Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Review & Ratings in 2024

I tested the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus on my 2012 Honda S2000. This car has the powerful F22C1 2.2-liter engine. The tire is meant for high performance in all seasons. It claims to offer top performance, comfort, and a quiet ride. Also, it should last long.

It seems hard to believe. Can it really combine summer tire performance with touring tire comfort? I wanted to check if it sacrifices all-weather performance. This review will reveal the truth.

The tire is average in price. For my 17-inch wheels, each tire cost $125, a good deal. It’s not the cheapest. But you’re getting a high-performance all-season tire.

Toyo Proxes 4 Plus


The Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tire has an asymmetrical tread design. It boosts performance in different conditions. The inside tread has wide grooves and more sipes. This setup improves grip on wet and snowy roads. It also enhances braking.

Its outside tread features wider ribs and a closed shoulder. This design prioritizes stability and enables confident cornering at high speeds.

The tire is made of a high-grip silica compound. This allows for strong braking and handling on wet and dry roads. Additionally, its special tread compound ensures a longer tread life. This enhances its durability over time.

The tread design might look simple. However, the focus is on function over looks. A more aggressive or sporty design could be appealing. Still, the Proxes 4 Plus stands out in performance and durability.

Test Drive

As a passionate enthusiast of Japanese sports cars, the Honda S2000 holds a special place in my heart. Renowned in street racing culture, it’s considered the epitome of Honda’s performance prowess. My test drive involved a stock S2000, save for an APC cold air intake kit, enhancing its already impressive capabilities.

Dry Traction: Despite unexpected rain, I tested the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus’ dry traction. I pushed the car hard and enjoyed its strong grip, even at high speeds and in tight corners. The tires held well, letting me confidently use the S2000’s power.

Wet Traction: The Proxes 4 Plus impressed on wet roads. It delivered strong performance and great grip, avoiding aquaplaning. Even with sudden steering changes, it held up well, showing its strength in bad weather.

Snow Traction: I didn’t test the tires in snow, but experts say the Proxes 4 Plus grips well on light snow. It’s an all-season tire, so it handles decently in mild winters.

Comfort: The S2000’s firm suspension made city driving tough. Yet, on the highway, the Toyo Proxes 4 Plus excelled. It balanced comfort and road feel well. Moreover, it smoothed out bumps without losing the car’s sporty feel.

Noise: Cruising on the highway, I appreciated the Proxes 4 Plus’ quiet demeanor. The S2000 is inherently sporty. But, tire noise was notably reduced compared to the old tires. This earned praise from both me and the car’s owner.

Treadwear: After about eight months and 6,000 miles, the Proxes 4 Plus tires showed expected wear. Yet, their low cost made this wear acceptable. Also, they come with a strong 45,000 to 50,000-mile warranty. This ensures lasting value and peace of mind for drivers.

The Toyo Proxes 4 Plus was a fitting companion for the spirited Honda S2000. It offered a mix of performance, comfort, and durability at a good price.

Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Specifications

Tire TypeUltra-High Performance All-Season
Tread DesignAsymmetrical
Tread CompoundHigh-Grip Silica Compound
Tread PatternWide Grooves with Sipes (Inside); Wider Ribs and Closed Shoulder Design (Outside)
Tread Life Warranty45,000 to 50,000 miles
Sizes AvailableVarious sizes for 17-inch to 20-inch wheels
Performance FeaturesExcellent dry and wet traction; Impressive braking performance; Long tread life
Comfort FeaturesSurprising levels of comfort; Quieter ride
All-Season CapabilitiesOffers acceptable traction in light snow
Noise LevelLow
WarrantyBacked by a solid warranty for peace of mind

Should I buy it?

If you own a powerful sports car that demands attention, the Proxes 4 Plus tire is a great choice. It offers excellent grip, perfect for speeding past rivals.

This tire uses advanced technology and materials. It can handle high speeds, torque, and extra horsepower. It excels in dry conditions and is very reliable in the rain. Plus, it lasts a long time, saving you money.

The Proxes 4 Plus is an ideal pick for high performance, without sacrificing comfort. It pairs well with the Pirelli P Zero and the budget-friendly Ohtsu FP0612 A/S tires.

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+Offers excellent dry and wet traction, responsive handling, and a comfortable ride.
Continental ExtremeContact DWSProvides strong performance in dry, wet, and snowy conditions, along with good tread life and a quiet ride.
Bridgestone Potenza RE980ASDelivers solid performance in various weather conditions, with responsive handling and good treadwear.
Pirelli P Zero All Season PlusOffers precise handling, excellent grip in dry and wet conditions, and a comfortable ride for high-performance cars.

Vehicle Toyo Proxes 4 Plus Will Fit

Vehicle Compatibility
Sports cars
Performance vehicles
Luxury vehicles
Some SUVs

The Verdict

If you want a top performance tire, avoid Toyo’s Proxes 4 Plus. Instead, consider tires designed for specific seasons. But, if you value convenience and durability, the Proxes 4 Plus is a great choice. They offer good grip and comfort, ensuring lasting value.

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