Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Review & Ratings in 2024

Choosing tires for your vehicle? Consider your driving and conditions. Need tires for a midsize SUV or crossover? Pick crossover/SUV touring all-seasons.

These tires offer a smooth ride, good traction, and long life. They’re not the best at one thing but balance well.

Unlike regular touring tires, these handle higher loads and fit popular vehicles. Given the rise of SUVs and crossovers, manufacturers have created specific tires.

Yokohama, a leader in this market, introduced the GEOLANDAR CV G058. It builds on the success of the G055. It aims for good performance in various conditions, especially in wet and winter.

But does it deliver? Let’s dive into my full review to find out!

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Overview

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 is a top-tier all-season tire for crossovers and SUVs. It excels in performance, comfort, and safety. Ideal for daily driving and trips, this tire offers strong traction on wet and winter roads. Its design ensures a smooth, comfortable ride. Ideal for drivers who value both performance and comfort.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Features

The GEOLANDAR CV G058 tire uses Yokohama’s new compound technology. This includes microsilica, silica dispersant, and two special polymers. These materials are unique to these tires. The CV-2 compound stays flexible in cold conditions. This feature boosts traction on wet and snow-covered roads.

TypeSUV/Crossover Grand Touring All-Season Tire
CarsMinivans, SUVs, and Crossovers
Rating Dry, Wet, Mud & Snow Rated
Load Index100
Speed RatingH and V
Tread Wear740
Rim diameter.16-20″
Technology CV-2 Compound
Tread Depth11/32”
Max. Inflation Pressure51 psi 
Tire Diameter28 in
Side WallBSW
Run-flat No
Tread life Warranty5 Years /65,000 miles

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 tire has a special tread pattern. It uses sipes to improve grip in snow and wet conditions. The sipes also cut down on tread wear.

The tire’s sipes are 2D and 3D. They create more edges, boosting grip on snowy roads. When driving on snow, the sipes open up. This action pushes snow away, ensuring solid tire-ground contact for better grip.

In the rain, the sipes and grooves work together. They clear water quickly, reducing hydroplaning. The tire’s design helps with wet traction. It also enhances grip on snow and wet surfaces.

The tire’s profile is wide and flat. This evenly spreads pressure, promoting even wear. The rounded shoulder and middle ribs ensure uniform weight distribution.

The tread pattern is symmetrical. It improves comfort, lifespan, and reduces road noise. It aids in tire rotation and fuel efficiency.

Yokohama added a feature to reduce noise. It blends tread noise into a less noticeable tone.

These tires come in 40 sizes, from 16″ to 20″. Speed ratings range from H (130 mph) to V (149 mph). Their load ratings are SL for standard loads and XL for extra loads.

SL tires have a max pressure of 35 psi and are more fuel-efficient. XL tires support up to 41 psi, offering more damage resistance.

Your owner’s manual can guide you on the right tire for your vehicle. You can use XL-rated tires on a vehicle meant for SL, but the reverse is not advised.

The GEOLANDAR CV G058 has a UTQG rating of 740, promising over 60,000 miles of use. Its AA traction and A temperature ratings ensure short braking in the rain and good heat resistance.

Construction Features  

CompoundHigh silica CV-2 compound
Tread PatternSipe-based symmetric pattern
Sipes2D and 3D combination sipes
Grooves4 Combination main grooves
Pitch VariationFive pitch variation
Contact ShapeWide and flat contact shape
BluEarth MarkStamped with BluEarth mark

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 maintenance indicators

Yokohama lacks a unique tire maintenance indicator, unlike Continental. Instead, it offers the Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 with standard tread wear indicators.

These indicators are small rubber bars in the grooves, showing the minimum tread depth. Typically, they sit 2/32 inches from the tire bottom. As the tire wears, the gap to these bars decreases until they align with the tread.

Driving on tires past this level is illegal and risky, reducing grip and hydroplaning safety. Drivers can check tread wear with a penny or a gauge.

Regular maintenance, such as rotations, is key. Symmetric tires should rotate every 5,000 miles or during oil changes for even wear and longer life.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 warranty

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 comes with a 65,000-mile or five-year treadwear warranty. This is valid from the purchase date or until five years have passed. Additionally, Yokohama offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The company also provides a five-year warranty for workmanship and materials. This includes free tire replacements within the first year or at 2/32 inches of tread, whichever comes first.

Compared to leading Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tires, the GEOLANDAR CV G058’s warranty is competitive. For example, the Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax offers a 60,000-mile warranty. Meanwhile, the Pirelli SCORPION VERDE ALL and the Continental CrossContact LX25 offer 65,000 and 70,000 miles, respectively.

To qualify for Yokohama’s warranty coverage, certain conditions must be met:

  • The tire must bear the Yokohama brand name and have a complete D.O.T serial identification number on the sidewall.
  • It should be used under normal highway conditions, with commercial applications excluded.
  • The original usable tread depth must reach the level of the tread wear indicator bars, molded at 2/32 inches.
  • The warranty period is 60 months from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required), or 72 months from the date of manufacture if proof of purchase is unavailable.
  • The warranty is applicable only to the original tire purchaser and is non-transferable.
  • The tire must be used within the United States.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Behave on Dry Roads

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 is a reliable, safe tire for daily drivers. It offers responsive steering for easy highway trips.

It matches top tires with strong grip and traction. Its acceleration and braking are solid, and it handles well across conditions.

This tire isn’t sporty but focuses on stability and ease of driving. It’s perfect for crossover and SUVs. Its dry road performance stands out.

However, it’s crucial to note it’s not for performance driving. SUV owners wanting a more engaging drive should consider summer performance or Street/Sport tires.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 handle wet and slippery roads

Yokohama improved the GEOLANDAR CV G058’s wet traction, making it better than its predecessor. Now, it’s a top choice with excellent traction and control in the rain.

It competes closely with the Continental CrossContact LX25. The G058 stands out with short braking distances. It also has great handling, thanks to its high lateral grip. Even in low-traction situations, it’s predictable, giving drivers enough time to react.

The GEOLANDAR CV G058 doesn’t just offer great traction. It also makes driving easier. Plus, its excellent resistance to hydroplaning keeps SUVs stable in rainy conditions.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 on snowy roads

The GEOLANDAR CV G058 falls short compared to rivals, especially in traction and driving. It struggles with cornering, needing constant steering adjustments or slower speeds. Also, it takes longer to stop and slips more, lowering driver confidence.

In the crossover/SUV touring all-season tire category, it lags behind top performers. For winter driving, it’s okay alone but not against others. However, it’s fine for places with little snow. Despite its flaws, Yokohama’s tire performs well in dry and cold rain, making it a good choice in such conditions.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 off-road driving

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 is not for off-road use. Its design offers poor traction and gets mud and stones stuck in the grooves, shortening its life.

Off-road tires are tough, with strong sidewalls to resist punctures. They also have deep, aggressive treads for better grip. For serious off-roading, consider the GEOLANDAR A/T G015 for all terrains or the GEOLANDAR M/T G003 for mud.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 flat tire

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 lacks run-flat technology. So, if a driver gets a flat, they must stop to change the tire or call for help.

If you need Yokohama run-flat tires, look for “ZPS” on the sidewall. The AVID ENVigor tire is the only one with this feature. It’s perfect for both passenger and performance cars.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 road noise and comfort performance

The Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 puts comfort first. Its soft ride absorbs small bumps, making driving smooth on most roads.

However, hitting potholes can send vibrations into the car. This also slightly reduces comfort.

Nevertheless, the tire is quiet. At low speeds, there’s almost no road noise. At higher speeds, the tire noise blends with the wind. This keeps the cabin calm and quiet for passengers.

Should I buy the Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058?

In areas with little snow, the Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 is a top choice for crossover/SUV all-season tires. It offers comfort, good traction in dry and wet conditions, and long tread life. Plus, it’s affordable and comes in sizes for most modern SUVs and crossovers.

Yet, for harsh winter areas, avoid the GEOLANDAR CV G058. It’s just okay on snow, falling behind other options. For better snow performance, consider the Cooper Discoverer EnduraMax or Continental CrossContact LX25. Or, invest in specialized winter tires.

Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Sizes

Tire SizeSpeed Rating
215/65R16 98H
215/70R16 100H
225/70R16 103H
235/70R16 106H
215/60R17 96H
215/65R17 99H
215/70R17 101H
225/55R17 97H
225/60R17 99H
225/65R17 102H
235/60R17 102V
235/65R17 108V
245/65R17 107H
255/60R17 106H
225/60R18 100H
235/50R18 97V
235/60R18 107V
235/65R18 106V
245/60R18 105H
255/55R18 109V
225/55R19 99V
235/50R19 103V
245/55R19 103H
255/50R19 107V
235/55R20 102V
245/50R20 102V
255/50R20 109V

Vechile Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Will Fit

Vehicle ModelYokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 Compatible?
Toyota CamryYes
Honda AccordYes
Ford FusionYes
Chevrolet MalibuYes
Toyota CorollaYes
Honda CivicYes
Ford FocusYes
Nissan AltimaYes
Hyundai SonataYes
Kia OptimaYes


Q: Are Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 tires good in wet weather?

A: Yes, these tires are designed for good wet performance. The CV-2 tread compound and wide circumferential grooves help evacuate water and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Q: How do these tires perform in winter weather?

A: The GEOLANDAR CV G058 offers decent winter traction due to the 2D/3D combination sipes that create biting edges for better grip on snow. However, they are not specifically designed for severe snow conditions.

Q: Are Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 tires quiet?

A: Yes, these tires are known for their quiet ride thanks to the 5-pitch variation block tread pattern that reduces road noise.

Q: How long do Yokohama GEOLANDAR CV G058 tires last?

A: These tires are designed for long tread life due to the optimized contact patch and proprietary tread compound. The exact lifespan depends on driving habits and road conditions.

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