However, my friend, owning a 2015 Audi RS5 with 21-inch wheels, was in for a surprise. Tire replacements from top brands cost $350 to $450 each, totaling $1500 to $2000 for all four, including mounting.

But, he found Lexani high-performance tires for just $175 each. These tires offered great traction, handling, stability, and wear. So, he’s planning to buy a set for his SUV.

Aesthetics and Performance Combined

Some argue that tread design is less important than grip. However, appearance matters. Lexani tires offer impressive designs at low prices. If you like enhancing your vehicle’s look, consider Lexani for your next tires.

Is Lexani a Good Tire Brand?

Lexani Tires stands out as an affordable, quality choice for drivers. Their tires suit various vehicles, from luxury cars to SUVs and trucks. They offer models for different driving conditions and preferences.

Their LX-Thirty tire, for example, is an all-season high-performance tire. It balances comfort, stability, and road grip. It works well in both dry and wet conditions, but not in snow.

Lexani aims to offer advanced features at competitive prices. However, feedback has raised concerns about tread life and noise at high speeds.

Still, Lexani’s tires, with their durability and warranties, are a smart choice for budget-conscious drivers.

Overall, Lexani tires offer good performance, look great, and are cost-effective. This makes them appealing to many drivers.


Lexani is a brand that offers quality, affordable tires. It’s ideal for upgrading your luxury car with low-profile tires.

You can find Lexani tires in the USA, Canada, Russia, and the UK. This makes it easy to get post-purchase support.

This review helps you make an informed choice about Lexani Tires.

It showcases Lexani’s varied, stylish, and affordable tire range. If you value performance, style, and affordability, Lexani is worth considering.

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