Cooper Discoverer ATP II Review & Rating For 2024

The Cooper Discoverer ATP II is a top tire for off-road driving, offering great street handling and comfort. It’s popular among SUV and truck owners. But is it worth the hype in real-world performance? Let’s explore its pros and cons to find out. If you’re considering buying it, read this detailed review. It includes tests to show its strengths and weaknesses.

Specifications & Features

The Cooper Discoverer ATP II is positioned as an off-road tire that also delivers impressive on-road performance. To achieve balanced handling, Cooper has equipped this tire with several innovative features.


The Discoverer ATP II’s design immediately catches the eye with its unique flat spike blocks. This feature distinguishes it from other tires. It promises a smoother ride on streets and highways, and it delivers. The tread design enhances road grip. It also reduces noise by diverting airwaves, thus minimizing growling. During my daily drives, the reduced noise helped me stay focused.

The tire also stands out for its many biting edges. These provide excellent grip on wet and mildly icy roads.


Cooper created a tough tire for both everyday and off-road driving. Its rubber is flexible and resists chips, proving durable on tough trips. After much use, the tire showed even wear and no major damage.

Another key feature is the tire’s four-season capability. It provides good performance without needing seasonal changes.

Test Drive

Dry and Stability

The Discoverer ATP II is great on dry land, meeting off-road tire expectations. It grips well, making city and highway driving easier. Also, its braking distances are safe, though not the shortest. It remains stable and has good traction when tested at speed limits.

Wet and Hydroplaning Resistance

The Discoverer ATP II is great on wet roads. Its silica treads grip better than many rivals. In heavy rain, it doesn’t slip or slide. Braking is impressive, with short distances. The tread design channels water well, ensuring a good grip in tough conditions.

Snow and Ice Traction

The Discoverer ATP II lacks a 3PMSF rating. It’s not great for heavy snow or extreme ice. However, it does well on shallow snow. This tire offers good traction and stability on light snow. Yet, it struggles on packed snow and ice. For these conditions, specialized winter tires are needed. Still, its winter performance meets expectations for a four-season tire.

Handling and Steering Feel

Typically, all-terrain tires do not provide the responsive steering of high-performance tires, and the Discoverer ATP II is no exception. However, it does offer decent handling, responsiveness, and flexibility for everyday driving. While the steering feel can sometimes be vague, reducing speed to the allowable limit mitigates this issue. The tire supports straight-line tracking well, especially on rough roads with potholes.

Off-road Performance

The Cooper Discoverer ATP II shines off-road. It hugs the road, steering precisely and offering good feedback. This ensures safe and stable driving on rough terrain. It grips well on soft surfaces like dirt and mud. However, its flat tread struggles in deep mud.

On trails and rocks, it remains stable. Its slots help clear rocks, boosting lifespan and grip. Yet, deep mud is a problem. Even at slow speeds, grip and braking suffer.

Overall, the Cooper Discoverer ATP II is a versatile tire. It delivers balanced on and off-road performance, making it ideal for SUV and truck owners all year.

Quick Rundown Of Cooper Discoverer ATP II

The Cooper Discoverer ATP II, like many Cooper models, is not without its flaws. While it has several excellent advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider.

Before making a decision, take a look at its pros and cons below:

Stable handling in all weather conditions, including light snow.Struggles to get through deep mud.
Quiet ride with no vibrations.Limited size options.
Effectively eliminates vitrification.
Reasonably priced.
Balanced performance for both on-road and off-road driving.

Should You Buy It?

The Cooper Discoverer ATP II is great for off-roading and city driving. It provides a smooth ride and grips well on rough roads.

It’s ideal for those who enjoy off-roading and want a comfy ride. For highway trips, this tire is perfect. It lasts long and ensures consistent performance.

This Cooper model is tough and affordable.

However, it’s not for everyone. It’s not the best choice for deep mud or tough terrains. Also, it comes in limited sizes, which might not suit large SUVs.

Vehicle Cooper Discoverer ATP II Will Fit

Vehicle TypeMakeModel
SUVJeepGrand Cherokee


The Cooper Discoverer ATP II isn’t perfect for all terrains. However, it suits my light off-road and daily driving needs well.

It offers quiet, stable handling, and comes at an affordable price. For me, it’s a smart buy.

Now, after reading this review, have you decided? Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments. I hope you find the right tire soon and enjoy better drives. Thank you for reading!

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