Dextero DHT2 Tire Review & Rating in 2024

The Dextero DHT2 tire is versatile and works well on different vehicles. It is great for driving in various weather conditions, from CUVs to SUVs and light trucks. This tire offers excellent control and handling on highways and city roads, whether it’s dry or wet. It provides a smooth and quiet ride. Dextero DHT2 tires come in many sizes for almost any car. This article will give a detailed review of the Dextero DHT2 tire.

Dextero DHT2 Tire

Dextero DHT2 Tire Features

1. Specifications and Design

SpecificationsDextero DHT2 Tire
Chosen Size235/75R15
Load RangeSL
Tread Depth10/32”
VehiclesSUVs and Light Trucks

The DHT2 tire’s main feature is its high-density sipe and tread blocks. This design helps the Dextero tire grip the road well in dry, wet, and snowy conditions.

Additionally, the tire has three central ribs that add to its stability and quick steering response.

Another important aspect of the DHT2 tread is its symmetric pattern, which is beneficial for driving on rough terrains.

Thanks to this design, drivers can enjoy smoother, quieter rides with less vibration. The tread’s circumferential channels also help water escape from the road, preventing hydroplaning and ensuring safety.

2. Performance Review

Is Dextero a good tire based on its features? Yes, people agree that it is.

Many Dextero tire reviews praise how well the tires grip wet and dry roads. They say the central ribs make the tires reliable, giving you more control when driving at a reasonable speed.

Users also report good performance on hills and in winter conditions. The tires handle slush and moderately thick snow without sliding.

But remember, the Dextero DHT2 is an all-season tire, not a winter tire. It shouldn’t replace winter tires if you live in very cold areas.

Users often compliment the comfort and quietness of the DHT2. While not totally silent, the tire’s noise is minimal and won’t bother drivers.

3. Durability & Tread Life

To find out how long a tire will last, look at its UTQG rating. The UTQG rating shows the treadwear, traction, and temperature ratings from tests.

The DHT2 tire has a 480AB rating, meaning it has medium tread life. It also comes with a warranty for 50,000 miles, which is better than most. Some DHT2 owners, however, say the tire doesn’t last as long as promised.

A lot of people who rated the tire poorly reported sudden tire failures. This is a big problem, especially when it happens before driving 30,000 miles.

The issue seems to be with manufacturing mistakes, which happen more often than we’d like.

4. Value

The DHT2 tire is priced between $69.00 and $175.03 in stores. Compared to other tires in its price range, this Dextero model offers good value.

5. Pros & Cons

Affordable priceLimited information available
Decent all-season performanceUnknown treadwear, traction, and temperature ratings
Symmetrical tread design for even wearMay not be suitable for high-performance vehicles
Closed shoulder design for improved handlingWarranty information varies

Dextero DHT2 Ratings

Rating SourceRatingNotes
User Reviews (online)Mixed– Some users report positive experiences with good value for the price and decent performance. – Others mention concerns about noise, handling, and durability.
Tire RackNot RatedDextero DHT2 is not currently listed on Tire Rack and therefore not rated.
Consumer ReportsNot RatedConsumer Reports does not currently have ratings available for the Dextero DHT2.

Vehicles Dextero DHT2 Will Fit

Vehicle TypeCompatible Tire Sizes
SUVs225/65R17, 235/70R16, 235/65R17
TrucksLT245/75R16, LT245/70R17, LT265/75R16
Crossovers225/65R17, 235/65R17, 225/60R18
Light TrucksLT245/75R16, LT245/70R17, LT265/75R16
Pickup TrucksLT245/75R16, LT245/70R17, LT265/75R16

Is the Dextero DHT2 Tire Worth It?

Many reviews say the Dextero DHT2 tire is good all year. It gives stability and traction in different conditions. The tire tread design also makes driving comfortable.

The Dextero tire is cheap, which seems great.

But, some say it’s not durable.

The DHT2 tire can last for 50,000 miles. If it wears out or has factory issues, you can get a new one.

It’s a good choice if you’re on a budget. But, there are better options like Cooper Discoverer AT3 and Firestone Destination A/T.

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In summary, the Dextero DHT2 Tire is a budget-friendly all-season tire that performs well on dry and wet roads. However, it has a weak interior construction, which may cause problems if you can’t use the mileage warranty.

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