Top 8 Tires for the Audi R8

Audis are great, and the R8 has impressive sports car style. But let’s be honest – the factory tires are not very good. As an R8 owner myself, I needed high-quality aftermarket tires to have good grip on the road.

If you want a reliable tire that lasts a long time, check out the Michelin Pilot Super Sports (PSSS). They came out in 2011, which is quite old in technology terms! But the PSSS still performs well with long-lasting tread, precise handling, and excellent high-speed grip. They are considered a modern classic.

If you want the latest and greatest, consider Michelin’s new Pilot Sport S5. It was unveiled last March as the successor to the popular PS4S, and it takes all the best qualities to the next level. Early reviews have been very positive. It’s definitely a top choice for the ultimate high-performance tire today.

Now, let’s talk about winter weather. If you live in an area with harsh winters, the R8 requires special tires for good traction. Continental’s VikingContact 7 is made for snow and ice. It’s designed to handle slippery conditions, even in places like Alaska.It’s a leading option for conquering snowy roads.

There are a few other tire options out there, but these three are definitely the best ones to consider for Audi R8. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Top 8 Tires for the Audi R8

#1. Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

Choosing the Michelin Pilot Super Sports (PSSS) for an R8 is honestly a no-brainer in my book. This tire just reinforces so many of the things that make the R8 special.

For one – the PSSS actually makes the already butter-smooth R8 ride even more serene thanks to Michelin’s Acoustic Tech. Special sound deafening properties absorb vibrations and road noise. Long drives in the R8 feel effortless, regardless of driving aggression.

These two also share impressive high-speed stability when pushing the limits. The R8 keeps its cool naturally thanks to that gnarly V10 motor and 7-speed auto. Meanwhile the PSSS design shines once the speedometer climbs. The tread has no gaps on the outer part for excellent grip when accelerating strongly around bends.

The PSSS has a rigid internal structure. This structure allows it to handle the R8’s rapid acceleration forces with control. The tread sits on top of this structure.This tire practically begs you to push the car harder.

Now I’ll admit the wet and cold weather traction lags behind its dry prowess. But weigh that against the PSSS’s wallet-friendly pricing?? For a Michelin?? I’d call that a win any day.

So in all – the Pilot Super Sports enhance the R8 magic rather than take away. It’s a potent combo.

PerformanceExcellent dry grip, precise handling, responsive steering, good wet performanceLower treadwear compared to some touring tires, higher noise level
SafetyShort stopping distances on dry and wet roads, good aquaplaning resistanceNot ideal for winter driving conditions
ComfortRelatively comfortable for a performance tire, good noise isolation for its categoryCan be slightly stiffer than some touring tires
DurabilityNot the most durable tire in its class, but still offers decent mileageProne to punctures due to its softer compound
PricePremium-priced tireCan be more expensive than some other high-performance tires

#2. Michelin Pilot Sport S5

The new Pilot Sport S5 tire from Michelin is causing quite a stir, just like the latest Audi R8 model. It’s a serious threat to other high-performance tires.

First, this tire lasts a long time because of its advanced design. Michelin’s MaxTouch Construction evenly distributes pressure for even wear. Most high-performance tires wear out quickly, but not these.

And impressive, this tire also has excellent grip. Upgraded tread blocks on the edges give it precise handling when turning.

It also performs well in the rain. The tire’s outer grooves efficiently channel water away, so it has good traction on wet roads. It’s a versatile performer.

Michelin has set a new standard in high-performance tires with the Pilot Sport S5. R8 drivers and sports car owners should pay attention. It’s durable, has great grip, and performs well in wet weather. It’s a great all-around tire.

PerformanceExcellent dry and wet gripNot the most comfortable ride
HandlingVery responsive and predictable handlingCan be noisy on some road surfaces
TreadwearLonger tread life than previous Pilot Sport modelsNot as long-lasting as some touring tires
Fuel efficiencyNot the most fuel-efficient tireCan impact fuel economy slightly
PricePremium price pointMore expensive than some other high-performance tires
ComfortNot as comfortable as some touring tiresCan be stiff on rough roads
NoiseCan be noisy on some road surfacesNot the quietest tire on the market
Warranty40,000-mile treadwear warrantyStandard warranty coverage

#3. Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

The Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS is the perfect all-season tire for discerning R8 drivers. It handles corners with ease and has impressive traction in wet conditions, thanks to the 3D sipes on the tread. These little cuts allow for short stopping distances even on wet roads, which is great during slippery seasons.

Even in adverse weather, the Potenza maintains composure and communicates well. You can confidently test its traction limits and it offers predictable control when it does breakaway.

This is possible because of the tire’s spiral wrap internal structure. The structure prevents deformation and helps the tire keep its shape during intense forces. It works even when pushing hard on corners.

In addition to its performance, the RE970AS now fits most R8 trim and wheel options. So, regardless of your configuration, you can benefit from its wet and dry capabilities.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS is the top pick for R8 drivers. This tire provides confidence and control in every season. It is a high-performance tire that can handle any challenge.

PerformanceExcellent dry gripLower treadwear compared to some competitors
Superior handling responsivenessCan be noisy on rough roads
Shorter stopping distances on dry and wet roadsNot ideal for off-road driving
ComfortSmooth and quiet ride on most surfacesCan be stiff on very bumpy roads
Responsive steering feelNot the most comfortable tire for long highway trips
DurabilityReinforced sidewalls for puncture resistanceLower tread life than some all-season tires
Limited warranty coverage
PriceHigher price point compared to some all-season tiresMay not be the best value for all drivers

#4. Continental ProContact RX

Continental ProContact RX

Continental’s ProContact RX is the best tire in their ProContact lineup. This tire is great for long trips.

The tire’s road manners are very refined. Unlike other comfortable tires, the RX also has a sporty edge. It grips well when turning corners. It stays stable at high speeds, which gives you confidence to use the R8’s power. The tire has a lot of traction when you start driving, so the wheels won’t spin.

The ProContact RX is an all-season tire, so you can use it all year round. It works well in the rain because it has grooves that move water away. The tire also absorbs bumps in the road, so it’s comfortable for long drives. It’s especially good for driving on highways.

The only downside is that the tread wears out faster than other tires. But if you have an R8 and want a tire that’s good for long trips and fun on backroads, the ProContact RX is a good choice. Continental did a great job with this tire.

Performance– Excellent dry and wet weather handling– Not the best in snow and ice
Noise– Quiet ride– Can be noisy on some rough roads
Price– Moderately priced– Not the cheapest option on the market
Fuel Efficiency– Good fuel economy for a performance tire– Not as fuel-efficient as some eco-focused tires
Warranty– 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty– Standard industry warranty

#5 . Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

The Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus stands out among all-season performance tires for R8 owners who drive a lot.

Right away you’ll notice this tire delivers an exceptionally quiet ride. It’s awesome at absorbing road imperfections – you’ll enjoy hushed cruising even on coarser surfaces. That whisper-quiet demeanor makes long trips a breeze.

And impressively, the DWS06 Plus doesn’t achieve comfort by sacrificing performance. Super low rolling resistance unlocks the R8’s brutish V10 muscle with minimal hesitation or energy loss. Get on the throttle and this tire signals a straight shot to 60mph.

It’s also in it for the long haul, with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty that adds up to 3 years or more of driving for the average commuter. Pretty crazy for a UHP. Even conservative drivers will extract some serious mileage before replacement.

Now I can’t pretend these come cheap – we are talking premium tier pricing here. The Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus tire is a great choice for daily driving in your R8. It provides a quiet and comfortable ride while delivering powerful performance. This tire is versatile and worth the investment.

Performance– Excellent dry and wet traction– Not the quietest tire on the market
Handling– Responsive and predictable handling– Not as sporty as some high-performance tires
Durability– Long tread life warranty (50,000 miles)– May wear faster under aggressive driving conditions
Comfort– Smooth and comfortable ride– Can be slightly more rough on rough roads
Value– Competitive price point– Not the most affordable option on the market

#6. Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3

Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3

R8 pilots can achieve optimal summer performance by using Goodyear’s Eagle F1 Supercar 3 tire. This tire is designed to handle high speeds while navigating corners. The Supercar 3 performs well in hot weather. It maintains its performance without any problems. When you press the throttle, the Supercar 3 immediately grips and accelerates, without needing to warm up first.

The responsiveness fuels confidence to push the limits every time out. High speed stability? Locked in. Traction over rough roads? Vise-like. And the braking force defies physics, shaving speed quicker than seems plausible.

Steering reflexes prove cat-like too should impromptu maneuvers become necessary. The Supercar 3 registers input changes at warp speed for split-second reactions.

Now lesser UHP tires might hand over the keys in wet conditions – but not this Goodyear. An AA traction rating, the highest possible, confirms the Supercar 3 shreds water like a champ. Acceleration, cornering – this tire laughs at rain.

And to top it off, the Supercar 3 enjoys strong 6-year warranty coverage for piece of mind. For the R8 driver who leaves garage queens to the collectors, the Eagle F1 Supercar 3 clinches the choice for extreme ultra high performance. Goodyear put the competition on notice with this one. Pin the throttle and never look back!

Performance* Excellent dry grip and handling: Offers exceptional cornering stability and responsiveness, ideal for high-performance driving.* Limited wet weather performance: While improved over previous models, may not be the best choice for driving in heavy rain or snow.
Speed Rating* Capable of handling very high speeds (up to 350 km/h), suitable for powerful cars and track use.* Increased tire wear due to softer compound, requiring more frequent replacements.
Noise* Relatively quiet for a high-performance tire, offering a comfortable ride on the highway.* May generate more noise than some touring tires, especially at higher speeds.
Treadwear* Improved treadwear compared to previous Eagle F1 Supercar models, but still lower than most touring tires.* Higher cost per mile due to shorter lifespan and higher initial price point.
Fuel Efficiency* Not as fuel-efficient as some touring tires due to performance-oriented design.* May contribute to slightly higher fuel consumption, especially in city driving.

#7. Vredestein Quatrac Pro – Best UHP Tire

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

R8 pilots often have to deal with snowstorms. The Vredestein Quatrac Pro offers impressive performance in winter conditions. Users don’t have to hassle with swapping tires.

Its key superpower? This tire has the 3PMSF emblem. This emblem is the international gold standard for certainty in snow and ice conditions. When you see that symbol, you know this rubber is equipped to conquer the slippery stuff.

The aggressive “M+S” tread pattern bolsters the Quatrac Pro’s winter cred even further. Deep grooves and sipes chomp through powder and slush without blinking. Yet the noise levels stay street-friendly – none of that loud annoying roar some snow tires suffer from.

Now I can’t pretend the treadlife equals all-season options at a mere 50,000 mile warranty. R8 drivers in snowy regions can rely on the Vredestein Quatrac Pro. It is a smart choice for high-performance driving all year round. The tire provides assurance and capability in snowy conditions. You can maintain supercar thrills, regardless of the weather forecast.

Performance* Excellent all-season performance in various weather conditions, including wet, dry, and light snow. * Good handling and braking on dry and wet roads. * Low noise level.* Limited winter performance in severe snow and ice conditions. * Not as sporty as some summer tires.
Fuel Efficiency* Relatively fuel-efficient for an all-season tire.* Not as fuel-efficient as some dedicated summer tires.
Durability* Good treadwear and expected lifespan.* Warranty information not readily available.
Price* Moderately priced compared to other premium all-season tires.* Not the cheapest all-season tire option.
Other* European manufacturing and quality. * Available in a wide range of sizes to fit most vehicles.* Not as widely available as some major tire brands.

#8. Continental VikingContact 7 

Continental VikingContact 7 

Does your region transform into a frozen tundra every winter? R8 drivers, pay attention. The Continental VikingContact 7 is an excellent tire for cold weather. It maintains high performance while having a special tread compound. This compound contains silica and canola oil, which keep the rubber flexible in extreme temperatures. As a result, the VikingContact 7 tire can grip onto ice and snow more effectively than other tires.

Sipes of varying widths trap snow within the tread to promote snow-on-snow contact. This means that the tires have good grip when braking on icy surfaces, while other tires may slip.

Continental’s “Grip Edges” enhance snow traction and control on the exterior tread shoulders. These are secondary contact patches.

Of course that level of winter specialization typically handicaps high speed stability. But the VikingContact 7 breaks the mold thanks to interlocking tread blocks that provide a locked-in feel at speed.

If you are a driver who loves thrills all year long, no matter the weather, the Continental VikingContact 7 is an excellent choice. It has impressive cold-weather abilities and doesn’t sacrifice performance. This specialized snow solution lets you laugh in winter’s face.

Performance* Excellent winter traction on snow and ice thanks to deep grooves and high silica content** Not as responsive or sporty as some performance winter tires*
Safety* Short stopping distances on snow and ice** Not the best choice for dry or wet weather performance*
Durability* Long tread life for a winter tire** Can be slightly noisier than some other winter tires*
Comfort* Smooth and quiet ride on dry pavement** Can be a bit stiff in warmer temperatures*
Value* Priced competitively for a premium winter tire** Not the most affordable option on the market*


Are you Looking for Top 8 Tires for the Audi R8? When choosing high performance tires for an R8, there are clear top choices. The Michelin Pilot Super Sports and Pilot Sport S5 tires grip well and provide good balance. They show off the R8’s excellent handling. If you need good traction in winter, consider the Continental VikingContact 7 or Vredestein Quatrac Pro. These tires work well in all four seasons.

If you drive a lot, you will like how easy it is to control the Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus. The Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 is great for people who love driving in the summer and want their car to handle well on sunny back roads. However, it might not last as long. So, no matter how you drive your R8, one of these top tires will make sure your supercar performs its best.

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