Top 8 Tires for the Chevrolet Equinox

Hi, I am ready to talk about tires for your Chevy Equinox. This SUV is a beast with various trim levels and 4WD. Picking the right tires might feel like a maze.

Don’t stop now! I’ve found the top 10 Chevy Equinox tires. They’re versatile and great for any driving situation you face.

Being an experienced driver, you understand the importance of tires. I’ve thoroughly tested each tire for performance, safety, and durability.

My reviews cover tire details: strengths, weaknesses, features, and customer feedback. Equinox LS, LT, Premier – all included in my top 10 list.

Top 8 Tires for the Chevrolet Equinox

Here are the top tire models for Chevy Equinox, categorized for you. Depending on your location and needs, you’ll find a suitable choice.

Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3

Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3

I always liked Pirelli for consistent quality tires. The Scorpion AS Plus 3 impresses me, too!

It’s a top choice for your Chevy Equinox. The steering is smooth and light, a big improvement.

The ride is quiet and smooth, a pleasant journey. It performs well in all conditions.

On dry roads, it offers good steering control. In wet conditions, it’s water-resistant with great traction.

Durability is a strong suit. I drove 6,000 miles on rough terrain.

The tire remains resilient against impacts. The warranty covers up to 70,000 miles.

I’m happy with its performance, except in heavy snow. It lacks grip on snow-covered roads.

EnduringLimited grip in heavy snow
Smooth and quiet ride
Good dry road steering
Light, responsive steering
Excellent slippery road handling

Continental CrossContact LX25

Continental CrossContact LX25

I suggest Equinox owners opt for all-season touring tires. A top choice is the Continental CrossContact LX25.

This tire excels in year-round handling. It grips well on all surfaces with its tread pattern and grooves.

On dry roads, it responds promptly and offers great traction. Braking is quick, ensuring safety.

In rainy conditions, it remains reliable. I felt confident cornering and accelerating.

In light snow, the tire performs well. It provides good traction and control.

However, it’s not a replacement for winter tires. Performance driving may not be its strength.

The ride quality is commendable. It’s smooth and quiet on good roads.

Handles light snowNot optimal for performance driving
Quick response on dry roads
Suitable for year-round use
Short braking distance in wet/dry conditions
Reliable in rainy conditions

Firestone Destination LE3

Firestone Destination LE3

I adored the Destination LE2 highway tire for all seasons. The Firestone Destination LE3 is its upgraded version.

It keeps the previous benefits: great dry grip and stability. The new model also brings improvements.

The steering feel of the Firestone tires is commendable. Snow handling is better than before.

Snow performance, acceleration grip, and cornering are impressive. No snow worries with these tires.

Flat road ride quality of LE3 is satisfying. Vibration absorption and noise reduction are notable.

On rough roads, weaknesses emerge. Not as refined as competitors in its class.

Excellent driving sensitivityPoor handling on rough roads
Provides positive feedback
Impressive dry grip
Capable of handling snow well
Good cornering performance

Goodyear Assurance Maxlife

Goodyear Assurance Maxlife

The better the tire grip, the quicker it wears out. However, Goodyear Assurance Maxlife defies this trend.

One of the longest-lasting tires in its class? I’ve driven 30,000 miles with Assurance MaxLife. No warranty needed yet; it’s new, worn evenly, and works well.

The manufacturer offers an 85,000-mile warranty for Assurance MaxLife. This warranty reflects the tire’s excellent longevity.

The Goodyear Assurance Maxlife is tough and great for all seasons.

The tire grips well on dry roads. In tricky corners at high speed, it’s safe.

In wet conditions, the tire isn’t hard to handle. It offers great traction and braking, comparable to top-tier choices.

I liked Assurance MaxLife’s light snow performance. It grips and brakes as expected. It ensures safety on rough terrains like heavy snow.

Goodyear Assurance Maxlife offers durability and good performance combined.

This durable tire has downsides: discomfort, low response, and noise.

EnduranceNeeds improvement in response and steering feel
Effective light snow handling
Impressive traction on dry roads
Short braking distances in wet conditions
Best mileage in its category

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate2

The Michelin CrossClimate2 tire balances dry road handling and winter grip.

On dry roads, CrossClimate2 impressed with excellent grip. Acceleration traction was impressive too. It tops competitors in stopping distance.

Tires good on dry roads struggle in snow, but CrossClimate 2 excels. It provides traction, quick stops, and reliable grip.

The all-weather tire’s snow performance is excellent. You might not need winter tires unless it’s very cold.

The wet handling of CrossClimate 2 impresses me a lot. It gives me flexibility on wet, slippery roads.

Even with lots of rain driving, CrossClimate 2 handles well.

Comfort and refinement shine. At first drive, it impresses with reduced vibration and noise. Even daily, street driving barely lets cabin noise through.

The Michelin CrossClimate2 has its advantages, but it’s not ideal. It lacks cornering performance compared to other models.

Comfortable and quietHandling in corners is not impressive
Impressive dry grip
Short braking distance
Excellent snow handling

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear’s contributions to Assurance WeatherReady are truly impressive.

The tire features a special soybean oil-based tread. It has an irregular pattern, expanding traction grooves, and four grooves.

The equipment excels on ice, snow, and dry runways. It grips well in various terrains.

The cornering isn’t as good as I expected. However, Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady performs well on dry roads.

I tested it on wet, slippery roads; the results pleased me. It’s waterproof, brakes well, and handles heavy rain easily.

In light snow, Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is reliable. It’s not perfect for winter, but it’s safe on snow. The tire prioritizes year-round handling over comfort and refinement.

With less cushioning, these tires aren’t as smooth as gravel ones. They’re also noisy, especially at high speeds.

Good grip on dry roadsTrip quality needs improvement
Impressive equipment
Excellent ice performance
Reliable handling on wet roads
Suitable for year-round use

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

Falken Wildpeak AT Trail

The Chevy Equinox is a small crossover but good for off-road driving. To fully enjoy its off-road power, consider Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail.

I tested this tire on rough, muddy, and steep roads. It provides good traction and grip on tough terrains.

The unique tread design self-cleans sand and mud. It excels off-road and lasts longer.

Not just for off-road, it’s great for on-road driving too.

It handles well on wet, slippery roads. No skidding issues.

This tire is 3PMSF certified for snow and ice.

Durability is its only downside, but overall, it’s worth it.

Winter-capable handlingLack of persistence
Performance on dry and wet roads
Strong traction and grip on rough terrain
Self-cleaning of sand and gravel
Balanced performance on and off-road

Toyo Open Country A/T III

Toyo Open Country AT III

During my first test drive, Toyo Open Country A/T III impressed me with its responsive road handling.

This all-terrain tire isn’t like a highway tire. The Toyo Open Country A/T III performs better on streets.

It suits my daily drive well, not too noisy. It moves smoothly on rough terrain. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with Open Country A/T III.

Tires excel on dry roads, handle rain well, grip snow.

In my tests, it excelled in short snow braking. Handling corners well, this tire is best on rough roads.

Its performance on hard-packing surfaces is impressive. With great traction and stability, I feel confident on dirt and gravel.

I tried this version on softer ground, like shallow mud. Surprisingly, the tough spikes prevented me from getting stuck.

Its drawback shows in deep mud; traction is inferior to better all-terrain tires.

Sharp street handlingNot ideal for deep mud
Capable of traversing shallow mud
Meets daily driving requirements
Good handling on hard-packed surfaces
Suitable for winter driving without being overly harsh

Vredestein Wintrac Pro

Vredestein Wintrac Pro

The tires I mentioned before can manage light snow. But, if you’re in a region with heavy snowfall, switch to winter tires.

Equip the Chevy Equinox with a special winter model like Vredestein Wintrac Pro.

This version differs from the options in the list. Wintrac Pro has stable compound for low temperatures. It includes shoulder guards for better snow handling. Also, a tread curve clears snow on the surface.

The equipment created a snow-ready model with excellent performance. Braking, grip, and traction are top-notch on winter roads.

Vredestein Wintrac Pro is great on wet roads. Its spike design enhances waterproofing. The grooves on the shoulder provide excellent responsiveness during daily drives.

Wintrac Pro, a reliable winter tire, conquered harsh terrains safely.

Before picking this tire for the Chevy Equinox, think about the cost. It’s pricier than the usual options available.

Good responseNot the most budget-friendly option
Short braking distance
Good snow handling
Flexible tire compound

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Unpredictably harsh winter roads are dangerous. But with Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2, I travel safely and comfortably.

I trust its performance with the winter compound. It has small biting edges and sturdy block edges.

The Blizzak DM-V2 excels in ice grip. It’s fantastic on snow, ensuring short braking and quick accelerations.

The Blizzak DM-V2 rocks in tough winter weather. Driving is smooth, handles corners nicely. Feels like driving on snowy wet roads.

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is perfect for winter and street driving. It offers excellent balance, enhancing my driving experience. I never experience any lag while driving with it.

Tackling dry roads with tire handling. No issues with acceleration or braking, unlike winter tires.

The tire excels on wet and slippery roads. It sticks to the road, aiding acceleration. Overall, I’m pleased with its dry and damp performance.

The only problem with this tire is its treadwear warranty. Bridgestone lacks a tread mileage warranty, a major drawback compared to competitors.

Natural cornering capabilitiesLack of treadwear warranty
Short braking distance on snow
Good acceleration on dry roads
Impressive snow and ice handling
Effective traction on wet and slippery roads

How to choose the best Chevy Equinox tires

After checking out the top Chevy Equinox tires, you’ve found your match. If all those options overwhelm you, here’s how to decide.


Tire warranty service safeguards your rights, especially when shopping online. Opt for the most-warrantied tire model for reliability.

Consider the tire tread warranty distance to gauge its longevity. Prioritize this when selecting tires for Chevy Equinox.


The price range varies a lot. You’ll see tires priced in thousands. If you prefer budget-friendly options, they’re available too. Remember to explore supplier deals for cost-effective choices.


Tire sizes differ for each Chevy Equinox model. Check your vehicle specs for accurate sizing. It’s crucial to pick the right tire size for your Chevy Equinox. I noticed a drop in braking and traction with wrong tires.


A trusted brand offers top-notch, long-lasting products with a great warranty. Sure, items from trusted brands may cost more, but they’re worth it.

When Should You Replace Your Equinox Tires?

When deciding to replace tires, consider mileage and time factors. Most drivers cover 12,000 to 15,000 miles yearly. The tire’s useful life in mileage usually ends first.

Check the UTQG rating for tire life prediction. It grades treadwear, traction, and temperature. The higher the number, the longer the tread life.

Traction is rated from A to C for wet stopping. Temperature rating ranges from A to C.

Each tire has a date code indicating its age. The code shows the week and year of production.

If the tire is over five years old, replace it. Chemicals in the tire degrade over time.

How to Read Equinox Tire Sizes

When checking tire sizes, understand what the numbers mean. The Chevrolet Equinox Premier’s P225/60 R18 tires:

  • 225 – width of the tire (225 mm wide).
  • 60 – aspect ratio (60% of width, 135 mm tall).
  • R – radial tires with woven fabric and rubber layers.
  • 18 – wheel diameter.

Now, knowing Equinox tire details, let’s explore tire types:

  • Touring and All-season – smooth ride, good traction, long tread life.
  • Performance tires – confident handling, sporty feel, shorter tread life.
  • All-terrain tires – off-road traction, durability, more noise.
  • Winter and snow tires – grip in cold, special tread for slippery roads.

Tires Sizes By Year

2020LS255/65R17, 235/50R19
2020LT255/65R17, 255/60R18, 235/50R19
2020Premier255/60R18, 235/50R19
2019LS255/65R17, 235/50R19
2019LT255/65R17, 255/60R18, 235/50R19
2019Premier255/60R18, 235/50R19
2018LT255/65R17, 255/60R18
2018LT Redline Edition255/65R17
2018Premier255/60R18, 235/50R19
2017LT255/65R17, 235/55R18
2017Premier255/65R17, 235/55R18
2016LT255/65R17, 235/55R18
2016LTZ235/65R18, 235/55R19
2015LT225/65R17, 235/55R18
2015LTZ225/65R17, 235/55R18, 235/55R19
2014LT225/65R17, 235/55R18
2014LTZ225/65R17, 235/55R18, 235/55R19
2013LT225/65R17, 235/55R18
2012LT225/65R17, 235/55R18
2011LT235/55R18, 235/55R19
2010LT235/55R18, 235/55R19


While looking for Chevy Equinox tires, I got many questions. In this article, I’ll answer some common ones.

What tire size fits a Chevy Equinox?

The 2020 Chevrolet Equinox offers various tire size options: P225/65R17, P225/60R18, and P235/50R19. Remember, using the wrong size tire can lead to serious damage. It may result in bending the rim or chassis over time.

How long do tires last on a Chevy Equinox?

Driving 12,000-15,000 miles yearly? Your Chevy Equinox tires last 3 years.

How much are Chevy Equinox tires?

Some tires are cheap, around $50 – $150 each. Others cost $100 – $300.

Does the chevy equinox come with a spare tire?

The quick answer is no. The Chevy Equinox lacks a spare tire. It has a tire inflator instead.


The **Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3** is a top-notch tire. It handles various weather conditions well. On the other hand, the **Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail** balances on-road and off-road driving. The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is a good winter option. Each tire suits the Chevy Equinox on different terrains and weather. No matter your choice, it should meet your needs. I hope you find the perfect tires for your Chevy Equinox. They’ll ensure comfortable and safe drives.

Thanks for reading!

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