Laufenn Tires Review

Laufenn Tires Review & Rating: Are They Any Good?

If you know Hankook tires, you should also know about Laufenn. Laufenn is Hankook’s brand for affordable, global entry-level tires. It competes with top brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, and Goodyear. Laufenn launched in 2016 at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It aims to offer practical tires with good performance and style.

Unlike typical Chinese tires, Laufenn makes its tires in Hankook’s advanced plant in Bekasi, Indonesia. The name “Laufenn” comes from the German word “laufen,” meaning “run.”

In 2017, we reviewed Laufenn tires carefully. We tested each tire to see if they’re worth your attention.

Laufenn tires are easy to understand. The S FIT line is for high-performance summer tires. The G FIT suits all seasons. The X FIT is for SUVs and light trucks. The I FIT line is for winter and snow conditions.

Laufenn Tires Overview

Laufenn tires, a Hankook Tire brand, started in 2016. Their goal? Affordable, high-quality tires. They debuted at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. This move marked Hankook’s entry into the lower-priced tire market. Laufenn tires stand out. They’re made at Hankook’s top-notch facility in Bekasi, Indonesia. This ensures quality and meets Hankook’s standards.

The name “Laufenn” comes from the German word “laufen,” meaning “to run.” It highlights the brand’s focus on performance and agility. Laufenn tires target practical consumers. They don’t want to sacrifice performance or style. The lineup includes summer, all-season, SUV, light truck, and winter/snow tires. This strategy makes Laufenn a strong contender, offering reliable, affordable options.

Who makes Laufenn Tires?

Hankook Tire, a top global brand from South Korea, makes Laufenn tires. It created the Laufenn line in 2016 to offer quality entry-level tires. These tires come from Hankook’s advanced plants, like the one in Bekasi, Indonesia. There, they are built to meet the company’s high standards for performance, reliability, and affordability.

Laufenn Tires Review

Laufenn G FIT AS

Laufenn G FIT AS

The Laufenn G FIT AS tire is famous for its year-round use and works well on all roads. It suits coupes, sedans, minivans, and small crossovers. It handles wet, dry, and icy roads.

I recently tested the tire on a 2000 Honda CR-V SE during rain. It offered a smooth, quiet ride with excellent grip. Even as the roads dried, its performance stayed consistent.

However, the CR-V owner noticed that the tires wore out faster than expected. This could be due to long cross-border and highway trips. Yet, the tire’s design is impressive. For example, it has half-block tie bars for better cornering and to prevent uneven wear.

The Laufenn G FIT AS focuses on comfort, not aggressive driving. It uses rib block sections for a quiet ride and folded belt edge tape to extend tread life. Its all-season compound is good for both wet and dry roads. Notches and sipes enhance traction and cornering on ice and snow.

The tire features wide high-tensile steel belts and jointless nylon covers. This boosts steering and handling. It comes in T, H, or V speed ratings with a UTQG rating of 500 A A, showing its balanced performance.

Laufenn S FIT AS

Laufenn S FIT AS

The Laufenn S FIT AS is an ultra-high performance all-season tire for sports cars, coupes, and high-performance vehicles.

It excels on wet and dry roads, reducing noise. Our tests showed it performed well, even at high speeds. We tested it on a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI with 17-inch wheels, noting less road noise and improved comfort.

The tire’s design and rubber compound ensure good traction, including on icy roads. While we didn’t test it in snow, we found it performed well in wet and dry conditions, as long as you drive smart.

This tire suits spirited driving over track racing. It features Laufenn’s Multi-Tread Radius Technology for longer use and to prevent hydroplaning. It also has extra cuts for better grip on ice and snow.

Steel belts and nylon covers ensure durability and stability, even at high speeds. A special bead wire enhances comfort.

It has a W speed rating and a 500 A A UTQG rating, showing its high performance and balance in various conditions.

Laufenn X FIT HT

Laufenn X FIT HT

The Laufenn X FIT HT is a tire made for SUVs and light trucks that often drive in cities and on highways. It’s also suitable for light off-road use.

I tested these tires on a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe. They stood out for reducing road noise, even on rough roads. They provided a smooth ride and good traction in wet and dry conditions. However, they lacked grip in 2 inches of snow, the Santa Fe’s owner noted.

The X FIT HT has a stiff center block for better handling and a shoulder block design for responsive steering at high speeds. It’s designed to reduce road noise and increase ride comfort.

Its special design enhances braking and handling on wet, dry, and icy roads. The edges of the shoulder blocks prevent stones and debris from getting stuck, reducing cuts and damage.

The tire’s all-season compound ensures long life and good braking. Plus, a reinforced tread and strong sidewall reduce damage, even with heavy loads.

It’s rated for T-speed performance and has a UTQG rating of 620 A B, showing its durability and balanced performance.

Laufenn X FIT AT

Laufenn X FIT AT

The Laufenn X Fit AT is great for SUVs and pickup trucks on rough roads. It’s tough and resists damage.

I drove a 2014 Toyota 4Runner with these tires. They were noisy on highways. The ride was decent, given their rugged tread. However, they excelled in mud, rain, and dry conditions.

These tires boost SUV performance on tough roads. They handle gravel and mud well. Their strong build inspires confidence on challenging terrains.

Their design keeps them safe. Stepped grooves toss out stones. 3D sidewalls protect from impacts and improve snow and mud grip.

Also, the grooves and block edges clear water efficiently. The wide tread boosts grip and stability.

In short, the Laufenn X Fit AT is perfect for off-road fans. It offers durability and traction on all terrains.

Laufenn I FIT Ice

Laufenn I FIT Ice

Winter tires can be expensive, but the Laufenn I Fit ICE is more affordable. It usually costs half or two-thirds less than top brands. Despite its lower price, don’t rule it out yet. My friends in Canada praised its winter performance.

This tire stands out for being studdable. It has a unique stud pin design, improving stability and grip on snowy roads. The tread design clears water and slush, ensuring good traction. Also, 3D claw-shaped edges boost grip.

Made for cold weather, it works well below freezing and on dry roads. It’s built with steel belts and a strong bead, enhancing wet grip and durability.

The tire fits sedans, coupes, crossovers, and minivans. Some users in the north noted traction issues on dry, cold roads, quick wear, and less grip at high speeds. Still, for its price, it delivers good winter performance.

Why Should You Choose Laufenn Tires?

Premium Quality: Laufenn is known for its top-quality tires at affordable prices. Unlike others, it maintains quality while keeping costs low. It ensures both durability and performance.

Warranty Coverage: Laufenn offers a strong warranty. It provides a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty over 5 years. This warranty covers materials and workmanship. It ensures peace of mind and long-term reliability.

Enhanced Handling: Designed for improved performance, Laufenn tires excel in handling and stability. Their advanced design enhances traction on both dry and wet surfaces, offering a smooth and stable driving experience.

Durability Features: Laufenn tires have an extra rubber layer for added durability. They can withstand impacts from debris and gravel. This makes them great for many driving conditions, including off-road adventures.

In short, Laufenn is a sub-brand of Hankook. It combines quality, affordability, and reliable performance. This makes Laufenn a smart choice for drivers. They want dependable tires for everyday use and occasional off-road trips.


This review highlights Laufenn tires as affordable. They cost less than top brands yet perform well. In our tests, they excelled in ride comfort and reducing road noise.

So, if you need to save on new tires for your car, truck, or SUV, check out Laufenn’s budget options.

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