Sailun Tires Review

Sailun Tires Review: Are Sailun Tires Good in 2024?

I prefer well-known tire brands because they are reliable. However, premium brands are expensive, which worries many people, including me.

On the other hand, cheaper tire makers are starting to use new technologies to make better models that are still affordable. Sailun tires are a good example of this.

I like Sailun tires because they are cost-effective and have great features. If you have doubts about the performance of Sailun tires from China, read my detailed review below.

Sailun Tires Overview

Sailun Tires

Sailun is a tire brand from China known for its low-cost options. It started in 2002 by making tire machinery. Later, Sailun began making tires for SUVs, trucks, and cars.

Sailun focuses on improving its manufacturing process to offer affordable tires. Their tires have good quality, with many having PTPA certification.

Sailun tires are popular despite some downsides because of their low price.

Sailun sells tires in over 50 countries, including Europe and North America.

Why Choose Sailun Tires?

As a budget-friendly Chinese brand, Sailun often faces skepticism regarding its reliability. However, despite not matching the performance of high-end counterparts, Sailun tires offer compelling reasons for consideration:

  1. Impressive performance for the price: Initially, I had modest expectations for Sailun Tires’ performance due to their affordability. Yet, these tires consistently meet everyday driving needs, with certain models excelling in various conditions, from all-weather driving to rugged terrain.
  2. Reasonable price: Sailun’s pricing strategy is its most significant advantage, positioning it as one of the most affordable options in the market. Particularly, its light truck and touring tire lines stand out for their exceptional pricing.
  3. PTPA Seal: Sailun tires boast the PTPA seal, validating their trustworthy quality. This seal is awarded after rigorous testing and evaluation by North American experts, providing reassurance to consumers about the reliability of Sailun tires.

Who Makes Sailun Tires?

Mesnac Co, the parent company, makes Sailun tires. The company has been making and selling car parts for years, like rims, engines, and electronics. They started selling tires with new technology 10 years ago.

Where Are Sailun Tires Made?

Mesnac Co. manages Sailun Tire Production, a company that has been making automotive products for a long time. Sailun specializes in tires and has adopted new technologies in the last ten years.

Sailun’s main factories are in Qingdao, Dongying, and Shenyang, China. They also have factories in nearby countries such as Vietnam.

Best Sailun Tires

Sailun offers many tire styles for different driving needs and preferences. They always perform well for their price.

Sailun Atrezzo SH406

Sailun Atrezzo SH406

This tire works well in all seasons. It has great grip on wet roads and stays stable when taking corners at high speeds. It is also known for being quiet and fuel-efficient.

SourceOverall RatingHandlingTractionLongevityNoise
SimpleTire8. Available
Amazon Customer Reviews“A little noisy”

Sailun Atrezzo SVA1

Sailun Atrezzo SVA1

This tire performs well on tough terrains such as rocks and slopes. It is known for being durable and has an impressive tread warranty of up to 40,000 miles.

CategorySimpleTire ScoreUser Reviews
Dry Traction4.7 stars– Handles well on dry roads
Wet Traction4.6 stars– Decent grip in wet conditions
Winter Traction4.1 stars– Not recommended for severe winter weather
Comfort4.6 stars– Smooth and quiet ride
Noise4.5 stars– Relatively quiet tire
Overall Rating8.1 stars– Great value for the price
Longevity8.7 stars– Users report good tread life
Handling8.1 stars– Responsive and predictable handling

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX

I put this tire on my sports SUV. It gives me good handling in wet and dry conditions for my daily driving. The ride is smooth and quiet, even at high speeds.

CategoryAverage RatingUser Comments
Overall4.1 out of 5 stars– Praised for good handling, traction, and quiet ride.
Long Lasting7.6 out of 10– Considered good, but not exceptional.
Handling8.3 out of 10– Many users report excellent handling and responsiveness.
Traction8.1 out of 10– Users find the tires perform well in both dry and wet conditions.
NoiseNot available– Limited information on noise levels, but some users mention a quiet ride.

Sailun Inspire

I like the advanced rubber compound of this tire model the most.

The Serta Grip tire compound performs well in wet and dry conditions, unlike the cheap product I imagined.

The Sailun Inspire has an impressive warranty distance of 70,000 miles, while other options in the same price range only offer up to 50,000 miles.

Sailun S637

Sailun S637

This tire is great for long road trips. It gives good grip in different conditions. The design is like high-quality commercial tires, so people like it a lot.

FeatureOverall ScoreTrailer Specific Score
Long Lasting8.1 (Great)N/A
Handling7.9 (Good)8.2 (Great)
Traction8.4 (Great)8.4 (Great)
Dry Traction4.94.9
Wet Traction4.84.8
Winter Traction4.5N/A

Sailun S740

Sailun S740

This model works with commercial trucks. The manufacturer says it works well on mud, snow, and ice. Don’t expect too much in deep mud and snow. The big tread blocks and open tread patterns help with traction. They work best in light snow and moderate terrain.

CategoryRating (out of 10)User Comments
Overall Score7.9Good
Long Lasting7.9Good
Traction8.1Great, especially for rough terrain and winter conditions

Sailun S753 EFT

Sailun S753 EFT

The midsize truck tire has a unique design with center and side slits, and an open shoulder design that sets it apart from others in its class. These features provide the traction and durability I want. The tire is also fuel-efficient based on test results.

Long Lasting8.4Great
Dry Performance4.8
Wet Performance4.8
Winter Performance4.6

Sailun Terramax A/T 4S

Sailun Terramax AT 4S

These tires provide great grip for trucks, making rides quiet and smooth. It’s a rare feature for affordable tires.

CategoryAverage Rating (Out of 5)Source
Dry Traction4.8SimpleTire
Wet Traction4.6SimpleTire
Winter Performance4.4SimpleTire
Overall Score7.5SimpleTire
Overall Rating3.61010Tires

Sailun Terramax HLT

Sailun Terramax HLT

The Terramax HLT comes with advanced technologies like anti-flat tires and temporary self-healing. These features make me curious about its off-road performance. During testing, the Terramax HLT performed well, allowing high-speed movement on rough terrain while ensuring safety.

CategoryRating (out of 10)SourceKey Points
Overall7.4SimpleTireGood value for the price, performs well in most conditions
Treadwear7.4SimpleTireExpected to last a long time
Handling8.2SimpleTireResponsive and predictable, good for highway driving
Traction7.8SimpleTireGood grip in dry, wet, and light snow conditions
NoiseN/AAutoGuideVery quiet on the road
ComfortN/AToday’s ParentStable and comfortable ride
Quality9/10Today’s ParentWell-made and durable
Innovation8/10Today’s ParentPerforms well in various weather conditions

Sailun S637 (Trailer)

Sailun S637

The design is impressive. It maintains traction on slippery terrains. This ensures a quiet and smooth journey.

Tire TypePassenger Car
Treadwear Rating400
Traction RatingA

Are Sailun Tires Good?

Our team recommends these tires if you need a top-tier brand on a budget. The tires have a PTPA seal, a first for any company. They are reliable, durable, and have special tread compounds for safety. Most models offer good traction on dry, wet, and snowy roads.

Tires like SH406 and Inspire perform well in all seasons. Sailun tires are gaining popularity in North America. They are comparable to other premium brands. These tires are great for SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and passenger vehicles.

Sailun Tires Pros and Cons

Affordable: Sailun tires are generally less expensive than many other major tire brands.Lower brand recognition: Sailun may not be as well-known as some other tire brands, so there may be less information available about their tires’ performance.
Decent performance: Sailun tires receive mixed reviews, with some users reporting good performance in terms of tread wear and handling, while others report experiencing issues such as shorter tread life and poorer handling in wet conditions.Limited warranty: Sailun tires typically come with shorter warranties compared to some other major brands.
Variety of options: Sailun offers a wide range of tires for different types of vehicles and driving conditions.May not be available in all sizes: It may be more difficult to find Sailun tires in all sizes compared to some other major brands.


Are Sailun tires quiet?

Sailun tires are relatively quiet. They may not offer the same ride comfort as premium models with noise-canceling technology. However, for SUV or light truck owners who mainly drive on highways, Sailun tires’ noise level is generally acceptable.

How much do Sailun tires cost?

Sailun tires are priced low, usually between $100 to $200 depending on size and type. Some models are priced 30% lower than average. Compared to Bridgestone or Michelin, Sailun tires are 2-3 times more affordable, saving money on annual replacement costs.

Are Sailun trailer tires good?

Sailun trailer tires may not offer top-tier performance, but they provide safe and reliable handling at a low cost, making them a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Which is better, Sailun or Westlake?

Both Sailun and Westlake are affordable Chinese tire brands focusing on safety and reliability over high performance. However, Sailun is often preferred over Westlake for these reasons:
1. Quality Assurance: Most Sailun tires have the PTPA seal, showing a commitment to quality and safety standards.
2. Ride Comfort: Sailun tires provide a comfortable driving experience and improve overall ride quality.
3. Impressive Warranty: Sailun offers a notable tread warranty, giving consumers added peace of mind.

Final Words

Choosing affordable Chinese tires like Sailun may seem overwhelming. But not all cheap options are disappointing. Sailun tires meet basic daily driving needs well.

In this review, I aim to help you understand this budget-friendly tire brand better to assist your decision-making.

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