Pirelli Tires Review

Pirelli Tires Review & Ratings: Are Pirelli Tires Good?

Pirelli tires are premium, offering top quality and performance. They often use race track technologies, making them ideal for high-end and luxury vehicles. The P Zero, for example, is a standout, rated 4.6 stars on Tyre Seeker from 812 reviews.

Spending more on tires enhances driving. While budget and mid-range tires work, premium tires truly elevate the experience.

Tyrehexa review series focuses on Pirelli, a leading tire company founded in 1872. It’s famous in motorsport and has received awards, such as Jaguar Land Rover’s Supplier of Excellence and Tyre Manufacturer of the Year. Pirelli operates in over 160 countries, known for its innovation and design. It adds style to its tire production.

This review blends feedback from drivers and experts to assess Pirelli tires thoroughly. It covers their performance, reliability, and worth.

Pirelli Tires Review

About Pirelli

Founded in 1872, Pirelli is a top Italian tire maker. It’s known for high-performance tires. These tires go on luxury cars, such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. Since 2010, it’s been the only tire supplier for Formula 1.

Pirelli is based in Milan, Italy, with a big operation in Rome, Georgia. It’s the world’s seventh-largest tire maker. The company makes tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and bikes. However, it truly shines in sports cars. Pirelli tires are famous for their great speed, handling, and grip in any weather.

Pirelli is also big on sustainability. It uses plant-based and synthetic materials in its tires. While not ideal for regular cars, Pirelli tires are perfect for those who want top-notch performance and handling.

Who makes Pirelli tires?

Pirelli tires are manufactured by Pirelli & C. S.p.A., an Italian multinational company headquartered in Milan, Italy. Pirelli is one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, producing a wide range of tires for various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and motorsports.

Pirelli Tires Industry Ratings

Pirelli and other tire makers follow the UTQG system. This was set by the NHTSA to rate most tires. It covers treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance. However, it excludes specialized types.

Treadwear: This metric shows how long a tire lasts. It compares to a control tire rated at 100. For example, a tire with a rating of 500 lasts five times longer than the control. Most passenger tires have ratings between 300 and 500. This data is from [SaferCar.gov](http://SaferCar.gov).

Traction: Traction grading rates tire grip on wet roads. It uses a scale of AA, A, B, or C. Passenger tires usually get an A rating, showing good day-to-day performance.

Temperature: This grade shows a tire’s heat resistance, rated as A, B, or C. Tires, like performance and all-season types, need different ratings. This is based on their uses. For instance, performance tires, meant for high speeds, need higher ratings.

The NHTSA does not directly control UTQG tests. Instead, tire manufacturers or their hired experts do the testing and reporting.

Pirelli Tires UTQG Scores

Pirelli Tire ModelTreadwear RatingTraction RatingTemperature Rating
Pirelli Cinturato P7400AA
Pirelli P Zero350AAA
Pirelli Scorpion Zero450AA
Pirelli Scorpion ATR500AB
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II400AA
Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3300AB
Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus400AB

Pirelli Tire Review

  1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 – Ideal for Passenger Cars
Pirelli Cinturato P7

The Pirelli Cinturato P7, or P7C2, is Pirelli’s bestseller for North American drivers. It offers excellent traction in all conditions and a long treadlife warranty, making it a top choice. Additionally, it’s quiet, improves fuel efficiency, and is affordably priced.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Cinturato P7
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”
  1. Pirelli P Zero – The Ultimate Performance Tire
Pirelli P Zero

The Pirelli P Zero is famous for its high-performance tires. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern that grips well in wet and dry conditions. Additionally, it excels in braking and avoids hydroplaning. This makes it a top choice for performance enthusiasts.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: P Zero
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”, 22”
  1. Pirelli Scorpion Zero – Optimal for SUVs
Pirelli Scorpion Zero

The Pirelli Scorpion Zero performs well in wet and dry conditions. It also offers good traction in winter. It is praised for its comfort on roads and off-road capabilities. However, some are worried about its treadlife warranty.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Scorpion Zero
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”
  1. Pirelli Scorpion ATR – Superior Choice for Trucks
Pirelli Scorpion ATR

The Pirelli Scorpion ATR balances off-road and on-road abilities. It uses a quiet silica tread. Plus, its traction blocks spread water effectively. This design ensures dependable performance in different conditions.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Scorpion ATR
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 15”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”
  1. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II – Versatile All-Season Tire
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is unique. It comes with a 65,000-mile warranty. Also, it offers good traction in various conditions. It’s designed specifically for North America. The tire provides better wet braking and handling. However, it’s a bit more expensive.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 22”
  1. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 – Premier Winter Tire
Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

The Winter Sottozero 3 excels in cold, wet, and snowy conditions. It offers excellent traction and thermal resistance. Additionally, it is rated for severe snow service. This means confident driving even in the harshest winter conditions.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Winter Sottozero 3
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, 20”, 21”
  1. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus – Top Off-Road Tire
Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

The Scorpion All Terrain Plus replaces the Scorpion ATR. It features a new symmetrical tread and deep grooves, ideal for off-road use. Also, it resists hydroplaning and efficiently removes water, ensuring reliable performance on and off roads.


  • Brand: Pirelli
  • Model: Scorpion All Terrain Plus
  • Weight: Varies
  • Available Sizes: 16”, 17”, 18”, 20”

What Pirelli Tyres Are Available?

Tire TypeTire ModelDescriptionRating
Summer Tires
P Zero PZ4High-performance sports tire for cars and SUVs.4.6
P Zero CorsaUltra-high performance from road to track.4.7
P ZeroSporty performance for all vehicle types.4.5
PowergyTouring tire for cars and SUVs.4.3
Cinturato P1Touring tire ideal for urban driving.4.2
Cinturato P1 VerdeUrban tire designed for comfort and improved mileage.4.4
Cinturato P7Safe touring tire with superb performance across the board.4.6
Cinturato P7 C2Outstanding safety and efficiency in a touring tire.4.5
Cinturato P7 BlueLong-lasting touring tire with short braking distances.4.4
PowergySmart and safe touring tire using innovative materials for better performance.4.3
ScorpionTouring tire for SUVs and crossovers.4.2
Scorpion VerdeDesigned for SUVs and crossovers with excellent grip and short wet braking distances.4.5
P Zero NeroMax performance summer tire with high resistance to aquaplaning.4.6
Cinturato P1 VerdeUrban tire with increased mileage and comfort.4.3
P Zero Rosso AsimmetricoUltra-high performance tire for modern sports cars.4.7
P Zero Rosso DirezionaleComfortable and quiet tire designed for ultra-high performance.4.4
P Zero PZ4 ElectUltra-high performance tire for electric vehicles.4.6
PZERO 4GPremium tire featuring competitive motorsport technologies.4.8
P Zero PZ4 SportDynamic, sporty tire.4.5
P Zero Corsa DirezionaleUltra-high performance road tire.4.7
P Zero Corsa Asimmetrico 2Designed for outstanding performance.4.6
All Season Tires
Scorpion All Season SF2Year-round tire for SUVs.4.4
Scorpion Verde All SeasonIdeal for high-mileage and light off-road use by SUVs.4.5
Scorpion All Terrain PlusReliable off-road performance regardless of weather conditions.4.3
Scorpion ATRCapable tire for any terrain.4.2
Scorpion Verde All Season SFDesigned for use by SUVs and crossovers.4.4
Scorpion Zero All SeasonHigh-performance SUV tire used as OE by several major car manufacturers.4.6
Scorpion Zero AsimmetricoSporty performance on and off road.4.5
Cinturato All Season SF2Touring tire delivering year-round safety.4.3
Cinturato All SeasonUrban tire ideal for shorter journeys.4.2
Cinturato All Season PlusTouring tire with excellent year-round performance.4.4
Cinturato P7 All SeasonTouring tire designed for comfort.4.5
P Zero All SeasonHighly capable, well-rounded tire.4.4
Winter Tires
P Zero WinterUltra-high performance tire with a sporty look.4.7
Scorpion Winter 2High-performance touring tire with impressive safety and comfort.4.5
Scorpion WinterTire designed for SUVs, ensuring control even in snowy conditions.4.6
Cinturato Winter 2High-mileage touring tire.4.3
Cinturato WinterCapable and safe touring tire.4.2
Winter SottoZero 3Designed for high-end, premium vehicles.4.8
Winter Sottozero Serie iiSuperb traction for sports and high-end vehicles.4.7
Tire Model for Vans
Carrier WinterOffers excellent traction and fuel efficiency during the harsh winter months.4.5
Carrier All SeasonYear-round performance for driving on urban roads.4.4
CarrierAn urban tire designed for safety.4.3

Why Choose Tyres from Pirelli?

Pirelli stands out for its top-notch tires, which blend racing technology with everyday use. This approach boosts tire performance.

In 2022, Pirelli upgraded its Formula 1 tires to 18 inches. This change, after extensive testing, brings the size closer to regular tires. It also allows Formula 1 tech to enhance its road tires.

Pirelli is a major player in over 350 car and motorcycle championships. Since 2011, it has been the exclusive Formula 1 tire partner, a role extended to 2024. In 2021, it became the World Rally Championship’s sole tire supplier and supplies tires for the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship.

Pirelli’s commitment to research and an open innovation model drives its success. It invests over 5% of its revenue into R&D. Notable products include the Pirelli Cyber Tyre, which improves safety and performance with internal sensors.

Pirelli has earned industry recognition. It was named Tire Manufacturer of the Year in 2018 and received a Gold rating in the Sustainability Yearbook 2022.

Pirelli also partners with top car brands like Audi, Land Rover, and Porsche. This cements its status as a leader in speed and performance.

Are Pirelli Tyres Any Good?

Pirelli’s tires use racing technology for top performance on roads and tracks. They excel on dry roads but struggle in wet or winter conditions. Ideal for drivers who value speed and precision.

The Scorpion Zero is a top choice. It’s made for SUVs, offering precise handling and 4.7 stars from 61 reviews on Tyre Seeker. However, its wet braking isn’t the best.

For winter tires or good wet performance, Uniroyal is a solid mid-range option. Pirelli also offers versatile summer and all-season tires. Examples include the P Zero Corsa for road and track and the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico for sporty on and off-road driving. This variety suits drivers who tackle tough terrain or enjoy weekend laps.

Pirelli’s main downside is its high price. While Goodyear might be cheaper, it lacks Pirelli’s innovations.

Pirelli also offers a Tyrelife warranty. It covers accidental damage for a year on purchases of two or more 18-inch tires, if registered within four weeks.

In short, Pirelli tires suit high-performance and luxury vehicles. Despite the cost, their innovations promise a great driving experience.


Are Pirelli tires considered good quality?

Pirelli is a well-respected tire brand worldwide. Many top automakers choose Pirelli for their best models. This proves the tires’ quality and performance.

What is the typical lifespan of Pirelli tires?

Some Pirelli tire models offer treadlife warranties up to nearly 70,000 miles. However, not all Pirelli tires come with these guarantees. This is often the case with high-performance and winter tires.

What tire sizes does Pirelli offer?

Pirelli provides tires from 14 to 22 inches in diameter. They cover a wide range of widths and sidewall sizes. This lets them fit various vehicles and preferences.

Which tire brands are comparable to Pirelli?

Pirelli competes with other top-tier tire brands. These include Michelin, Goodyear, and BFGoodrich. They compete in terms of quality, performance, and reputation.

Where can I purchase Pirelli tires online?

You can easily find Pirelli tires online. Many retailers offer them at low prices. Large sites, like SimpleTire and Tire Rack, often give big discounts. For more options and deals, check out our guide on the Best Places to Buy Tires Online.


Pirelli is a great choice for performance tires, especially if you’re ready to spend a bit more. Customers love its dry handling and low noise. Also, Pirelli offers models for eco-conscious drivers.

However, Pirelli’s tires are costly, often over $100 each. Cheaper brands might not match Pirelli’s quality. Yet, there are many alternatives for average drivers at a lower price.

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