Bolt in Tire: How Risky Is It to Drive with It?

Sometimes, your tire’s rubber can pick up pebbles and debris, which is usually harmless. But, it can also trap nails, bolts, or screws. This often happens when you drive over bolts in puddles or hit planks with protruding screws. It could even be deliberate sabotage.

Finding a bolt in your tire is worrying. It might mean a puncture or a leak. You might ask if it’s safe to drive with the bolt, or if you can keep driving. You might also wonder about the damage it could cause.

Can You Drive With Bolt in Tire?

You can keep driving with a bolt in your tire if it’s still inflated. However, this depends on the bolt’s size and air loss rate.

Driving with a flat or blown-out tire is very dangerous. So, you should avoid these situations.

If you find a bolt or any foreign object in your tire, you’re on borrowed time.

Next, we’ll discuss safe driving with a bolt, tire repair, and handling the situation properly.

How long can you drive with a bolt in the tire?

The impact of a bolt in your tire depends on its size and depth.

Small screws may stay unnoticed for days or weeks without causing immediate problems.

However, larger or deeply embedded bolts can show issues after 10 miles. In such cases, seek professional help quickly.

Ideally, limit driving with a bolt to a repair shop. This is important for immediate tire repair. Avoid using the car for daily trips or long journeys.

Can a Tire with a Bolt be Repaired?

A tire with a bolt in the tread can often be fixed. But, if the bolt is in the sidewall, it’s best to replace the tire. Trying to repair this is too risky for professionals.

It’s important to visit a repair shop. They should plug the hole from the outside and patch it from the inside for a solid fix.

Cost of Repairing a Tire Bolt Puncture

Fixing a tire with a lodged bolt costs $10 to $20, on average. This is from my garage visits.

However, the price can vary by location and the services needed. For instance, alignment or a new tire could raise the cost.

How to get a bolt out of a tire yourself?

Removing a bolt, nail, or object from your tire is possible, even for beginners. Online videos and guides offer step-by-step instructions.

For a professional fix, you need a tire plug kit and to follow the right steps. A mistake could ruin the tire.

It’s best to visit a repair shop to avoid problems. However, you can still drive short distances safely with a bolt in your tire.

Is it safe to drive with a nail in my tyre?

Driving with a nail in your tire is unsafe. It might only cause a slow leak, but there are more serious risks.

For instance, the tire could suddenly burst, especially at high speeds, leading to a severe accident.

Only drive to a tire center for repair with a nail in your tire. And remember, keep your speed low.

This advice also goes for any tire damage. Quick repairs are crucial to avoid more problems and accidents.

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to drive briefly with a bolt or foreign object in your tire. When you spot it, don’t touch it to prevent air from leaking. Next, contact a tire store for repair. The longer you drive with the bolt, the more damage it causes.

A small hole in the tread area can be fixed. However, a large hole or damage to the side may require replacing the entire tire.

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