Top 10 Best Tires For Ram 2500: Reviews, Rating & Top Picks

Choosing the perfect tires for your Ram 2500 can be a challenge. You need tough tires to handle rough roads. But don’t worry! This article makes it easy. Here are the top 10 Best tires for Ram 2500 trucks. Let’s dive into the list to help you find the perfect fit for your heavy-duty vehicle. Follow along for expert insights and recommendations!

Top 10 Best Tires For Ram 2500

When gearing up your Ram 2500, choosing the perfect tires is key. After thorough research, I’ve handpicked the best options for you. From off-road to high-performance, these top-notch tires deliver. Whether off-roading or highway driving, these picks won’t disappoint. Let’s dive into the ideal tire choices for your Ram 2500.

Toyo Open Country A/T III

Toyo Open Country AT III

As a Ram 2500 advocate, I always recommend Toyo Open Country A/T III. It performs exceptionally well in diverse driving conditions. This tire is perfect for full-size trucks. It offers great off-road traction, reliable street handling, and durability.

In daily driving, this tire provides excellent traction and handling. It gives confidence on dry roads and stability on wet surfaces. Its waterproof design adds safety, especially in bad weather.

A standout feature is its snow performance. Though not as good as winter tires, it handles snow-covered roads well. It offers reliable cornering and braking.

For off-road adventures, this tire excels. It confidently handles mud, rocks, and various terrains. It performs well off-road but can improve in deep mud traction.

Manufacturers should focus on this for future tire versions.

Excellent cornering performanceNot ideal for deep mud
Effective snow handling capabilities
Meets everyday driving requirements
Waterproof design ensures reliability on slippery roads
Performs well on harsh terrains like shallow mud and rocks

General Grabber A/TX

The General Grabber A/TX impresses as a top all-terrain tire. It excels on off-road adventures, notably on pickup trucks like the Ram 2500. Across tough terrains, it delivers superb traction with rock blasters and stiff sidewalls.

Its durability on rocky roads surprised me. It remained resilient with minimal cuts, proving its robust build.

Ride comfort was a pleasant surprise. Despite its toughness, it offers a smooth, comfortable ride. Minimal tire noise enhances the driving experience.

For highway driving, it excels in handling and stability. It performs well in adverse weather, ensuring safety and confidence.

Yet, for mainly highway driving, consider other options for better on-road performance.

EnduringNot ideal for highways
Stable on dry runways
Reliable on slippery roads
Cozy and comfortable
Impressive off-road performance

Continental TerrainContact A/T

Continental TerrainContact AT

The Ram 2500’s versatility shines in off-road and daily driving. For those needing a tire to handle both, the Continental TerrainContact A/T stands out.

This tire excels off-road, thanks to special compounds and technology. It offers improved traction and durability. It tackles rugged terrains effortlessly.

On solid surfaces, it offers stability and reliable braking. It boosts confidence in handling.

For daily commutes, it’s a smooth ride with low road noise and great shock absorption. It feels like high-end touring tires.

Its street handling is superb, with responsive paved road performance. It grips well in dry and wet conditions.

Even in tough situations like tight corners, it performs like all-season tires. It’s reliable in various conditions.

The tire’s design includes deep grooves for better water dispersal. It excels in wet cornering, offering precise steering.

Despite some trouble on sharp rocks, it performs well overall.

Excellent off-road capabilities.Poor handling on large sharp rocks.
Sensitive response on paved roads.
Impressive traction and grip.
Good handling on hard-packed surfaces.
Smooth and comfortable for daily driving.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is great for traction and heavy towing with the Ram 2500.. It maintains stability and traction even under heavy loads, ensuring safe towing.

Beyond towing, the AT3 XLT impresses with versatile on and off-road performance. It handles daily driving smoothly, even in challenging conditions like deep puddles. Acceleration support and wet handling boost confidence in various weather.

The Discoverer AT3 XLT excels on snowy, steep roads. Its grooved tire surface boosts traction on ice and heavy snow.w. It navigates rough terrains effortlessly, showing prowess in off-road driving.

It might lack cornering performance, despite its strong build on the Ram 2500. This slightly hampers its overall handling.

DurableSlightly bulky in corners
High load capacity
Excellent off-road performance
Good wet road acceleration
Impressive grip and traction on ice

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

The Falken Wildpeak A/T3W is impressively durable. Its sidewall compound and sturdy spike block withstand long-term use without damage. Even under heavy towing, it shows no signs of puncture.

Falken offers a 55,000-mile tread warranty, highlighting its durability. The Wildpeak A/T3W excels in light to medium off-road driving. It conquers harsh terrains with ease and handles regular streets well.

On dry roads, it provides good grip and traction. In heavy rain and deep water, it maintains reliable handling. While deep snow poses a challenge, light snow performance is satisfactory.

Despite its multi-terrain capabilities, it produces a loud growl when accelerating. This minor issue doesn’t greatly affect overall satisfaction. Available in various sizes for SUVs, crossovers, and trucks, it may lack stability on heavy terrain roads.

Capable of towing and carrying heavy loadsLoud growling noise at high speeds
Comes with up to 55,000-mile tread warranty
Reliable handling on paved roads
Good performance in off-road conditions

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All-Terrain TA KO2

The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is a versatile tire. It’s great on and off-road. It performs well in daily driving too. During tests, it showed reliable braking and handling on dry roads. It stays stable even at high speeds. On wet roads, it offers good traction. It handles corners well, enhancing safety.

The tire excels in snow handling. It removes snow efficiently and provides good traction. Braking is responsive on snow-covered roads. Off-road, it performs exceptionally well. It’s great on hard-packed surfaces like dirt. It offers good traction on extreme terrains. The only downside is the noise from the tread pattern. Despite noise-canceling tech, it can be loud. This might bother some drivers a bit.

Excellent handling on hard packing surfacesTire tread noise
Enough traction to move on deep mud
Conquer light snow terrain well
Orientation is good on dry highways
The overall wet performance is quite good

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

I’ve been using the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all winter. And let me tell you, I’m quite impressed with it.

This tire excels in deep snow, thanks to its special tech. It has better snow grip than any other in its class. It really feels like I’m using a true winter tire.

Despite its snow prowess, it doesn’t skimp on dry or wet roads.

On dry roads, it remains stable even with a heavy load. Especially great for towing with a Ram 2500.

It handles wet and slippery roads with ease. No slipping, waterproof, safe through puddles.

Off-road, it’s excellent with good self-cleaning tread. Moves easily on rocks and gravel.

Even in mud, it provides solid traction. No getting stuck with a Ram 2500.

It’s a top choice for Ram 2500 owners. But, it has some limitations. Steering isn’t very responsive, especially in corners.

Good self-cleaningSteering response not very responsive
Stable on dry roads
Good towing support
Impressive snow performance
Ideal for mud, rocks, and gravel

Michelin Agilis Crossclimate

Michelin Agilis Crossclimate

Considering driving the Ram 2500 year-round without switching tires for winter? The Michelin Agilis Crossclimate is a great choice. This all-season tire handles well on dry, wet, and icy roads.

On dry surfaces, it’s like summer tires, with responsive driving and great grip. Braking and cornering are excellent, improving safety.

Even on wet roads, the Agilis Crossclimate handles well with good water resistance. Tested in heavy rain, it’s reliable.

In light snow, it offers enough grip for safe driving. It’s not a replacement for winter tires. On gravel and soil, it meets basic off-road needs for trucks.

However, it’s not the most durable for off-road use, lacking a tread-wear warranty. Despite that, the Michelin Agilis Crossclimate is a reliable choice for year-round driving.

Good waterproof capabilityDoes not provide treadwear warranties
Excellent dry handling
Meets off-road driving needs
Suitable for year-round use
Excellent traction in heavy idling

Continental TerrainContact H/T

Continental TerrainContact HT

The Continental TerrainContact H/T is a top all-season highway tire for Ram 2500 drivers. It performs well on different road surfaces, making it a solid choice.

With standard road manners and excellent contact, it grips dry roads. Its drainage system ensures control on wet roads, enhancing safety.

Though not ideal for deep snow, it handles shallow snow well. It offers responsive steering and straight-line tracking in all conditions.

Durable and suitable for heavy loads, it excels on dry roads. It performs well in wet conditions, with short braking distances.

For off-road driving, it provides decent traction on hard surfaces. It navigates rocks and gravel easily but struggles on mud.

Short wet braking distancesLimited traction on slippery terrain
Good grip on light snow
Consistently stable at high speeds
Support for transporting heavy loads
Traction on hard-packed surfaces

When picking tires for your Ram 2500, consider these factors


The cost of top tires for the Ram 2500 fluctuates. Keep track of prices and look for promotions. Don’t overlook good budget-friendly choices.


When choosing tires, focus on your needs and conditions. For daily drives, prioritize durability, quietness, and smoothness. If you’re off-road, prioritize handling on rough terrain.

Product Reliability

Select tires for durability. Consider features for your specific needs. Find long-term reliability for your use case.


Think about what the manufacturer offers after you buy a tire. This includes warranties, maintenance, and replacement policies. These services can affect how good the tire is for you.

When Should You Replace Your Ram 2500 Tires?

Replacing your Ram 2500 tires ensures safety and performance.. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your tires:

  1. Tread Wear: Excessive tread wear is a clear indication that your tires need replacing. You can use the penny test or tread wear indicators to check the depth of the tread. If the tread depth is worn down to 2/32 of an inch or less, it’s time for new tires.
  2. Irregular Wear Patterns: Uneven wear patterns like cupping, scalloping, or feathering signal problems. It could be alignment issues, suspension problems, or tire inflation. If you see these patterns, get your vehicle checked. Replace the tires if needed.Cracks or Bulges: Inspect the sidewalls of your tires for cracks, bulges, or bubbles. These can be signs of tire damage or weakness and may lead to a blowout if left unaddressed. Replace any tires with sidewall damage immediately.
  3. Age: If your tires are over six years old, replace them. Despite good tread, age affects tire safety. Sunlight, heat, and ozone degrade tires, causing safety risks.
  4. Vibrations or Pulling: If your car shakes or pulls, tires might be the problem. It could mean tire separation, belt issues, or suspension trouble. Get a pro to check and replace worn tires.
  5. Warning Lights: Modern cars have TPMS to warn about low tire pressure. When the light comes on, check pressure and tire condition.
  6. Seasonal Changes: If your tires are worn, change them before winter begins. Make sure they have good traction in snow or ice. Also, if you’re going off-road, use tires for that terrain.

Paying attention to signs and factors ensures safe, reliable Ram 2500 tires. Inspections and maintenance maximize tire lifespan and performance.

How to Read Ram 2500 Tire Sizes

Understanding Ram 2500 tire sizes is crucial. It helps you pick the right tires for your vehicle. Tire sizes follow a standard format with key measurements.. Here’s how to read the tire size on your Ram 2500:

  1. Tire Width (Section Width): The first number shows tire width in millimeters when inflated.. For example, in a tire size like P265/70R17, the width is 265 millimeters.
  2. Aspect Ratio (Sidewall Height): After the width, look for the aspect ratio (height as a percentage).. For instance, in the tire size P265/70R17, the aspect ratio is 70, meaning the sidewall height is 70% of the tire’s width.
  3. Construction Type (Radial or Bias Ply): After the aspect ratio, you might notice a letter showing the tire’s construction. “R” usually means radial construction, the most popular in modern cars.. Some older tires may use “B” for bias ply construction.
  4. Rim Diameter: Following the construction type letter, you’ll find the diameter of the wheel rim in inches. This number indicates the size of the wheel that the tire is designed to fit. For example, in the tire size P265/70R17, the rim diameter is 17 inches.
  5. Load Index and Speed Rating (Optional): Some tire sizes have extra numbers and letters for load capacity and speed. They show how much weight and speed the tire handles.

For example, a tire size reading of P265/70R17 113T indicates:

  • Tire width: 265 millimeters
  • Aspect ratio: 70 (sidewall height is 70% of the tire’s width)
  • Construction type: Radial (R)
  • Rim diameter: 17 inches
  • Load index: 113 (tire can carry up to 2,535 pounds)
  • Speed rating: T (maximum speed of 118 mph)

Tires Sizes By Year

  1. 2010-2013 Ram 2500:
    • Tire Size Range: 265/70R17 to 285/60R20
    • Common Tire Sizes:
      • 265/70R17
      • 275/70R18
      • 285/60R20
  2. 2014-2018 Ram 2500:
    • Tire Size Range: 265/70R17 to 285/60R20
    • Common Tire Sizes:
      • 265/70R17
      • 275/70R18
      • 285/60R20
  3. 2019-Present Ram 2500:
    • Tire Size Range: 275/70R18 to 285/60R20
    • Common Tire Sizes:
      • 275/70R18
      • 285/60R20
TrimTire Sizes
Ram 2500 2014 Big Horn275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Laramie275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Laramie Limited275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Laramie Longhorn275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Lone Star275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Outdoorsman275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 Power Wagon285/70R17
Ram 2500 2014 SLT275/70R18
Ram 2500 2014 ST245/70R17
Ram 2500 2014 Tradesman245/70R17


What tire size fits a stock Ram 2500?

The stock Ram 2500 typically accommodates a tire size of 35” x 12.5″. With some modifications, you can opt for a larger size of 37” x 12.5″.

How long do tires on a Ram 2500 last?

On average, tires for a Ram 2500 have a lifespan of about 3 years. However, this duration can vary depending on factors such as driving habits and terrain. With primarily street driving on even surfaces, tires may last longer.

Can you install 33-inch tires on a stock Ram 2500?

Yes, you can fit 33-inch tires on a stock Ram 2500. However, it’s crucial to ensure proper tire fitment and alignment adjustments when installing this tire size.

What is the largest tire size for a stock Ram 2500?

The largest tire size that can be installed on a stock Ram 2500 is typically 35” x 12.5′. This size boosts ground clearance and off-road ability, still fits the car’s original setup.


When it comes to the Ram 2500, off-road tires shine. Two top choices are the Toyo Open Country A/T III and General Grabber A/TX. They excel in performance and durability, ideal for tough terrain.

For highway driving fans, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S tire is a great pick for the Ram 2500. It may not be for off-road fun, but it nails daily driving with reliability and efficiency.

Have any queries about the best Ram 2500 tires? Drop them in the comments below. I’m here to help with any questions you have!

With the top 10 Ram 2500 tires listed, choose confidently for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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