Westlake Tires Review

Westlake Tires Review & Rating: Are They Any Good? 

The tire industry has changed a lot over the years. In the early days of cars, there were only a few tire brands since there weren’t many cars on the roads. But now, with more cars than ever, there are many more tire brands to choose from.

Today, you have a wide range of options when it comes to tires. Some brands are known for their top performance and safety, while others may not be as good in quality and safety.

Tires are usually divided into three categories based on cost: low-cost, mid-range, and premium. The cheaper options tend to be less durable and safe.

In a previous article, I talked about some of the not-so-great tire brands, like Westlake Tires. While Westlake is known for producing lower-quality tires, some people still like certain things about them.

Avoid cheap tires for safety, but review all aspects carefully. Westlake Tires offers different models, with both good and not-so-good features.

Westlake Tires Overview

Westlake Tires is a Chinese company, unlike Michelin or Pirelli. It’s a subsidiary of Zhongce Rubber Company, producing affordable tires for safe driving. Westlake aims to provide affordable options, but not on par with premium brands in performance. Zhongce Rubber Company stands out for research and testing, unlike budget-focused competitors. However, Westlake tires may not match higher-end alternatives in quality and performance due to their lower price. Zhongce has established itself as a top 10 global tire manufacturer, leveraging its diverse brand portfolio. Founded in 1995, Westlake initially targeted China’s local market. Later, it entered the US market through retailers, offering budget-friendly tires. Westlake’s website prioritizes safety but may not match premium tire safety. Westlake Tires offer affordability and adequate safety for normal conditions. They focus on safety but may not deliver performance or safety like higher-priced competitors.

Westlake Tires are easily accessible and affordable for budget-conscious consumers. I tested dozens of Westlake tire models to provide a comprehensive review. Here are my findings across various performance metrics.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the standout features of Westlake tires is their fuel efficiency. Upon closer examination, I found that the average rolling resistance of these tires is relatively low. This characteristic significantly enhances fuel economy, making Westlake tires a cost-effective option for drivers looking to save on gas. However, this low rolling resistance also raises concerns about grip and traction. Overall, I am satisfied with their fuel economy, and I find the trade-off in performance to be acceptable given the savings.


Westlake tires consistently provide good handling, which is impressive for a budget tire. Westlake tires have crossbars and sturdy shoulder blocks. They make the tires stable and responsive. This allows better control in many driving conditions. They also make driving more confident, even if the tires are not top performers.


Westlake offers a diverse range of tire models, although they tend to focus on specific lines. Westlake products deliver all-weather performance, strong in touring tires. They focus on light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, with fewer options for others. This specialization helps maintain consistent quality across their products.


Durability is a key characteristic of Westlake tires. The absence of certain features found in more expensive tires is a deliberate choice to enhance longevity. As a result, Westlake tires tend to be more durable than many other budget options. However, this increased durability often comes at the expense of performance and grip, which are somewhat compromised.


Westlake tires offer commendable construction quality at an affordable price. They balance cost and benefit by using reasonably performing materials. The tires’ straightforward design and layout make them practical and easy to use.

Who Makes Westlake Tires?

Westlake differs from renowned tire brands, originating from China. It’s a subsidiary of Zhongce Rubber Company, a prominent Chinese manufacturer of low-cost yet high-performance tires. Zhongce is known for delivering quality at an affordable price, which Westlake tires also reflect. The brand name Westlake is synonymous with Zhongce, indicating dependable and cost-effective tire solutions. Westlake Tires has a longer history than many think, starting in 1995. Since then, Westlake has introduced various budget-friendly tires, maintaining its commitment to affordability and performance.

Where Are Westlake Tires Made?

Westlake tires are widely available in the US and Canada, but none of their factories are there. Their parent company, Zhongce Rubber, operates mainly in China. Zhongce manufactures all its products, including Westlake, in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China.

Why Choose Westlake Tires?

There is much debate surrounding the reliability of budget-friendly products like Westlake tires. Critics often argue that low-priced tires are not trustworthy. However, my extensive testing has revealed several compelling reasons to consider Westlake tires. Here’s why they might be the right choice for you:

Why Choose Westlake Tires?

1. Affordability

One of the most significant advantages of Westlake tires is their low price. You can purchase twice as many Westlake tires for the same amount you would spend on some premium brands. With price differences ranging from 40-50%, these tires offer substantial savings. For budget-conscious consumers, Westlake provides an economical option without breaking the bank. Additionally, you can often find even better deals during major sales events throughout the year.

2. Adequate Safety

Westlake tires are built with quality for safe driving despite misconceptions. They don’t match premium tire performance but some outperform pricier options. Their diverse designs ensure stable performance for many driving conditions. Extra caution is advised but they’re suitable for less challenging terrains.

3. Comfortable Ride

Westlake tires also excel in providing a smooth and quiet ride. The manufacturer has made significant improvements to reduce noise and enhance comfort. TheseVersatile designs reduce tire noise and harsh responses, making long drives pleasant. They prioritize comfort over grip and braking performance, providing a notable advantage.

Most Popular Westlake Tires

I’ve tested these Westlake tires and written reviews to help you decide.

Westlake SA07 Sport

Westlake SA07 Sport

The Westlake SA07 Sport is an affordable all-season tire from the Westlake Tires brand. Designed to perform well year-round, this tire handles various conditions without significant difficulty.

One of the standout features of the SA07 Sport is its durability. When compared to other budget-friendly options, it holds up remarkably well. My tests confirmed that its overall longevity is impressive for a tire in its price range.

However, the tire’s spikes are a weak point. They tend to wear out quickly, which can affect stability over time. Regular checks are necessary to ensure safe and consistent performance.

Despite this, the SA07 Sport delivers good quality for its cost. The Westlake SA07 Sport’s construction and features are commendable. Its smooth operation reinforces its performance. Economical all-season tire seekers should consider it definitely.

Westlake RP18

Westlake RP18

The Westlake RP18 is a reliable touring tire ideal for long trips. It’s more durable than most Westlake models due to structural improvements resistant to environmental factors. This leads to improved safety during vehicle operation. The RP18 excels in water resistance, preventing hydroplaning and keeping friction stable in rainy weather. Its reliable performance in wet conditions makes it a dependable choice.

Westlake SU318 H/T

Westlake SU318 HT

The Westlake SU318 H/T is a notable product known for its durability. Few tires in its class can match the SU318 H/T’s endurance, and it even surpasses some mid-range models on the market.

The SU318 H/T has impressive performance. In addition, it offers a comfy ride on dry roads. It gives a stable experience for long trips. It performs reliably under most typical daily weather conditions.

However, its grip and steering response significantly diminish on wet, muddy surfaces. This weakness has led to instances where I’ve gotten stuck in the swampy areas near my house.

Despite this drawback, the Westlake SU318 H/T is still a strong contender in its class. This is especially true for those who prioritize durability and comfort on dry roads.

Westlake Tires Pros and Cons

Positive SidesNegative Sides
Affordable pricing, one of the cheapest options on the marketSafety concerns due to traction issues
Decent durability for the priceLonger braking distances in dry, wet, and winter conditions
Comfortable ride and acceptable noise levelsLimited performance compared to mid-range and premium tires
Some models offer good comfort and noise reductionWinter tires perform more like all-season tires in harsh winter conditions
Longevity relative to their cost


Is Westlake a Chinese tire?

Yes, Westlake tires are indeed Chinese-made. The brand is owned by a Chinese company, and all Westlake products originate from factories located in China.

Are Goodride and Westlake the same?

Both Goodride and Westlake are brands from the same company, sharing product lines. They often have similar tire models with comparable features and characteristics.

Do Westlake tires have a warranty?

Westlake tires have a 6-year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship indicated on packaging. This policy is consistent with other low-cost tire manufacturers’ warranties.

How long do Westlake tires last?

Westlake tires typically last around 40,000 miles, studies suggest. After this, signs of wear appear, affecting performance and safety.

How much do Westlake tires cost?

Westlake Tires cost $60 to $200 per tire. The price depends on the size and model.


I do not endorse Westlake Tires as a reliable brand option. I found some positive aspects, but significant drawbacks concern me. Westlake Tires’ budget-friendly brand positioning involves compromises. You might find better alternatives at a similar price, especially with discounts. If you’re on a very tight budget with a less powerful car, Westlake tires could be suitable. Owners of such vehicles typically drive cautiously, so they may not notice downsides. However, drive cautiously, as Westlake tires may not offer the highest safety level. Overall, consider limitations before making a purchase decision.

Thank you for reading!

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